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  1. Thank you for your advice. I have an attorney, she didn't seem concerned about them impersonating her. I guess she knew there was nothing she or I could do about it.
  2. If a person hacks into my e mail and deletes 6 months of e mails is this a criminal offense? If someone impersonates an attorney and gives false information regarding an on going court case, using e-mail, is this a criminal offense? What can I do about this?
  3. I have just seen your post. All the recommendations are for Ajijic, Chapala. I think you should look in Jocotepec which is much cheaper, and it is easy to get to Ajijic on the bus for about 10 pesos. I think you will love living here, it has the best of both worlds, Mexican and America/European/Canadian. I stayed in Puebla for a while, RVing, and I can see why you would want to move. Society is not so split here, the Mexicans are very welcoming to foreigners, cultures cross over with Mexicans who speak English and Expats who speak Spanish. There are lots of ways to make friends, and I
  4. I am looking for a computer person who can create a Facebook Business Page and a web site with automated mail out for marketing. Will pay well, and possibly offer an ongoing small job managing FB page and web site
  5. Has anyone who posted a comment here actually owned and run a restaurant including doing the cooking and the front greeting/waiting on table? I have opened a number of restaurants in my life, all have been successful from the beginning Richards Restaurant in Chapala was our "Swan Song" restaurant. Wildly successful from the first day, Terrible location but plenty of parking which I think is very important but there you go, look at Tango Unfortunately we had to close Richards because of ill health. The ONLY factor we didn't put in. Getting old is hard to plan for I could
  6. Dr Youcha. Not only did he fix my bad back, he fixed a lot of other problems that I didn't even know I had. I feel 20 years younger
  7. I need to buy an airline compliant pet carrier with wheels, for a 5 kilo dog, can anyone tell me where to buy, or maybe have a second hand one to sell Thanks
  8. we three used to be experienced but now require safe, healthy and not crazy. The horses, I mean A decent ride, not a plod...but not scary. Horse people will know what I mean And we would like to bring our own saddles, 2 Englsih and 1 Western, as long as they fit Horses aren't strictly "fur: but I thought I would try Please e mail rosfreed @ yahoo . com
  9. We were experienced when we were younger. And not so scared of hitting the ground. we just want a decent place with healthy and not crazy horses, and where we can bring our own saddles as long as they fit, like English or Western, not Mexican We are in Joco but don't mind driving for a decent ride. Thanks email rosfreed @ yahoo . com
  10. The cider isn't alcoholic. Just Chillin.....the old one west of ajijic....used to sell it in small bottles. It was lovely, I had 3 and my legs were wobbly going out. I wish I could find out where to get it retail
  11. I live in Joco, and I got a phone/internet about two years ago. All was well, until one day I only had a phone line, no internet. I went to an internet place, checked my e mail, to find my friends had sent me a e mails to tell me I had no phone service. Went home....I did have phone service, just no internet, and people kept calling me in Spanish and asking me for Jose Rodrigues. Strange, I thought. Then I called a friend to tell them I did indeed have phone service. She had caller ID, and asked me where I was calling from. Home, I said. Interesting, she said, your number has changed.
  12. In Joco they sell big pieces of very crisp pork skin, I buy it and just pop it in the oven to go with my very lean pork meat. I buy my pork at Aurrora which horrifies my expat friends, the meat area "smells nasty"....but the pork and chicken they sell is delicious, tender, and CHEAP
  13. Maybe Richard and I should rent La Serafe???? Or where Baby Chillin used to be, Ole Ola, I always liked that place We could call it Baby Richards Rosie the Chef Sofry.....I just wanted to add to the fun!
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