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  1. They had better hurry up! Mike Tyson (yep, that guy) held his first event at his California marijuana theme park yesterday. https://www.desertsun.com/story/life/entertainment/music/2019/02/23/mike-tyson-cannabis-friendly-kind-music-fest-attracts-thousands-desert/2932911002/
  2. This might be a good question for the Baja Nomad board.
  3. Migratory birds are protected by international treaties. Harassing them while they are nesting is not tolerated anywhere in North America. Leave 'em alone and focus on deterring them next year.
  4. Tiny, here's something that you might like. The name is just a bonus! https://tinyurl.com/ turns your URL into http://tinyurl.com/y7mekpkl
  5. If you search hard enough you will find them on this site. Now, getting them is a different problem. You do need thirty pounds, right? http://www.mccainfoodservice.com.mx/foodservice/ (Productos> Papas a la Francesa> Descarga fotos de productos> scroll to pg 15.)
  6. Frankly, I'm suspicious. I had Aetna insurance for several years through my employer and Aetna's first response to everything was a resounding NO! Aetna cannot be confused with Santa Claus. Since qualifying for Medicare I have had a PPO plan based in the Portland, OR area. My plan costs me $134 (Medicare Part B equivalent) plus $19 out-of-pocket per month. Not a bit of that is kicked back to SSI. However, an amount equal to Medicare Part B ($134/month) is automatically withheld from SSI leaving me with only $19/month to be paid by a separate check. No part of that $134 comes back to me. I hope you are correct but I think there may be a misunderstanding.
  7. Well, there's your problem your contractor was only capable of doing a half-vast job.
  8. "Roku is taking a page out of Amazon’s book, and will begin selling premium video subscription services like Showtime, and Starz and Epix later this month." https://www.slashfilm.com/roku-premium-subscriptions/
  9. Restarting the PC seems a little extreme. Is there no access to a task manager where Firefox (only) could be stopped and then restarted?
  10. Bad for business too if everybody figured out that you don't have to put up with an ever slower, ever buggier OS.
  11. Good news for those among us who browse in the public domain. https://law.duke.edu/cspd/publicdomainday/2019/
  12. There is not just one Linux and some versions are best left to the pros. Other versions ("flavors" in Linux lingo) are as user friendly as Windows. I prefer Ubuntu but many former Windows users prefer Linux Mint which can be configured to strongly resemble Win7. The Linux learning curve is similar to learning how to drive a new car after many years of driving an old, comfortable one. The steering wheel and brake pedal are where they've always been but the heater controls are a little different. You cope. Almost all hardware is plug-and-play and that really isn't much of a consideration. Just last week I had to install a driver on my Win7 laptop for an OBD2 (car onboard diagnostics). Yep, it even happens with Windows. Some software just wasn't meant to run on Linux so any proprietary Windows software may be a problem. Some of the problem software will have a work-around and some will be shitouttaluck. All common software will have free and (usually) very high quality Linux alternatives. Adobe Reader fits in this latter category. If you're a gamer you probably better stick with Windows. All you need is a USB memory stick and you can try as many flavors of Linux as you please. It won't cost you anything and when you eject the memory stick there will be no sign that it was ever there. If loading a Linux operating system onto a memory stick is beyond your comfort zone you probably ought to forget about Linux. Loading a Linux operating system onto your hard drive is doable even for most who think that it is beyond them. Beware: WHEN YOU DO HAVE A PROBLEM WITH LINUX YOU WILL ALMOST CERTAINLY HAVE TO FIX IT YOURSELF. I have seen where posters have offered to mentor Linux newbies; that ain't me! I currently have a desktop computer with complete Win7 and Ubuntu 16.04 operating systems and a laptop with complete Win7 and Linux Mint 17.2 operating systems. It is fairly common among Linux users to have multiple operating systems on the same computer. Used Windows machines run very well on Linux and can be bought very inexpensively. There is no reason to remove Windows just because you want to run Linux. Sometimes, as with my OBD2, you just have to have Windows.
  13. How many do you need? http://www.insidelakeside.com/t20966-used-clay-roof-tiles
  14. Is the ratio the same between singles and couples? How about those who lose a spouse while in Mexico?
  15. I believe that the Santiago River starts at Lake Chapala and gets most of its pollution downstream (GDL) of the lake. The Lerma River is the primary source of the lake and it, too, is polluted.
  16. I noticed that too so I checked my Chrome version and found that I am still using Chrome 68.xxx. That is somewhat surprising since I am using a Chromebook and no updates are currently available to me. In the past few days a few minor appearance changes have popped up but not the change mentioned in the article. I will assume that Chrome 69 will roll out over the next few weeks.
  17. A facelift for Chrome. https://www.howtogeek.com/fyi/chrome-69-no-longer-says-websites-are-secure-even-though-they-are/
  18. The Walmart app on my android phone has a price scanner, I would think that iPhones would be the same. Much simpler than trying to find help at Walmart.
  19. But then, what would the manic posters who are compelled to answer every inquiry do to fill up their abundant time?
  20. Please cite that law. Does the same law apply to people outside of Mexico replying to this board?
  21. I just found Yuyu but haven't had a chance to really check it out. It looks like it has a lot of international content. https://www.yuyutv.com/
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