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  1. Absolute insanity, the horrendous learning curve will leave you in a dither for years to come!
  2. My bet would be a frustrated Win 10 salesman with no time for trolls.
  3. I would also recommend checking that it is able to run Linux apps. My chromebook is just old enough I will very likely never be able to simply run linux apps in the ChromeOS. At one time I side loaded Ubuntu via Crouton and it worked like a charm! I, too, plug mine into a full sized monitor and keyboard.
  4. And that difference in coverage can be significant. https://www.medicare.gov/pubs/pdf/11435-are-you-an-inpatient-or-outpatient.pdf
  5. Possibly, just possibly, they are serving those who are domiciled in the U.S. and living part-time in Mexico. Some Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans allow for "out of network" providers. I have been assured by my Medicare Advantage provider that "out of network" includes coverage when I am outside of the U.S. This is only! only! only! for the part-timers who are spending the majority of their time at their U.S. domicile. Medicare Advantage is Medicare administered through a private insurance provider so there can be significant differences between plans. Or, I could be wrong. But, really, what are the chances of a stranger on a webboard being wrong?
  6. Google had some problems over the weekend; that may be how Chrome came up in the conversation. https://www.androidauthority.com/google-cloud-outage-993765/
  7. No connection for me yesterday nor today. No other problems such as RV had.
  8. Unfortunately they are usually making that decision for a minor child and everybody else in the community.
  9. This is likely what he wants help with. I can't help with it. https://www.nvaccess.org/download/
  10. The first time I got poked and prodded in all those really personal places by a lady doctor I realized the biggest difference between a lady doctor and a man doctor is the size of their fingers. I like lady doctors.
  11. I, too, had a similar problem with a coolant leak. The leak was small enough to go unnoticed until a small pool of coolant caused an ignition coil to short out. It turned out to be a cracked intake manifold. An intake manifold used to be made of cast iron and was cheap and damned near indestructible. The new generation of intake manifold is made of plastic and (mine, a 4.6 liter Ford) costs >600U$.
  12. How about a time out for all of the suckers who rose to the bait time after time. Trolls only go where they're wanted.
  13. Cazón: dogfish, sometimes called "baby shark." A firm-fleshed white fish, cazon is sometimes used to substitute for more expensive fish, such as huachinango — red snapper — in a wide range of dishes. Perhaps the most famous regional specialty made with cazon is Campeche's pan de cazón, tortillas with shredded fish and black beans. http://www.mexconnect.com/articles/2314-culinary-guide-to-mexican-fish-and-shellfish-las-delicias-del-mar-i
  14. Yeah, who would do something that despicable? (Is blue the only color that this emoji comes in?)
  15. It is not just dirt that is a problem. Windshields get pitted and essentially wear out over time and, of course, the time that you're really going to notice it is when you're diving into the sun or into oncoming headlights. Even a windshield which is free of chips or cracks can be worn out.
  16. My dogs and cat all like the soft silicone brushes with the large cone shaped teeth. There is no chance of jabbing the animal and the soft silicone really grabs the loose hairs. I've not used the glove style groomers. And, by the way, some short haired dogs can shed with the best of 'em.
  17. Naive, much? Everything that is available in Mexico is available NOB but you just have to pay a bit more. Want college admission? Want a law? Want a legislator? Want a whole damned political party? They're all available for the right price.
  18. franky, your questions seem to be mostly about areas within the hassle free zone. Quintana Roo, all of the Baja peninsula and part of Sonora are exempt from some laws that apply to the rest of Mexico. I, personally, don't know jack about the free zone.
  19. They had better hurry up! Mike Tyson (yep, that guy) held his first event at his California marijuana theme park yesterday. https://www.desertsun.com/story/life/entertainment/music/2019/02/23/mike-tyson-cannabis-friendly-kind-music-fest-attracts-thousands-desert/2932911002/
  20. This might be a good question for the Baja Nomad board.
  21. Migratory birds are protected by international treaties. Harassing them while they are nesting is not tolerated anywhere in North America. Leave 'em alone and focus on deterring them next year.
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