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  1. I think that bennie2 has a valid point. The following conversation appears on both your history and on her's. I would assume that this took place behind the scenes


      I've removed your posting restriction.  This really is your last chance.  No more argumentative!  Live and let live.  Kapiche?

      1. bennie2


        thanks MC. ironic, just when you remove the restrictions, i need a telescope to see site. for hot topics, will try to be polite & not over state/repeat. hope they can make the font a bit larger.

      2. moderator-2


        maybe I should change your user name so you won't attract attention.  Give me another user name.  With the new moderator control panel I can change user names.

        Don't make me look bad by reverting to your old habits, OK?

      3. bennie2


        promice i wont make you look bad! but, i want to keep the user name. there are members here who like me, even one former "complainer". most people will know who it is regardless of what name i use. since the site is not readable, (as the font is minisule), cant see myself posting that much. my outdated browser dosnt support many sites these days.

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