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  1. Homophobic, really? In the U.S. too much personal genetic information in the hands of private, for profit insurance companies is a very scary thing. There is not much motive to insure someone who probably will get sick. The situation is very different where health care is a universal right and not just an opportunity to turn a profit.
  2. Would it be any easier to change the name on your U.S. passport instead?
  3. mattoleriver


    If these folk are "purists" I must be downright primitive. I still pop my corn in the same 3 quart Revereware pan that I used as a child. The pan has to be at least 70 years old and still cookin'. I thought about getting one of those poppers with the crank in the handle but I figured the learning curve would be too steep.
  4. I don't think that the search function will work with just three letters. Search for Cannabidiol and several links will appear.
  5. Both water kefir grains and milk kefir grains are available on Mercado Libre.
  6. http://www.oprah.com/own-oprahshow/looking-back-at-paul-karason-the-man-who-turned-blue-video
  7. I think that, in this case, what was true six years ago will still be true. I assume that the person asking the question must have found this very old thread via the Search function. Great, this should be encouraged! I wish I could answer the question but I simply do not know the answer.
  8. Absolute insanity, the horrendous learning curve will leave you in a dither for years to come!
  9. My bet would be a frustrated Win 10 salesman with no time for trolls.
  10. I would also recommend checking that it is able to run Linux apps. My chromebook is just old enough I will very likely never be able to simply run linux apps in the ChromeOS. At one time I side loaded Ubuntu via Crouton and it worked like a charm! I, too, plug mine into a full sized monitor and keyboard.
  11. And, a free bunk in a concentration camp!
  12. And that difference in coverage can be significant. https://www.medicare.gov/pubs/pdf/11435-are-you-an-inpatient-or-outpatient.pdf
  13. Possibly, just possibly, they are serving those who are domiciled in the U.S. and living part-time in Mexico. Some Medicare Advantage (Part C) plans allow for "out of network" providers. I have been assured by my Medicare Advantage provider that "out of network" includes coverage when I am outside of the U.S. This is only! only! only! for the part-timers who are spending the majority of their time at their U.S. domicile. Medicare Advantage is Medicare administered through a private insurance provider so there can be significant differences between plans. Or, I could be wrong. But, really, what are the chances of a stranger on a webboard being wrong?
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