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  1. If Canada were interested in security they'd have something offshore, like Guantanamo, where citizens and non-citizens alike can be quarantined forever. /s
  2. This subject comes up so often it ought to have a forum of its own. It is one thing to be legal and something entirely different to be acceptable to the recipient on the other end. It seems that many of the recipients will only willingly accept invalid options.
  3. Why is a KN95 "no respirator"?
  4. How can it be so difficult? All the senate needs to do is match congress then add on another trillion for their billionaire benefactors.
  5. http://forums.bajanomad.com/
  6. Pete, if you weren't watching you may have missed this. https://www.mexconnect.com/forums/General_C1/General_Forum_F1/MexConnect_-_Time_to_embrace_change_P212270/
  7. Pete, I wondered what you were going to do with all of your free time when your MexConnect moderator job went away. I guess this is it, huh? When is that board supposed to be taken down?
  8. I don't think it is anybody's business if a moderator has been mutilated and has chosen not to share that information with us.
  9. Does your anti-cropping fervor extend to baby boys as well?
  10. El T, I feel your pain, my Logitech radio (discontinued) gave up the ghost and I was not able to find anything that I like as well. I used mine as a bedside radio so many of the available internet radios are just not a suitable replacement. I settled on an 8" Lenovo Smart Display but it is, at best, a weak replacement and I think that it, too, is being discontinued.
  11. Here's a fun fact: the drink served at the mass suicide in Jonestown was Flavor Aid it was not Kool Aid. Carry on.
  12. MtnMama, my experience has been that if I can get past the first few minutes my glasses quit fogging or at least quit fogging as much. I have no explanation, maybe it's just magic!
  13. When he made this video there were 75,000 dead in the U.S. Now, just over a month later there are 117,000 dead. Ignore it at your own peril.
  14. My subscription just lapsed so I may have this wrong but I believe anything in the corona virus recap is available to anybody at no cost. I can still see it but that may be because I am a recent former subscriber. I let my subscription lapse because there is just too darned much bad news. https://www.washingtonpost.com/coronavirus/
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