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  1. Three-day competition starting at 9 am on Saturday, November 16 and the same start time for Sunday, November 17. Monday the competitors start at 8:00 am to be done by 2 pm. Come watch the action at the Hotel Perico. Libramiento Chapala y Ajijic 2000 Km. 2.5 Dogs are from as far away as Mexico City and all shapes and sizes. Snacks and beverages available. Seating may be limited so if you have a camp chair feel free to bring it.
  2. Cristinia Park in Chapala - Registration Opens at 9:00 am. Event to raise funds for Lucky Dog Shelter. Short walk -- everyone can do it! Do the walk and then come watch the Dog Agility Demonstration -- I'll be there with some of the Agility Jalisco Team to show you how Senior Citizens CAN do Agility.
  3. Crazy question--you posted about a recliner, and gave the number to contact a person named Linda; can I just dial that as is? I live in Chapala,


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