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  1. Just read today (Jan 22nd) on FB (Ivan Romero Garnica) about pet poisonings on the trail to el Tepalo, 2 more poisonings in the village, the person said he had already reported it to the FD and the PD and also the delegado. Be careful with your pets .
  2. No wonder they keep pushing for the designation, they only want more money from the Federal Government . IMO, Ajijic is very far from the pueblo magico designation, but I would not be surprised if they get it because of political interests in the area. Real State price will surely raise if they obtain the designation .
  3. OP,if you like to pay for content and suscriptions, Apple TV is your way to go. Roku is a good option, but I have heard the best option is to buy an Android box and hack it to install Kodi .
  4. I just bought a Roku stick through amazon mexico, and received it yesterday, it was $844 pesos and it works really well.
  5. I googled this, hope it helps : https://hempmeds.mx/ it seems legit .
  6. Are there dolphins near el Chante? Where ? How much?
  7. Check this news, they expect more of the same at the airport today : https://translate.google.com/translate?sl=es&tl=en&js=y&prev=_t&hl=es&ie=UTF-8&u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.notisistema.com%2Fnoticias%2Fse-esperan-cuatro-manifestaciones-este-martes-en-zmg%2F%3Futm_source%3Ddlvr.it%26utm_medium%3Dtwitter&edit-text= http://www.notisistema.com/noticias/se-esperan-cuatro-manifestaciones-este-martes-en-zmg/?utm_source=dlvr.it&utm_medium=twitter
  8. You can check traffic on real time, go to Google maps, just go to google maps and on the 3 bars (left) , click on traffic , check the link: https://www.google.com.mx/maps/place/Aeropuerto+Internacional+de+Guadalajara+Miguel+Hidalgo+y+Costilla+(GDL)/@20.5277245,-103.2974648,16z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x842f4daad5240069:0x4c14fc392e7d6f9d!8m2!3d20.5259561!4d-103.307625!5m1!1e1
  9. Instituto terranova en Ajijic, mi hijo estuvo ahi, y tuvimos muy buena experiencia con la escuela, con el ambiente y con los maestros, el director, Señor Blum, es muy buena persona, siempre al pendiente de su escuela.
  10. My son went to Terranova and we couldn´t be happier .
  11. Salsa Valentina (Valentina Sauce) is used to polish copper by somr artisans in Michoacan .
  12. One year is the maximum term for a lease contract according to the law.
  13. Mexican web page design and egineering may be bad, but a while ago, in Guad, I worked as a software developer for IBM and we had a world class software development lab, with certifications for U.S. Department of Defense Class C2 level of security and CMM 5 software development certifications. We were developing software for many IBM software products and providing worldwide level 2 and 3 software tech support. I traveled a bit and let me tell you mexican engineers are among the top and most respected in some fields. There are many companies in Guad like Oracle,Tata, IBM,Intel,HP,Continental etc .
  14. No wonder, I see a lot of people from india in Guadalajara malls .
  15. There was a major earthquake drill in Jalisco, to conmemorate 31st aniversary of the creation of the Civil protection system, we did the same at 10:00 am this morning at my job, don't worry, it was planned and is part of an overall drill organized by the government of Jalisco .
  16. My son went to Terranova in 2015, and had the best time of his life, the school was about 4500 pesos a month, he also went to Tohui in 2014, but we had to move him to Terranova due to bullying in Tohui, we had go , but if I return some day, Terranova will be my choice. As far as I know, teachers at Terranova were qualified, and I can tell you my son learned a lot of things and practiced a lot of sports. There were several foreign children in my son's classroom and they learned each other´s languages. The principal, Mr. Blum is a nice person and is always keeping an eye on the school matters.
  17. Kodi is a free software you can download and configure addons, where you can also access tons of shows and movied from your PC or Mac. I am currently using Exodus addon and it has the newest movies in HD quality. Internet speeds lakeside vary, but you may get decent video streaming quality in some areas . http://www.wirelesshack.org/new-kodi-17-krypton-setup-and-how-to-install-exodus.html
  18. Is this their automated payment service they offer to customers? Or are you talking about paying services at the cashier's?
  19. Lots of kidney failure cases reported in children & adults in San Pedro Itzican, a few km away from Mezcala, and also in Mezcala . University of Guadalajara is studying the probable cause, but it seems related to thermal water used for human consumption and not directly from lake water. Lake Chapala water is mostly consumed in Guadalajara and if lake water were the culprit, by this time there would be thousands of kidney failure cases reported in Guad. , although, I don't trust the lake's water quality either . Joco has reportedly a high incidence of cancer and leukemia, Ajijic has seen some death of young people due to leukemia, it is believed pesticides used in the berry industries can cause this.
  20. ComputerGuy, my apologies I didn´t mean to be rude. I know you know how to shop, but that type of product can only be bought in a military surplus store or an outdoor store, probably in Guadalajara . My best bet would be amazon or mercadolibre, because it is a very rare product for use in these locations , most we can get are parafin candles and candles in a glass which may explode and neither of them lasts a night or is bright enough. I found these: http://articulo.mercadolibre.com.co/MCO-440096607-coghlans-36-horas-supervivencia-vela-de-6-oz-_JM#redirectedFromParent Regards
  21. What if you look for them on amazon?
  22. The Governor carries a group like the one you describe, wherever he goes they show up to provide protection.
  23. I currently have my house in Chapala up for rent, managed by Jorge at Hernandez Realty, and I reccomend him, he has 20 yrs experience in the market and has an "eye" for good and reliable tenants.
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