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  1. , I do not know about other States but in CHiapas the places where stolen gazoline is sold are multipying faster than the covirus
  2. In Chapas panela is sold in various sizes from small comnes to large ones packed in dry cane leaves and it is common to bring that cone that s about 30 cm to the house of the people who have a wake. It is use to sweeten the chilacayotes , also used in camotes del cerro.
  3. I guess you have never been there on Tuesdays or in the evenings..
  4. Yes,we agree competition helps bringing positive changes..Yes some of the butherthe s were pretty raunchy too...but I guess if you cook the meat the way the Mexican cook beef it wll kill any bug...
  5. Thank you , it is rough especially when there is no way for the family to get together but that is live and it is the same for many people around the world. Every one in the family and friens will lit a candle on their group on face book durng the crremation.. How weird can it get?
  6. beg to dffer, the vegges were rotten and not thrown out untl the big stores came in The same thing happened in TUlum and San ristobal... when the big stores come in there is competition and the smarter merchant adjust and do things they did not do before because they did not have too. One thing, the Soriana fish area smelled terrible but they eventually got it straightened out.
  7. Also sore throat, lost of smell and problems brreathing and a pain in the chest..
  8. In CHiapas piloncillo is known as panela and t s used in coffe de olla and gives it a unique taste.. It is also offerd at wakes alongside cofee. and the forever present cocacola.. It has its unique taste..and is unlike brown sugar.
  9. FOr those who were here before Soriana and Walmart, do you remember the veggies and fruit rotting away in the abarrotes including SL.. I remember that and it changed we the competitions came in.. Thank you Soriana and Walmart. WHen I moved here in 2001 I was shoked how much bad merchandise was up for sale.. The tianguis was fine but not the little stores.
  10. The all testing thing could be a gimick.. and really does not protect anyone but it will resassure customers in countries where the government will let it happen..
  11. It seems that the problem with testing right now , is the lack of kits as well as an overwhemed health system. so it cannot be done on a large scale which skews all the results.... In France only very sick people, and some health workers are being tested.. and there is a lot of healthy carriers in the personel at the hospital.s. which does not help the situation. Going to a hospital should be avoided unless you have an emergency. I know of several people who got the irus from a hospital visit. ,, It will be probably the same in Mexico..
  12. Thanks you for the condoleances.. I mentionned my brother because that is one experience where we know for sure that the tests are not 100% reliable. Also his wife is positive and has zero symptoms, lots of people that would be positive if they were tested are walking around passing it to others without having any idea they are doing it. You may not have fever or flu symptoms and still be a carrier, that is the scary part of these virus. In CHiapas it is the flu season so many people are coughing and have fever and are not tested so who knows who is sick and who is not. It is one of the
  13. Gringo hombre The truth is unknow to everyone including the experts.. People who test positve are positive, people who test negative can be positve.. My brother just died of the virus in France, he was a health worker, was tested twice while he was sick and the test were negative both times. If there are cases Lakeside, no one knows for sure., they may not be but since no one is tested unless they are sick, no one knows and that is the truth. We can contnue to take care of ourselves , not trave,l stay home were masks and take all the precautions and we are safer than if we
  14. This hate of Walmart is an American things, they ar other large Supermarkets and they are ting against each other . If you hate them do not shop there , it is very simple..
  15. Sorry but Walmart is a Mexican corporation and employs many Mexicans who need those jobs..
  16. Well I stand corrected, I went to Bodega Aurerra in San Cristobal today, still no mask, when we hae lots of fabric masks being sold on the street, no gloves BUT a limit of 188 people in the store sosomeone had a clockr to let only one person per family enter the store. Many customers do not speak English and looked puzzed, some who understood refused to shop there and ssome said they were not together entered and went on shoppng with their family.. No short supply on anything, at least the entry had been cleared out of people sitting on the floor selling stuff.. That promises to get interes
  17. Good to hear.. Here in San Cristobal they have no limit ,no gloves, mo masks...
  18. In Mexico Whatsapp is the most popular way to communicate for Mexicans. I whatsapp my friends in the US and my family in France, Taiwan, Africa and so on and I fin it the best way to communcate and the easest to share photos as well, If I get hacked be it, but I have yet to have problems with that app.
  19. think it is a British firm..
  20. ormany other protestant sects.. Presbyterians in southern Mexico do not drink and were horrified when my husband asked for a beer as he is Presbyterian as well..
  21. There is drinking and drinking, in France we drink wine daily and we live longer than many other people,. I do not drink daily n Mexico but I did most of my life and never had any health problems related to drinking..Of course I drank with meals only and never without food .. My mother is 98 and she drinks a glass of red wine daily on doctors ┬┤orders and that does not cause her any problem. Drinking in excess is the problem not just drinking .
  22. I believe that with confinement the pregnancies go up and so do domestic violence so it akes sense to cut out alcohol especially the cheap stuff. Of course in some areas it makes no difference because people in indigenous comunities make their own and they will continue selling it. They sell the one clock, 2 block etc.. posh in Chiapas the strongest being the one block..
  23. Actually , he could not even do that right.. if you look at the number of death per million Spain, Italy France and the UK beat the heck out of him..
  24. I cannot imagine Mexico without anyone at the funeral either and that will be a killer too.. The families are very large.. In the villages most of the village goes to the funeral so there will be more gathering , like it or no and more spreading of the virus..In Paris the coffins are piled up in Rungs where the abastos is , in a very large warehouse.. Family like one or two people are allowed to come, guarding their 2m distance and from the distance can see where the casket is, cannot get near it and all that for 200 euros and then it is off to the crematorium .. not sure if they are burying
  25. They are on Mexican soil and if they cannotsell Mexico machines that are needed.. kick them out. In time like now people need to help each other.. Good for AMLO to turn on the pressure.
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