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  1. And you could go to the Ajijic plaza on days they play chess and find the Russian boy. The kids call him..Russian who knows he maybe Eastern European. I would think the first thing to do is to find out  what other languages the woman speak. MOst European speak various languages.. If you cannot get out and find the priroski place in plaza Montana or go to a chess game at the Ajijkc plaza to adk around you ard not going to go very far.





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  2. Yes  I know from.my godson that there is a Russian kid who plays chest i  the plaza in Ajijic He has Russian parents.. 


    The mam who sold us the hpuse is married to a Russian  woman and her mother and aunt  used to live on ocampo A large property at the corner of ocampo and the street that goes to the French bakery 

    Ihas a large red house.I do not know if they are still there but it is owneed by the same man..They go beween the Us and here.

  3. i am Franch married to a us cirizen and naturaluzed Mexican. I have 3 different names   one for each country . I had a notary do a constancia with all the names and signatures II am using and kept the name I am known as in each country

    .That is an optiln if you do not want to go through the legal hassle to go through the court system.

  4. Interesting. I have milkweed in the garden here because I ask the gardner  not to pull them out as they are considered weeds and I get monarch butterflies, first the green yellow black caterpillow and then the butterflies.., they are wonderful.This yea I have less milkweed as well..I was blaming the gardner but maybe it is the weather..

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  5. Happyjilin

    My grandmother lived in a village where the kings favorite  lived in the 16th century and for some reason my grandmother ended up owning engraved glasses the king had offered his mistress as well as 4 eaux fortes.. that had really damaged edges.. My grandmother removed the damadged edges and had the prints framed. WHen she died   we found out that the prints had lost of their value because the edges had been cut ..

  6. some people like to keep the patina of age and some do not . There is no bad suggestion. The op want to have her copper look clean and not like if it has been forgotten somewhere. To each its own. I like shiny clean copper and do not like the dull look you are showing. Again no one is right or wrong it is a question of taste.

  7. In lacquered copper tarnishes overe years..andnd you cannot clean it because the lacquer is still on..  Nothing is 100 per cent over the years..  ued to have lots and lors of copper in France when I grew up and boy am i happy it is not fashionable anymore


  8. I have dogs and alarm and a neighbor who has a nice shotgun and checks the property on a regualr basis every day.. He is a caretaker of another property and supervises the gardner here and is a friend so I am not worry..about it.   I usually do not answer th ebell unless I am expecting a package and have been doing so for the last 20 years.. I am not too worried.

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  9. 17 hours ago, MtnMama said:

    For the 2nd time, dear husband (who has dementia) let a strange woman use our guest bathroom. I keep an old trunk full of small antiques there and for the second time, a woman stole something out of the trunk. (Not the same one) The maid and I have explained to my husband not to let people in the house but he is Mr Nice Guy and forgets

    It is useless to explain something like that to a person with dementia, they forget everything you tell them , maybe your husband is not at that stage yet but he will be there so take preventive measures..

    I do not know if any of you remembered Camille who lived on Ocampo-- SHe had asenile husband who insisted in stealing her undies , clean or dirty and would escape to sell them on the Ajijic plaza.. I remembr he would escape  from home on a regular basis , she then pit him in a home and he would escape from there too.. A real nightmare There is a lot of differnt types of senelity so everyone caring for a senil patient had different problems but they all have the results of driving the caregiver insane..


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