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  1. It is a good is a good idea to quote the prices in Mexican pesos since we are in Mexico.
  2. yes , it is scotch broom , lucky you..
  3. Many yellow plants are blooming at this time of the year.. I have seen Santa Maria, some types of marguerites and what we call genet in French.. it s some type of broom.. that you see a lot of in northern Calfornia
  4. firung people is not always the best approch to run a business.. It is nice that the owner knows and am sure she will handle the problem the way that fits best her situation.
  5. If the manager is a 17 year old kid who does not care then do not go there, simple.
  6. do not patronize the businesses that do not respect the mask wearing and tell them why.. or do not go there at all. they will get the message eventually
  7. Europe s surging because they went on vacatons dd not wear masks had weddng and fiestas like they always do in the summer.. now it is back to square one with strong measures so the mask and distancing worked and thie second wave is due to the crazyness that happens every summer.
  8. I have an artisan friend who sent a package to the US with all papers necesary to clear customs.. Thepackage according to fed ex has been stuck in customs for a year. Yesterday I called the customs and fed ex in Memphis to check what was going on since fed ex mexico says it is still in customs. The customs told me thy return packages that cannot clear for whatever reason. gave me a number within customs to find out what the records say and no one answers the phone, I call fed ex who told me they switch to another system in september theredore they cannot easily trace a package from last y
  9. Salud Dgna does send the results by e-mail..
  10. Every day is a different saint´s day.. so it is easy not to know.. My saint´s day is in July but growing up it was on the 8th or october... so it can be a little confusing if you do not have a calender with the saints showing up on the days...In France your saint´s day in important and we used to celebrate the saint days at the same level as the birthday and in Greece the saint´s day is even more important.. in Mexico the saints of the barrios are important but each person´s individual day is not so important... differnt places different customs..
  11. I do not know because it was done by the school of ceramics for one of their maestras, I will ask..
  12. The statistic here are a joke.. I just read an article about Tuxtla Gutierrez and its lack of space in the cimetery..They burry or cremate an average of 125 people a month in Tuxtla.. In March they had 125 burial, in April 150 in May 580 and in June over 500 I would love to know what it was in August.. they say it went down but did not give number as they had made some room by kicking out the people who did not pay rent any longer and had buil some type of condominium for the dead... but that kind of figures show that the figures from the covid death from the government are way out of li
  13. No Russian vaccine for me or anything else Russian.. not thanks.. I wil take the Chinese one before the Russian and I will not take that one either ..
  14. guys if yo have private insurrance have a talk with your agent.. The ins. companies know who the ripoff artists are in this town and you will come out with a nice list.. I promise you..
  15. A friend of mine from Salud digna.. it took 3 days for the results..so do it in plenty of time.
  16. I can see why people have to come and go when they come from another place but if I have to go home , I have to take a test or stay in quarantine for two weeks, I was talking about the government and their measure, not the people have to come and go. Yes it is surging in Europe again and we know it is about people not following the rules in the summer.. Some countries are better than others at following up on the contacts of people who were sick.. and isolating people, masks are bnot everythig but the US does not seem to learn anything from any other country problems..
  17. well you can see why covid continues in the States... Unreal..
  18. Local merchants and artisans and many other people are suffering whether the NOB visitors come or not. The situation throughout Mexico is pretty bad...and people should protect themselves with masks all over and they are not so it will continue until people get smart about it.. That is life..
  19. And you cannot really judge if the lake is gong up or don by looking at one small area ether.. Yes the dams up streams are the one controllng the level of the lake..The rainfall up stream affect the areas upstreams and wether the water is released or not, the rainfall locally is only a very small portion of the amount of water gong in . The rainfall chart just posted shows we have more water this year so far so so much for physical observations.. We got here in 2001 and everyone was telling us the lake was dying...things come and go...
  20. l have lived near tihe lake for 20 years and it is plenty high as far as we are concerned. We used to be able to walk along the lake.. Many people have taken over the federal zone and it is not possible to walk along the lakeside any longer and it is a real shame.
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