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  1. I can only speak for the indigenous I can speak Spanish with and yes they all feel very much Mexicans an are proud of being Mexicans.. Mexicans however may mean something slightly different to them as they are the original Mexicans.. I have rarely heard of a non educated tzotzil or tzeltal refer to themselves as Maya but they all proud Mexicans. The people who do not speak Spanish, I have no idea.. Indigenous are enrolled very early by their leaders to vote and they all have an ID card /voting card and they all vote as a block so they are very much courted by the politicians. I also have many ffriends who are Zapatista and there , I do not know what they response woul be as they view themselves as autonomous.. I have never discussed that point with them.. We do talk about some of their ideas and philosophy but as a rule it is more focused on some very specific ideas or subject rather than their feelings about being Mexicans.. I have a feeling that they would respond that they are the real Mexicans but who knows.. I ll have to ask them.
  2. The situation isn France or I should say in most France is getting better except for Paris and the north east.... so who knows what it will be like in September and october.. You will be able to travel more than 100km from home in July...of course any of that can change but so far it is going in the right ddirection.. I am still not planning to go and see my family in the near future.
  3. No problem guys when everyone was careful there were no cases of covi and now people let their guards down and there are 11 cases of all of a suden.. Just because the government says they are reopening does not mean we need to let our guards down.. Social distancing is important and needs to be kept alive.. As far as stores reopening , as long as people are careful an do not pile on top of each other, I do not see the problem.. The problem is when people think we are back to normal..and we are not, not if we have any brains.
  4. you make no sense.. Blacks are US citizens just as people from other races in the US .What are you trying to say.? Racism is alive and well in most countries and police brutality also happens in many countries .. The US seems particularly bad but it can happen anywhere.. Do you think that Blacks an North Africans are treated the same as the other local in Europe? Here I know people who were brutally beaten by cops, one of the man lost the vision in one eye an had broken ribs for smoking dope at the malecaon an playing music. Who know what the cops were after when they arrested Giovanni Lopez n Ixtlahuacan.. It is very difficult to ever know the truth here but the man was taken alive from his family an was dead the next day We probably will never hear the whole story but that is another nasty exemple of police abuse. By the way there were troubles in Ixtlahuacan thursday night as well . my godson was on a second class bus coming back from Guadalhara late that day an could not make it tio Chapala , He spent the nigt withp people in Ixtlahuacan as he was too afraid of walking the streets there that night. He also spent a couple of hours stuck on the bus..
  5. Ian , in France we like our lamb bleeding way rare than in the US and the tuesday market lamb is not eatable that way.. The lamb in the picture of Happyjillin looks good to meand well done, the way I like it but for my family it would be overcooked.
  6. It was in a large plastic pot in the garden but I think it was too sunny considering they did not water it... I bought another couple of small trees in Riberas today.. one of them has a fruit on it.. Not that I use the fruit.. but it was interesting to see such a young plant with the fruit on it. 120 pesos was the price..,uch lower than what I was expecting. There is a larger one for 350 but it has some kind of nsects attacking it.
  7. soups , curry , chicken, shrimp, chicken etc...Cannot make many Vietnamese or Thai dishes without it and I usually cook Vietnamese food 3 or 4 times a week...
  8. Thanks for all the answers. I go via Vera Cruz to Chiapas so it would be an easy one.. I will also check the ones in San Antonio. I got mine from seeds that my cousins sent me from Asia and it lasted several years and I have lots of leaves in the freezer but the new gardners forgo to water it and let it dry out.... I was furious but things happen when you are not around.. I had it in a large pot and told them that it was the most important thing in the garden.... We have lots of mamey on the market in Chiapas so I am ok on mamey.. I brought back fro Palenque a cacao tree from Palenque and a durian.. we will see if they will make it.. I have coffee from Vera Cruz and from CHiapas and the 2 are doing well but the climate for cacao and durian is probably to o dry and too cold in the winter but we will see, Maincoon , good luck the blight got a grapefruit tree, a mandarine tree, three orange trees , the only thinone it did not get was the kefir lime but the garners got that one. SOmetimes you cannot win.. Blackberries should do really well but they are easy to find so it may not be worth using the space for them..
  9. I am looking for a replacement for my kefir lime tree .. anyone knows where to get one? Anyone can give me the full name of Luc the Belgium man who has or had a nursery of exotic plants in Vallarta.. Anyone has a phone number, full name, address or location and if he is still in business?
  10. I know several hundred indigenous women and I know only few who have not been beaten or are not beaten.. Usually the older women are not beaten any more but they will tell yo how much their husband used to beat them and some of the younger ones will open up and tell you about it if you know them wel. A friend of mine who is a man , indigenous as well got asked to give a workshop at the clinic foor husband and wives about violence in the families, he was given a really bad time by both men and women... He encouraged his sisters to leave their husband who was beating them up as well.. I cannot imagine anyone denying that wome are battered here, they are and everyone knows it.
  11. you do not lose your sight with covid, the symptoms described are typical of wood alcohol poisoning.
  12. yes that stuff has been bought and consumed for years.. Someone must have mixed the alcohol used for massages and balm.. with the drinking stuff. WHat first come out of the distillation is toxique then comes the heart and the tail.. The heart is the better alcohol nd the tail the cheper one but the first part is toxique.. They must have screwed up in their bottling process...It s a real trgedy. This moonshine has been sold for many years without any problems so something went wrong..
  13. People are buying this alcohol because they have always bought it not because of the ban but soething went wrong. My maid who grew up on Francisco Villa where EL Pato lived told me that a lot of alcohol is being sold and many use it for pain, they use it as a balm and not to drink but I guess something went wrong and the bad stuff was sold for drinking.. It is a real sad story...
  14. He was also known in the 6th esquinas as Huicho(sell) He lived on Francisco Villa. and was helping many dogs...It is sad to hear how many people died and otehrs are in the hospital 2muy grae".. A woman made punch and one person died and another is in the hospital because of the bad alcohol as well..
  15. A friend of mine in Chiapas has reported no sales in the last 2 months, she told me if the virus does not get us , hunger will...
  16. Some of the people who died had it in pajaretes according to an article I read.
  17. Ponchos are also known as gabán
  18. Why do people keep reporting on Pancho or SL.. , it seems to be a strange obsession.. They are both grocery stores and right now neither one is great The prices are the prices and imported goods reflect the weak peso. If you do not like the places or the prices do not shop there, it seems pretty simple. I only buy in either places items I cannot find anywhere else what I want , if I find the same thng fresher or cheaper somewhere else that is where I II buy. I have no love affar for ether place.. Pancho´s place is more frou frou and has nothing I am interested in and SL right now is pretty empty so I do without some special items..no big deal..
  19. 30 % of the negative resutlts are incorrect , as someone mentioned it is very rare to get a positive result that is incorrect. My brother was tested twice in the month he fought the virus and was negative twice and still died of the virus.. So much for the great testing..
  20. bmh

    pickling spice

    Superlake sometimes has the dresh dill and I think I saw it at the tuesday market, you can also grown it..
  21. I am afraid it is true worldwide as well.. In France , they do not count as covid death the people who do not die in the hospitals so it is pretty much the same....I would bet Italy and Spain are not much better either. They are overwhelmed so lots of things fall through the cracks and now they are slowly reopening so it is probably going to get worse.. Yesterday the word went out in Paris that the confinement law about not being able to travel moe than 100 km from home was not approved until that night so all day people from Paris packed up and left for their secundary residence... more virus cases are sure to show up in the green zone. Today the law was approved so it is back to checking the freeways for the police..
  22. Just have an id showing you live in Ajijic or Chapala when you come back.. in case..
  23. I wasin Chiapas until 2 weeks ago and the situation down there is a little surreal.. In San Cristobal , the part of downtown was more or less deserted and shut down and many people had nasks although many did not.. You stepped a few blocks in the north of town where the main market is and there no one had masks and it was very crowded, , it was almost all indigenous people..milling around like if there were nowarnng.. I was informed by some friends that the virus would not hit their town because they had rituals and burned candles up in the mountains surrounding their towns.. They had processions and fiestas as planned..The number of people contaminated was slowly going up but nothng in comparaison to the rest of the country and I really do not believe any of the figures. Today I just heard from my godson than a 41 year old man died in his town.. I asked if he knew what he died of and I was told he had a sore throat that went bad.. I was also told another man is in the hospital because he had a bad sore throat.. I think that this village is seeing the beginning of the epidemy but no ne is relating it to the virus yet. Soon we will know but when it will start spreading n indigenous villages it will be bad.. ALready some families have been kicked out of some towns because they were sick...and with the ignorance , the lack of decent medical facilties and the lack of belief in the virus, thenumber of people with diabetsand undiagnosed deseases it will becmoe a twighlight zone.. The only hope is that the virus dies out before it gets really bad.
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