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  1. I have chrome and it is all I used and I have not problem.. Are you sure it is Chrome that is the problem?
  2. bmh


    Good luckto you..
  3. In the site "como registrarse,#, they say wait for the call. and they did ask for phone information. as well as e-mails o we will see..
  4. The phone calls, I suspect will be made by localspeople in each muncipio.. They say in the website that they will call. WHat they will do is another thing... They do not speak fast,tey speak at normal speed which may be too fast for foreigners..
  5. bmh


    Yes get a lawyer and good luck.. !5 years ago someone defrauded us and I had all the proof on e-mails, well, e.mails were not admissible in court in Chiapas in those days.. so I had no proof..Also the best advice I got out of the lawyer was if they lie you lie... .. Court is not a great place to go. to in Mexico if you want to retain your sanity..
  6. yes the system is saturated. try later.. I happened to me over and iver and eventually it responds..
  7. They will ask what is the closest centro de salud to your house or if you can get there.. This is according to their site, e will see when they call. I wonder if they will get people who speak English to call the foreigners..ANother interesting point..
  8. same hapen to us..It updated us to naturalized bu t there was no change in the number
  9. from the thread CURP NUMBERS, can you check if the curp has a mistake? I you follow the diagram you may see a typo somewhere,,
  10. You do not have another number on an official document?
  11. so the system s saturated for right now and is acting up. Try kater
  12. I would go back on the laptop and do it again...
  13. yes we have a folio number with "AM" and 8 digits also on the screen they asked for phone numbers and e-mail---
  14. My alternative is to go to France that is just as screwed up .. my mother is on the list of priority at 88 and in a home and still has not been vaccinated and they are out of vaccine as well.. So one step at a time, we registered.. we will see what comes next.. no ise getting over excited over this, one day we will get vaccinated, meanwhile we sty home.. I am not getting on a 10h flight for this, that is for sure.
  15. the system is working right now.. We both got in...
  16. yes, the RENAPO site is not responding so nothing is happening..
  17. I had that problem so I went to my curp .. site and reregistered, got the PDF with my curp that was correct after all but not registered in teir system and now I cannot even get there to leave my curp-- The system is overloaded..
  18. Neither my curp or that of my husband start with the first two letters of the name.. They start with the first letter and the following vowel.
  19. Then they got it wrong or someone changed their mind. It was annonced that Rusian and Chinese vaccines would be used in the isolated indigenous communitie because they did not have to be kept at extremely cold temperature .. It makes ene to me.. Many of the remote communities I know have zero interest in getting vaccinated anyways . Several of the people i know told me I should go down there because they would have a surplus of vaccines becaue they did not want to . I am going down there for a project in April and if indeed they have the Ruian vaccine I probably will take it.. If as the p
  20. and one thing for sure we all die so we should not get over exited over things past 70. Live the way you want to live because we will die for sure one day or another ..
  21. never mind the vacine you cannot even get on the site that has crashed, I just tried again and it is still crashed.
  22. Lakeside got it backwards.. The vacccines that will be used in the isolated areas will be the ones that do not need refrigeration so Pfizer is out for those areas. Actually people from an indigenous comunity invited me in their communty to receive it because none of them want it, they do not know what they will get because they are not isolated... I will just wait and see and play it by ear... I can isolate and wear a mask so it is not the end of the world.
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