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  1. oh wow...how interesting to watch two morons telling their experiences about Mexico.. Thank you so much for posting..
  2. you have to dial 376 r 765.. and then the number so you have a 10 digit number
  3. and living n Mexco does not help either.. as Mexico is on the same list as the US..
  4. thanks, good idea... I stil miss town announcement with loud speakers.. but heck whatwver works..
  5. They have great things, I bought a rattan set 20 years ago and still have it.. I do not know about the synthetic because it did not exist then,,
  6. That is nice to hear that they announced it in the center.. but nothng on our street, was cooking so I would have heard it.. nothing where we were..They came back twoor three times but with the rain that followed , it probably had ero effect.. My fish did not die so it probably did not go very far, ..
  7. Go to a denuncia and if you speak good Spanish make friends with the people there and asjk them what you can do about it, sometimes it works.. Forget the attitude what if , it does not work.. My cleaning ladt n Chiapas asked me for help as her daughter in law was skizo and was allowed to keep her child for hr mental health.. So one day she did something that brought in the pokice, she was taken to an asylum and the 4 year old disappeared.. We looked for him for 4 days and no one wanted to help The women was the grand-mother and it was almost impossible to get information but
  8. So?? Are we supposed to agree it is good to be spryed like cucarachs.. They shoulve a warning system so people could get out of the way... As I said the locals in Chiaps do not take kindly to being sprayed like insects and many president pay for it.. Last week in Amatenango , they was a tumor that the plane that flew overhead at night wwwhad been spraying and people started to gather to get the president and lynch him. People are fed up about the lack of respect they show to people.. Lynchng is on the extreme side but there is no reason they cannot annunce they are coming with a loud speaker o
  9. Did I miss an announcement or there was no announcement made? We were having dinner with all the windows opened when I heard a weird noise.. I listen a few second and realized they were spraying malathion or something that smells like it.. I rushed to close all the windows.. By the time I got to the back of the house it already had gotten inside.. Makes you feel like some cucaracha, how obnoxious.. They announced that we should stay home at night but they do not warn people when they are spraying insecticide.? Now I know how the indgenous are feelling n Chiapas when the spray truck
  10. Very sorry to hear about that.. I hope your friend is OK
  11. I have a schwab account where they deposit my SS but theysay they cannot deposit that check... there so they will mail it to our address here.. I just received the letter they sent in May so good luck to the check.. Ny the way I am a foreigner who was on a green crd and I pay taxes there and I will receive the payment ig it ever comes... That may answer spme questions from other people who are in the same situation.
  12. Situation in Chiapas Totally off from what the government is reporting. They want to be in the orange zone so they do not test, do not accept people with covirus in the hospitals so undercount by 10 times and more and will be in the orange zone.. For those of you who want to go there do not... In many indigeeous comunities the covirus is not recognized as real and they think it is an invention of the government , meanwhile they will tell yo that they have hd many people sick and dying of the ENFERMEDAD... with fever, toss and loss of taste but that they have a special tea that
  13. no it is not a waste of time or money to file a denuncia and it s your duty to file one , without it the chances of people getting away for what they did is even greater....I would enroll the help of SPencer for reporting and maybe some type of investigator if Spencer knows one worth the money. I sure would not offer money in general, people are not pet and you need to offer a whole lot money which makes you appear on the radar of not so nice people..
  14. Also if you have the person phone number you can ask them to check ther phone records when you do the denuncia.. That may give clues.. Unfortunately , they will not share what they findout IF they actually follow up.. It is really discouraging to look for someone here..
  15. it looks like you are looking for someone who disappeared.. maybe in a hospital.. Do not forget the morgue if you have details or some foul play was involved.. Good luck on the denunca , they do not make t easy and ther response was underwheming a few years ago.. Hopefully they are more on the ball now...
  16. It probably is vastly underestimated everywhere in the world.. I know many people in France and Mexico who had it and never reported it.. That is not uncommon for the people who can stay home and get over it. There is no medecine for it and no cure so unless it san emergency why even go tho the doctor.
  17. so?? I sure would not eat fish from the lake..Once in a while ok but not 3 or 4 times a week...
  18. Mexico has a whole has done a terible job at protecting its people and taking the epidemy seriously. I lost another friend yesterday in Oaxaca.. The situation is awful in Southern Mexico.. between the dengue,. the covid and other zika and chickungunia many people are sick,do not see the doctors or go to the hospitals so they do not get reported. The situation is really scary and no one seem to really care... The country is reopening just when the situation is going worse and there seem no real effort from the government toenforce mask wearing and social distancing.. Lets all forget itexist an
  19. Farmed fish s not that healty to eat.. may be better off rasing chickens..
  20. By the way anyone knows the count on Chapala.. I have not heard anything lately...
  21. bmh

    No Cedros , not so fine.

  22. june and september are good for flash floods n southern France..
  23. I wonder what all the people who bought hydrocloroquine just in case are going to do with it since ut has been banned from using it with covid because it does not work afterall.....just because you buy oxigen does not mean you will be saved or even need oxigene, something else nay get you.. Do not second guess nature say..
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