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  1. Bbva got in trouble years ago for not having rfc for all their clientes so they issued them.and i used that number for years .I used it for reimbursement with my insurrance.One day i received a message from sat to come and talk to them at the abastos locatiin. They wanted to check where i was getting my money from and thrn they entered me as receiving money fron the States  . A few years ago when they  had a new system or something was changed..the farmacies could not enter the rfc anymore

    .it showed as non valid  so I went to sat and they got me new numbers for both of us and gave me a constancia ..Now I am  changing the escritura on the hoyse.. I need a contanvia again, the notario told me to see if my acvountabt could show me how to do it on line.. so it must be possible to do it on line.

    Actually they have tutorial on how to do it on line.so.ill try that first


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  2. They usually are ver rspectful with old folks.. In CHiapas they put me in front of the line that was more than 100 indigenous, I felt totally embarrassed until I realize I was given priority because I was old and not because I was           non indigenous..  In Oaxaca in Teotitlan the old ladies go in front of the line of people waiting for taxis.. so it is not surprising that they give us priority.

  3. What kind of prlblems do the titles have? Is it ejido land that was badlky converted? By the sound of the stories it sounds like ejido land  if it is there is no status of limitation so good luck..Lots of ejidola land can be passed on to children and have to ve used or you lose the land and it reverts to the ejido..Is that what is happenkng over there?

    Or is it communal land?

  4. when we lot a very large amount of people in France some years ago because of a heat wave the first ones to go were the old people . They died of dehydration because they did not realize they were not drinking enough liquid.. They were not that thirsty and that did them in really fast.. I think the number of death was like 15 000.. It was a night mare because the days in northern EUrope are very long in the summer  and there is no time for the nights to cool off. I remember looking at the temperature at 2 am and it was like 37.. I was sleeping on the tile on the floor  to be cooler and it did not semm to make any differnce..  We are lucky here in altitude the nights ae cool and it gives us some time to cool off. 

    I think the heat is probably bad for people who do not have shde around the house of face south or west and do not have cross ventilation.  I am lucky our house is under large trees and facing north so only the late afternoons get a little warm but it is not bad..

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  5. I went to 3 other therapist one frlm guadalajara and I never was gkven anything to remember the exervises I had to do

    . I hate exercise amd i.midiately forget what I am.supposed to fl.. Jorge did his trakni g in Europe where therapists are super well trained and it shows when you go to him.

  6. It is now called the Fiscalia they are on the boulevard by the Cristina Park.  It is the equivalent of the District attorney s office and they are the one who investigate and charge crimes.

    You need to have lots of proofs in writing and then denounce your lawyer and chances are that nothing will b done.  This said go and denounce the lawyer and see what happens but do not put good money after bad money . Drop subjet if nothing is done. Just my advice...

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  7. they are invase in California as well and scotch broom is particularly bad for fire .. , same with pampas grass and Eucalyptus and kudzuin the south and so on..

    How about the mangoose in Hawaii that were imported to kill the rats that came with the ships and killed a lot of the native birds.. Too bad no one paid attention but mangose hunt during the day and rats go out at night.. Same with pigs in Hawaii that are super destructive and so on and so forth..How about lirio here...

  8. Try the LCS in Ajijic. OR the Legion in Chapaña  All bars and restaurants are full of expats but they usually know each other..Try the donut place  Dona donuts accrosz the Guadalajara farmacy as well.  

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