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  1. Artnob the problem now is that there is no extra vaccine outside of what is allocatedto countries..eventually it will losen up but right now you cannot buy vaccines. If you want to be vaccinated by whatever vaccine they are offering do it  or go to another country..  That is the choice we have now.. in a few months who knows.. They are vaccinating people nowm according to what they say.. Where I do not know.

  2. also via phone you can answer questions quiickly if there is a doubt. Once the call is over it shouldall be settled.. Way easier than e maiil for those who speak Spanish.  You never know when they call to confirm chapala they may have people who speak English otherwise people who cannot comunicate in Spanish may have to forward their calls to someone who does until the process is over. or have someone who speak Spanish answer..

  3. The meter has been nothing but problems..First we found out that the hitel down the street from us was stealing water and we were billed for it so they cut off the water before our meter rather than after so we were out of water and the hotel did not care because they made a deal with a gardner  who had a large yard that was not on meter so the water is stillbeing stolen but  I had to negociate to pay for that year. then the meter stopped working altogether and now a year later   they owe us money from the deposit from last year..I am going to ask them to pay  like we did before and forget the meter.. We ll see what happened but it has been nothing but trouble and we we got bill for a shirt time it was higher than if we did not have the meter.. Not worth the trouble and I believe that in the end it is mre expensive that the forfeit.  so far..

  4. I have driven in Mexico City with the help of a copilot because it is tougher if you do not know where you are going.. A gps I would think would be good to have., When there, I like to take taxis because I do not have to look for parking space or garages , I also like to enjoy the sights and it is much faster to take uber or cabs because they know their way around thetrafficjams and knowif there is anyproblemanywhere.

    Before the ArcoNorte we would cross MexicoCity to get to Chiapas entering near Santa Fe ., We avoided the preriferico because there, cops are very eager to give you tickets for whatever they can make up..The love to tell you itisthe day when you cannot drive,,,

  5. I agree also people who use that term are not flying extremely high as a rule...😀 

    It is not meant as an insult, it is just slang that young people use and for an older person to use it , it just reflect on the mentality of the speaker , nothing more..


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  6. my younger, way younger friends use  wey or we... it is the equivalent of dude.. mas o menos

    buey is an ox

    I have never heard a mature Mexican  use the term but then I am not around mature Mexican men,, on the other hand the young people use it all the time.

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