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  1. do not know about the jicara but for clay they are cure with atole.. Try it pour atole in it and see if that works..
  2. The meter has been nothing but problems..First we found out that the hitel down the street from us was stealing water and we were billed for it so they cut off the water before our meter rather than after so we were out of water and the hotel did not care because they made a deal with a gardner who had a large yard that was not on meter so the water is stillbeing stolen but I had to negociate to pay for that year. then the meter stopped working altogether and now a year later they owe us money from the deposit from last year..I am going to ask them to pay like we did before and forget the
  3. I would not get a ,meter if I had to do it again...
  4. My sister kept telling me what a fiasco France was ... but ending up last... behind Mexico , that is really bad.. at least I live in the country that is better LOL
  5. we will see once the vaccines arrivehow that will be handled.. We may get a nice surprise.. or not..
  6. I have driven in Mexico City with the help of a copilot because it is tougher if you do not know where you are going.. A gps I would think would be good to have., When there, I like to take taxis because I do not have to look for parking space or garages , I also like to enjoy the sights and it is much faster to take uber or cabs because they know their way around thetrafficjams and knowif there is anyproblemanywhere. Before the ArcoNorte we would cross MexicoCity to get to Chiapas entering near Santa Fe ., We avoided the preriferico because there, cops are very eager to give you tickets
  7. Same at Walmart yesterday, the sign on children and over 60 is there but they do not enforce the over 60 rule..
  8. bmh


    considering it is DOminoes , I agree it is fantastic--
  9. In Tawain they were masks all the time but everything is open and it is life as usual more or less .. as there is lots of testing and people i quarentine when returning to the country.
  10. I agree also people who use that term are not flying extremely high as a rule...😀 It is not meant as an insult, it is just slang that young people use and for an older person to use it , it just reflect on the mentality of the speaker , nothing more..
  11. my younger, way younger friends use wey or we... it is the equivalent of dude.. mas o menos buey is an ox I have never heard a mature Mexican use the term but then I am not around mature Mexican men,, on the other hand the young people use it all the time.
  12. bmh


    I guess I have not tried it..
  13. What is primary trade or experience?
  14. When I see the ignorance on the Chiapas situation, can you imagine the ignora nce on the African countries.?
  15. I live in CHiapas most of the year and anyone who claim there is no covid there is full of S..Many of my indigenous friends got covid in May and june. Two doctors from the IMSS hospital on 5 de Mayo in Tuxtla just died and 3 others are fighting for their life. I hear about covid problem every day.. Who ever is claiming no covid in Chiapas is lying. The state is not green but yelow and Yellow only because none of the indigenous are reporting anything, The grass is always greener on the other side but in July when I asked my neighbor where to get oxgen, he told me there isn t any,.. Y
  16. bmh


    What is Domino Sarten crust? The thin one ? They make a Mexican thin crust pizza with jalapeños , I like but I have no idea what they call it..
  17. The other day , whe they turned me away from Walmart, I went to 8 stores to fill my list.. I would think it is more dangerous to go to 8 stores than one...
  18. tete de negre was not a racist name.. "Negre "in the 40´s and 50´s was the equivalent of negros and negroes that is what blacks were called. "Negre" was only racist or insulting if preceded by "sale".. Black in France in the 40´s and 50´s were totally accepted and liked. Most of them were artists or wealthy students from the ex colonies.. We live next to a building owned by Senegal. all the people there were rich Senegalese students and most of the ended up marrying white women, usually blond .. either natural or not.. With the civil rights in the States .." negre" became a bad wor
  19. The first Japanes arrived in Acapulco in 1613. He wa a Samurai from the city of Sendei. I helped a Japanese tourist agency work on a promotion between Japan and Mexico for the 400 year anniversary.. Sendei makes small dolls called kukoshi and they shpped a bunch of these dolls to Mexico to have Mexican artisans decorate them and held exhibition in Japan with these dolls.. In CHiapas i the SSoconuco there is a town that is mostly Japanese... I know someone who is part of a Japanesefoundation who is helping kids further their education.. In Chiapas we have descendents of the CHinese that were
  20. Yes it is illegal.. to decriminate by age..
  21. Have you tried to contact the friends she had on facebook?
  22. good move because my company told me yesterday that they are giving priorities to countries so private companues have little chance of getting any for a long while.
  23. I love hotels or motel and do not care for B and B.. At one time in our lives we lived in a nice apartment in San Francisco but we & Bwe wanted to see trees and be in the country once in a while so for a year we spent time on free time in B and bs. After a year of this we bought a house in the wine country.. We soon learned how to hate all the friendly host giving us information we did not want or need.. We like the privacy and freedom hotels give you , I can see renting a place for a month without the friendly host so we can cook and feel at home but as a rule gie me a hote o
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