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  1. Their timing maybe good but not good enough.. Now that know for a fact that the nice guy speaking English is a lier and I caught him in a lie , he will hear in Spanish why I do not buy from him next time we open the door by mistake,
  2. Yes and when the gas guy changes company like this one did you end up wth a different company.. Better check the name on the truck and not call the driver or the salesman.
  3. Cedros , the dry season has started and the lake will go down, that is the way nature works. If/when it rains too much upstream they will release water otherwise we will have to wait until next june or July for the water to start coming back up. It has been that way for centruries whether people worry about it or not, Who cares what the people up north ask.. the lake is what it is... let it be. When we bought the house you could barely see the lake and we live a couple of houses from it.. We could walk or drive to San Juan from the Ajjic pier amongst trees and cattle.. I liked it that w
  4. We have been buying gas from the same company for the last 20 years... We call them when we need gas.. This morning the bell rang and my husband opened the gate with the remote as he cannot walk outside. The friendly English speaking man from the X roaming company came up to the door asking my husband if he needed some gas and they had a great promotion. My husband asked how much gas remained and the man checked and said 21%,, I came up saw it was not the company we call , said no thank you and closed the door. I went t check and the tank clearly showed 50%, Beware of the friendly Engli
  5. oh please can we worry about something we can do something about? The lake is plenty high... timme to worry about somthing else..
  6. yes , I think that is it , i do not know her name but f you ask for her husband , the people will tell you
  7. the other seamstress s on the south side of the street west of Rosue.. A couple of door before the next street. The husband is called Jose Luis and is also known as the cuate.
  8. I thought it was a tree leaf because it iscalledMumuin CHiapas but maybe the tree is called that becauseof the herb.. Don t know..It says it grows up to Oregon so it should grow here. My neighbor makes delicious tamales with black beans wrapped in mumu leaf inside.. it isjust delicious. I also had fish in Xalapa wrapped in hoja santa and that was delicious. I have never seen it for sale but it grows here..
  9. Also , I imagine the lkes when a bunch of people arrive at airports tired from the trip and having to wait who knows how long to take the test and wait for the results, That has to be a real mess..
  10. I het another drug that has to be on ice and I order it from Farmacia Maskara A independent farmacy probably can get it for you but the chains will not bother if it is not on their regular stock.
  11. quoting in dollar makes n sense, Rose only quotes inpesos and dollars makes it more complicated for those who do not use dollars. It is Mexico the national money is the Mexican Pesos , so use it.
  12. we took an artisan on Friday morning for a test and we got the results monday afternoon.
  13. I checked the procedure for France since I could have to go back quickly if my mother gets sick and found out that I can take a test when I arrive at the airport m in Paris ,so maybe other countries offer the same thing.. If I do not take the test on arrival I have to goin quarantine over there.. That is the country rule but I do not know about the airline policy so there could be a catch 22.. I ll cross that bridge ifI have to but I sure would not go unless I have to go.. I do not need that extra stress...
  14. I checked the procedure for France since I could have to go back quickly if my mother gets sick and found out that I can take a test when I arrive at the airport m in Paris ,so maybe other countries offer the same thing.. If I do not take the test on arrival I have to goin quarantine over there..
  15. yes nothing happens if you do not give,, All the people we sent were turned down and none were o negative and that was the end of it.. They do not want o positive, that was our experience.
  16. You can get it at no cost in Chiapas if you have symptoms and are willing to stand in a crowd wth symptoms..for a long time.. Yes tests in Mexico are a luxury and they only count people who were confirmed, It gives you a little idea of how undercounted the people with covid are.
  17. No need to be pranoid, if you wear mask, keep your dstance and wash hands often, after that it is up to chance or God..
  18. The biggest problem is not the age in your case but the type of blood . O negative is rare in Mexco. The same happened to us when my husband got surgery and we did not find any O negative.. then the next problem is that they turn down a lot of people who could donate but have health problem. are anemic, have high blood sugarc and on and on.. Good luck to you. t was the same blood bank we owed blood too.. then they turned down the O positive people because they had too many of them ,so we gave up.
  19. Yes the cases here are increasing not decreasing and they are increasing in other places in Mexico as well.. and in the States, France, Spain and other countres, we are not out of the barn yet, I wish we were but we are kidding ourselves if we think it is better now, we just are getting more complacent and tired of not being back to normal.
  20. In an area where there are many people having income from different countres the quotes should be in Mexican pesos and each one can figure it out in their own currency.. I do not care what the Canadian dollar is more than the Austalian or the yen..
  21. should call the 800 number and verify before doing anything or go to the branch
  22. What were the dishes with too much sauce or too much butter?
  23. during the height of the pandemic?? It is right now ,no?
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