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  1. Bancomer has payed my telmex and cfe bills for the last 20 years and I never had a problem..
  2. First of all unless you have automatic watering you need them more in dry season,, Second I hired various gardeners, at the end I wanted one for 5 hours 3 times a week so they showed up 2 father and son for 2.30 hour ... .. I watched them closely and they were goofing off and left befor etheir time so I fired the father and told the son to work for 5 hours 3 times a week. The kid is dong way more work than the two were doing and also has more time watering when we need it as I have srinklers he can put on. while working on other things. Whatever you choose do not make it permanent tell them
  3. So Coca Cola does not cae about their reputation in one of the largest market for Coca Cola in Mexico? Down there Coca Cola is used instead of water.. It is the beverage of choice in wedding, in churches ,,etc.. It is a whole of a lot more important market for Coca Cola than the Lakeside area.
  4. the water from Coca Cola made half of San Cistobal de las Casas,sick one year, so much for their quality control..
  5. also at the tianguis on wednesday
  6. Do not assume that because in the States give you something it is the only thing that can be taken .Go by generic names and chances are that you can find it here.
  7. masks are just as important and if you want to be safer wear a KN95 that works both way rather than wear one that only protect others.
  8. So someone takes your tv and you kill them?? You may want to move. I am EUropean and look EUropean and have lived here for 20 years without being robbed.. It sounds like someone in the neighborhood likes your house or your taste.. Move to a safer place You can get a gin in Mexico if you are permanent if that is what you want but it is very unlikely that you will be able to carry it outside or in your car ..
  9. I just lost a friend in Oaxaca and his daughter has. it..People tell me that 3 or 4 peopl die everyday.. but who knows . I will not gointo any indigenous communities amywhere, it is the same story everywhere I know in Chiapas and some of the communities on Oaxaca. People still believe the covid is a government invention They say there is a fever disease goong around and some people die from it. I know entire families who have it and the people who are contaminated continue to live as usual, the ones who do not feel to bad go shopping.. so they contaminate others for sure..
  10. Well if the virus can pass via A/C I would thin it is in the air system on planes so no matter what it is not safe..
  11. My husband married an alien and yes I could get his social security when he dies but I will not want it because it is lower than mine... Ha ha.. SS told me do not forget to claim your husband SS if he dies.. and I said no thank I l keeep what I get and they told me then he can claim yours if you die first.
  12. You will be ask for your proof of liability insurrance if you are in a car wreck and if someone is hurt, You have to remain at the disposal of the MP for 72 hours so you could spend up to 3 days in jail. I know I spent 2 days and one night in jail and believe me it is nasty. I had liability and legal aid so good luck to you if you do not have those.
  13. Also people with type A blood are more likely to die thanpeople with O type.. Men are more likeky to die than women.. there are lots of factors ... involves..
  14. The problem I see in the communities is not the poor health problem as many are young and do not have health problems but the people will not wear mask and observe the least distancing or follow any rules.. Yesterday I was speaking with a family where the mother, father 3 kids, daughter in layw are sick with covid.. and I am not mentioning the two bothers who have a similar situation in their family.. The mother had a huesero and another traditional medecine person look at one of the son.. which mean that these two medecine people were also exposed to the virus and will contaminate all of th
  15. I believe the mortality rate in the US is half of what it was in France or Italy.. ercapita.. Stilll lots of people are dying.. Looking at statistics s easy to forget that behind the figures there are people dying and many families affected. Yesterday I caledl my neighbor in Chiapas who has a clinic and he told me the situation down there is critical. I asked him where to find oxigene for friends who need it and will not go to the hospital and he told me "there is none it is very scarce and only government hospitals have it down here". A woman died in Tapachula in front of the hospital
  16. IF they are not near anyone, what is the big deal?
  17. bmh

    STAY HOME!!!

    and most of it goes nreported so you can magine how many more cases they are and how many more deaths.. Yesterday alone I heard from a friend in Chiapas , he lost 2 friends in Mexio city, not reported. Another friend from Mexico city told me of his friend in his mid 40´s who died followed by his 20 year old son the following day. His wfe is vey sick and the daughter has a mild case of it. None of them reported. They went to be checked but there was no test available. Another friend fro CHiapas told me yesterday, she has been sick for a week with fever, cough and lack of taste.. she got it
  18. we have a van coming by who has the most wonderful icecream but the van is a dark van.
  19. bmh

    Flying in

    If you are from the US you are banned from Europe right now.
  20. You are ok after staying put for 2 weeks so you can add that to your travel plans...I am French so I could go but would have to stay in quarentine and my husband is AMerican and Mexican so he hit the jack pot.. two countries that were banned..
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