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  1. So someone takes your tv and you kill them?? You may want to move. I am EUropean and look EUropean and have lived here for 20 years without being robbed.. It sounds like someone in the neighborhood likes your house or your taste.. Move to a safer place You can get a gin in Mexico if you are permanent if that is what you want but it is very unlikely that you will be able to carry it outside or in your car ..
  2. I just lost a friend in Oaxaca and his daughter has. it..People tell me that 3 or 4 peopl die everyday.. but who knows . I will not gointo any indigenous communities amywhere, it is the same story everywhere I know in Chiapas and some of the communities on Oaxaca. People still believe the covid is a government invention They say there is a fever disease goong around and some people die from it. I know entire families who have it and the people who are contaminated continue to live as usual, the ones who do not feel to bad go shopping.. so they contaminate others for sure.. There is no social distancing, no mask worn people get sick and "cure" themselves with teas..I have more recipes than I have fingers... This week I spoke with a friend whose entire family has it, I also spoke with 4 of the neighbors, they all told me the town was tranquilo and there ws no sickness..only in the town 5 minutes from there and 1 hour from there , there were sick people butin their town no one... The indigenous communities right now are dangerous places to visit.. Also people do not see doctors and do not go to hospitals because the hospitals do not return the bodies, only ashes and therefore no one is sure if the ashes are thei ashes of their love ones. spoke with my doctor and neighbor in CHiapas who told me the situation was critical i.. no room in the hospitals, very little oxigene available and only in the hospitals.. Basically many people are sick and they either get better or die and the cases are not reported.. I would not go to Chiapas right now and would not go in any indigenous town in any state right now.
  3. Well if the virus can pass via A/C I would thin it is in the air system on planes so no matter what it is not safe..
  4. My husband married an alien and yes I could get his social security when he dies but I will not want it because it is lower than mine... Ha ha.. SS told me do not forget to claim your husband SS if he dies.. and I said no thank I l keeep what I get and they told me then he can claim yours if you die first.
  5. You will be ask for your proof of liability insurrance if you are in a car wreck and if someone is hurt, You have to remain at the disposal of the MP for 72 hours so you could spend up to 3 days in jail. I know I spent 2 days and one night in jail and believe me it is nasty. I had liability and legal aid so good luck to you if you do not have those.
  6. Also people with type A blood are more likely to die thanpeople with O type.. Men are more likeky to die than women.. there are lots of factors ... involves..
  7. The problem I see in the communities is not the poor health problem as many are young and do not have health problems but the people will not wear mask and observe the least distancing or follow any rules.. Yesterday I was speaking with a family where the mother, father 3 kids, daughter in layw are sick with covid.. and I am not mentioning the two bothers who have a similar situation in their family.. The mother had a huesero and another traditional medecine person look at one of the son.. which mean that these two medecine people were also exposed to the virus and will contaminate all of their future patients... They are on their 7 or 8 th day of the disease and one of them is beginning t show problem with brathing, that is why I called a doctor.. I found out the doctors and hospitals are basicaly in trouble and the only thing people can do is to stay home and suvive or di,e.. Just about everyone I spoke to this week has or had the virus and none of these cases appear anywhere..I think the underreporting in indigenous areas like Chiapas , Oaxaca, Guerrero, etc is huge...
  8. I believe the mortality rate in the US is half of what it was in France or Italy.. ercapita.. Stilll lots of people are dying.. Looking at statistics s easy to forget that behind the figures there are people dying and many families affected. Yesterday I caledl my neighbor in Chiapas who has a clinic and he told me the situation down there is critical. I asked him where to find oxigene for friends who need it and will not go to the hospital and he told me "there is none it is very scarce and only government hospitals have it down here". A woman died in Tapachula in front of the hospital after she waited hours for help.. It is really awful down there and we better hoepe we do not have the sme situation up here eventually if people do not pay attention to the warnings.. The percentage maybe very small but when you are the one being affecte it seems way more important ,.. Please stop talking about the US , we live in Mexico and that is where we eill need help if we get in trouble. but also that The situation can change very quickly and the government is vastly underreporting the problem, 1 not to scare people and 2 because it is impossible to include everyone who is sck and dies at home. In Chiapas indigenous wll not go to the hospital and say they cure themselves with teas.. forgetting that most people do get better with or without tea and for those who do not , they just die get buried and life goes on contaminating each other.. wthout ever reporting anything.
  9. IF they are not near anyone, what is the big deal?
  10. bmh

    STAY HOME!!!

    and most of it goes nreported so you can magine how many more cases they are and how many more deaths.. Yesterday alone I heard from a friend in Chiapas , he lost 2 friends in Mexio city, not reported. Another friend from Mexico city told me of his friend in his mid 40´s who died followed by his 20 year old son the following day. His wfe is vey sick and the daughter has a mild case of it. None of them reported. They went to be checked but there was no test available. Another friend fro CHiapas told me yesterday, she has been sick for a week with fever, cough and lack of taste.. she got it from her teenage son last week, her husband just got sicj and same with her daughter in law and her brother... and so on and so forth. I hear the sme stories just about every day... the undercounting is huge.. Most indigenous communities will not eport nor go to the hospital so there is a large segment of the polpulation that is under the radar.. so to speak..
  11. we have a van coming by who has the most wonderful icecream but the van is a dark van.
  12. bmh

    Flying in

    If you are from the US you are banned from Europe right now.
  13. You are ok after staying put for 2 weeks so you can add that to your travel plans...I am French so I could go but would have to stay in quarentine and my husband is AMerican and Mexican so he hit the jack pot.. two countries that were banned..
  14. oh wow...how interesting to watch two morons telling their experiences about Mexico.. Thank you so much for posting..
  15. you have to dial 376 r 765.. and then the number so you have a 10 digit number
  16. and living n Mexco does not help either.. as Mexico is on the same list as the US..
  17. thanks, good idea... I stil miss town announcement with loud speakers.. but heck whatwver works..
  18. They have great things, I bought a rattan set 20 years ago and still have it.. I do not know about the synthetic because it did not exist then,,
  19. That is nice to hear that they announced it in the center.. but nothng on our street, was cooking so I would have heard it.. nothing where we were..They came back twoor three times but with the rain that followed , it probably had ero effect.. My fish did not die so it probably did not go very far, ..
  20. Go to a denuncia and if you speak good Spanish make friends with the people there and asjk them what you can do about it, sometimes it works.. Forget the attitude what if , it does not work.. My cleaning ladt n Chiapas asked me for help as her daughter in law was skizo and was allowed to keep her child for hr mental health.. So one day she did something that brought in the pokice, she was taken to an asylum and the 4 year old disappeared.. We looked for him for 4 days and no one wanted to help The women was the grand-mother and it was almost impossible to get information but talking to neighbors an dong some detective work with the help of people e found him.. When the authority stonewall you you have to do your own detective work and make friends with people who can help.. Maybe you can find the bar tender or the tatoo artist that were with him or her and they may know something
  21. So?? Are we supposed to agree it is good to be spryed like cucarachs.. They shoulve a warning system so people could get out of the way... As I said the locals in Chiaps do not take kindly to being sprayed like insects and many president pay for it.. Last week in Amatenango , they was a tumor that the plane that flew overhead at night wwwhad been spraying and people started to gather to get the president and lynch him. People are fed up about the lack of respect they show to people.. Lynchng is on the extreme side but there is no reason they cannot annunce they are coming with a loud speaker or a horn. Yes there is a lot of dengue and they should spray but they should have a warning sustem or fixed days or hours. This , you live in Mexico is bull.. tomgates.. People in Mexico are not like those of Lakeside who play dead on just about anything, There plenty of communities on the country where the garbage truck announce they come with a bell and where people are warned about spraying. I have lived here for 20 years and in Chiapas for 15 so give me a break , I know a fe things about Mexico.
  22. Did I miss an announcement or there was no announcement made? We were having dinner with all the windows opened when I heard a weird noise.. I listen a few second and realized they were spraying malathion or something that smells like it.. I rushed to close all the windows.. By the time I got to the back of the house it already had gotten inside.. Makes you feel like some cucaracha, how obnoxious.. They announced that we should stay home at night but they do not warn people when they are spraying insecticide.? Now I know how the indgenous are feelling n Chiapas when the spray trucks are coming around.. Too bad we are not like them and beat up the president for allowing that to happen.. So what happens if you are on the street walking?? You are forced to walk through an insecticide cloud?
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