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  1. yes gimpy the man is confusing the vaccines that are approved to give to the Europeans , he should have included Astrazeneca which my sister got yesterday and was put on hold today... She feels really good about that one!.

    They will look further into Astrazeneca and will release it again if the death by blood clots is not significant.. The Chinese and Russian vaccines are not authorized yet  over there.

    As far as travelling there you need a negative covid test, they are not talking about vaccines yet.

  2. I do not know about the rest of Europe but in France right now they have stoped vaccinating with Astazeneca.. Same in Germany and some other countriies.. I believe that GB continue vaccinating with Astrazeneca..  There no Chinese vaccine for them,,,There is no talk about accepting this or that vaccination before entering the country.. They are checking Sputnik but it is not approved yes  as far as the Chinese vaccine there , it is not something they even talk about.

    My cousins live in Taiwan and they have no vaccine there. Very lttle covid due to their strict measures about entering the country and they will not accept any vaccine except their own ... and it is not developped yet..

    Each country in EUrope makes their own decisions on the vaccine so it is useless to speak about what Europe is doing

  3. The water delivery  is way down and out aljibe was empty yesterday and ther ewas very little water coming in.. I am getting water from the pipa this afternoon. Check your aljibe levels before using  lots of water.

    Just in case the pipa in Chapala is from Miguel Martinez 376 765 2725.

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  4. Who knows.. just found out that the plummer we use was sick with covid and recovering.. so you just never know. No one brags about it  or volonteers the info when  people are sick. He told me he was sick and could notcome. 

  5. Gringal , I do not think Astrazenaca is unsafe, but various countries do not want to administer it to older folks because there is not enough data proving it is effective for older folks, hence some European countries are not vaccinating their older population with of it.It is an extra measure of  security but they ae vaccinatng younger groups with it. 

    I will take the Sputnikand will not take Astrecasenaca until we know more. The Chinese i will not take until we know more..


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  6. France , Swizterland and other countries in Eupoe are not using Astrecazeneca on people older than 50 in some countries and 60 in others and here they are using it on old folk.. Something if off somewhere..

    Also a couple of private doctors told me they are not offered vaccines , only the doctors from IMSS, Srguro popular and pulic hospital are being vaccinated..  anyone knows if this is correct?

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