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  1. I asked for a contraseña from SAT ID, put inthe RFC the email, did the eye voice recognition , the e signature and then the system told me it would send a token to my e-mail

    I received a token and was told to give the system 4 or 5 working days to get the password and then it sent me another token and I ll know tuesday if I have a password and If I can go on to get the constancia.

  2. Kids are reading on the internet all the time, watching videos, playing games and so on, things are changing.. and yes books are and were wonderful but lets face it everything is changing and just because people use internet , it does not mean they are illiterate. Actually phones have done more to help kids read and write than any books. WHen I got to CHiapas 15 years ago cell phones were rare and many women would ask me to read their messages because they could not read, now I know 2 women who cannot read their messages and they use the audio...

  3. possom make nice pets,This baby will eat dog or cat food I believe. Way back I felt an animal in bed with us and it did not feel like one of our cats so I turned on the light and there was a possum in our bed.. I put a basket over him and threw him out the window. The next night he came back so we called him Peter and later on Peter showed up hurt and with babies.. it was not peter but pierrette.. Our neighbor raised the baby. I try to shoo the poor thing but he or she escaped and probably died.. The neighbor gave a bath to the babies and they became his pets...

    If you do not have killer dogs like one of mine here, let them live in your garden and they may or may not survive or give them a little food but it is bette to let them fend for themselves in nature..or talk to the vet. 

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  4. Joint accounts co owner in Mexico is not the same thing as in the States. John can both of you close the account?  

    My name comes first at Bancomer because I am the titular and I can do what I please with the account but my husband who is also listed on the account has a separate card with a separate number, can deposit, transfer and withdraw but he is not owner of the account and cannot close it for exemple. If I die and the bank knows it , it will be closed but if he dies nothing happens.  .. John Shrall are you sure you are truly co owner? I did not think this existed in Mexico.

    Do both of you have the app?

  5. Until nroute..ow I always felt sage on the arco norte but lately the traffic has gotten awful with trailers and I have been caught for long times at a crack.. in jams where all the traffic is stoped because of overturned trailers..in these conditions it would be very easy for thieves to attack the trucks and cars... so another thing to watch out for.. AT least they cannot get the car because the traffic can be stopped for an hour or 2...One plus, the hiding places are safe on this 

  6. 1 hour ago, rvanparys said:

    We just returned to Mexico and purchased a house. I have an RFC and but now need a my original deed (still in the process) to change the name on my CFE bill... I think all of the churning is Mexico's way of helping retirees fill their time...

    I have to change the deed on my house and I need a constancia, the new one, I have one from3 years ago but the notario did not accept it..So you may need one too..

  7. You are the one comparing the two countries..: Mexico can be a dangerous place if you are in the right place at the right time and so is Chicago. I spent some time in CHicago and it looked ok to me... but I guess it was just luck.. I wonder how millions of people live their and do not run away...  It is like just about anyplace if you chose to look at the crime ridden areas you will find crime but I wonder how you explain a little town having that kind of horrendous murders.. and this kind of stuff happening over and over in small towns that are not crime ridden areas.. 

    Chicago has strict laws and the neighbors do not so what does that prove?

    If you do not go anywhere in Mexico it is a super safe place  but there are plenty of places in Mexico that are not safe and all you have to do is look at the statistics.

  8. Chicago is not in Mexico as far as I remember so what has it got to do with Mexico. We are not all from the US so what happens up there is a result of their culture, nothing to do with Mexico. Violence and nastiness seem to go on worldwide and the US seem to be leading on the mental cases going nuts with guns that are so easy to get . But as long as the people in the US chose to ignore that guns help kill more people and faster and do not do anything to stop it. that will happen and I hate to say it but sparer us with the tears and the prayers.. that does not change anything.. All these mass killing in schools are the scarlet letter of the Americans..

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  9. 10 hours ago, gringohombre said:

    OK, I will revise my comment to TRAVELLING in México. If you keep to the toll roads and out of the cartel areas I would feel safer here than is some parts of LA, Chicago or many other urban areas in the US where car jackings have increased prolifically in the past few years!!!  

    That shows you just do not travel much.. How do you stay out of cartel areas when you travel and really do not know where cartels are. When we got stopped  by  cartel guys, actually the head of one of them we were in 2 cars travelling back to town from buying toys in one of the communities near San Cristobal. I missed the short cut to town but figured that San Cristobal was down hill in the valley so went down the mountain road.. and that when we got stopped..Turns out ,there was some kind of conflict between cartels in that area which I did not know about because I had never heard of the area.You do not always have autopistas mot do you know everything about areas you go through. 

     If you talk to people who haul stuff all over the country , you will hear that the roads are getting mor dangerous, this is not a secret.

  10. I have traveled the back roads of Mexico , a lot and you can hide all you want if they get your car everything goes with it so so much for any idea. Some years ago a bus full of French tourists was attacked near Agua Azul and the thieves left tall the people on the side of the road naked and left with all the posessions much anyone can do.. Also when the thieves find out you are hiding things  they will beat you po,, that happened a couple of years ago on a bus a friend of mine had taken between San Cristóbal and Villahermosa.. If you are going to be assaulted consider yourself lucky that you are alive, the rest is just stuff... Friends and I have been stopped at gun point near San Cristobal as well and I can tell you that in these situation you are not thinking about your cell phone or valuable.

  11. It can happen and there highway robbers there is no denying it but at the same time not enough to stop all travel.. It would b a real shame to live in this country and not being able to travel. You can take a few precautions that can help and forget about it, Happens what happens or live locked up in you house.. I chose to live and enjoy life and if I get robbed be it.  , II am not going to stop doing things I enjoy at 76 because I may die or get robbed.. I will die for sure anyways. so I am going to enjoy myself as much as I can until I cannot.. period.

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  12. It is true that the roads are getting less safe but I continue travelling like I have always done.. no travelling after dark and have yet to encounter trouble on the main roads. Of course if one goes on a road like the one between San Cristobal and Palenque , everything is possible although I have never had problemas in that area during the day.


  13. ?? What is that about. I travel 1400 km on a regular basis on a car and I have never been stopped and have been doing it for 25 years.. Sure bad things can happen but a little common sense goes a long way..

    If people are to live always being scared of one thing or another maybe they should not live in Mexico.. The US are so much safer.. Ha ha..

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  14. So I follow carefully the instructions that are very good until the part where I have to read the sentence without glasses?? What s the F..? Why do they think I have glasses for if it is not to read??  So .. without the glasses , I cannot read the sentence, I am that blind.. so the next step is???


    Interesting how the nerds making up these programs are not particularly practical...

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  15. The OP is using his real name. I have met him and seems to be a nice and decent man. He comes from another culture so Mexico can be hard to believe when you come from a place where things are looked at in a different manner. . Logic at least the logic I used to know does not prevail here.. The surrealist Andre Breton called Mexico a surreal country and boy was he right.. 

    I think the best bet for the OP is to see if he can have any impact on the board to the end of this year and if not get out sell buy another house or rent until he can see if he is in the right country.


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