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  1. If he worked for yo and you quit paying him you owe him severance...if he did not quit.
  2. Azucena did the finiquito for our gardner of 20 years.
  3. Upfron, I said talk to them and ask permission. , they have the right to say no and if you go anyways you are trespassing... If you want to challenged their ownership go to a lawyer.. It has been tried before..and so far , they do what they want. They say it is ejidal land but they also say they have some kind of grant from the Spaniards which would make the land communal as Ejidos were formed during the Revolution so I am not sure what the land is.. There is a ejidal house near the school in upper Ajijic.. or was.. Maybe some of it is comunal and some of it ejidal, who knows..either way they have the right to close off the trails.
  4. reminds me of people buying houses near an airport and complaining about the noise.. Do notlive near a road going down hill. Better noise that horrible accidents at the light at Walmart..
  5. That is why I put indigeous with quotation marks.. they have lost all indigenous customs , it seems, language and culture.. went to one of the meetings with indigenous from Chiapas one day to hear what they had to say and the indigeous from Chiapas said to me , these people are not indigenous.. if you have comunal land, , you take care of it, you cultibate it , you do not sell it and if you do not care of it, you lose it but that is between them and the locals aand as foreigners or strangers to the area we have nothing to say
  6. It is their land so if they tell you you cannot hike there and you cannot come to an agreement with them , the answer is that you are trespassing if you go there, pretty simple , NO? Go to your lawyer if you do not agree.
  7. Never argue with them, just talk to them and come up to an agreement or not.. . . When I go to Oaxaca I stay iwith indigenous in an indigenous town and one day the family decided to go hiking on the rancho, (land of the village) and hike onto the next rancho. One of the man with us was an elder of the village.. When we got to the next village he went to pay his respect to an elder of the neighboring village and ask permission to hike the rancho. We got the ok.. then I realized that the village had a public road crossing it so there were plenty of strangers coming and going there without permission, but between neghbors they did ask forpermission and got it.. This is how it is done.. Arguing is a sure way to get a no for ever- The elder maybe defensive because there is acontroversy about them selling comunal or ejidal land so they may not want people snooping around on their land and taking pictures of new building sites
  8. My friend is from Oaxaca and works for Tapatios in Ajijic so I do not think you can get more Mexican than that.
  9. ok if you only have a small tree , you cannot do it on full grown trees
  10. That is the way it is done in Chiapas.. I do not seet done that way in Ajijic A Mexican friend of mine helps me finding people and gardeners demand to be paid by the hour.now and good luck on finding a good one.
  11. "Indigeneous" people own some of the land , not all of the land..
  12. the black fungus comes from scale which is difficult to wipe out. To prevent the insects from settling spray with watr garlic and chile, that s what my indigenous friends told me to do.. It is more preventve than curative but it helps when the insects that become scale fly around in the spring. Nor we have the palomits or little moth looking things that are everywhere...
  13. You can find zatar in Guadaljara and Ajijic.. and anywhere where there are Libanese Mexicans
  14. Maybe you could do my garden and I would cook for you He He I do Thai, Vietnamese, Arabic , Persian and French food so you would not get bored..
  15. The reason I hire people is that I want to enjoy my morning coffee without walking around and doing things someone else can do and want to be free to dosa´´ear a few month at a time without have to worry about the garden...Right now I am training a young guy, we will see how he will be doing...
  16. Bancomer has payed my telmex and cfe bills for the last 20 years and I never had a problem..
  17. First of all unless you have automatic watering you need them more in dry season,, Second I hired various gardeners, at the end I wanted one for 5 hours 3 times a week so they showed up 2 father and son for 2.30 hour ... .. I watched them closely and they were goofing off and left befor etheir time so I fired the father and told the son to work for 5 hours 3 times a week. The kid is dong way more work than the two were doing and also has more time watering when we need it as I have srinklers he can put on. while working on other things. Whatever you choose do not make it permanent tell them you will review with them what will really be necessary after they start...
  18. So Coca Cola does not cae about their reputation in one of the largest market for Coca Cola in Mexico? Down there Coca Cola is used instead of water.. It is the beverage of choice in wedding, in churches ,,etc.. It is a whole of a lot more important market for Coca Cola than the Lakeside area.
  19. the water from Coca Cola made half of San Cistobal de las Casas,sick one year, so much for their quality control..
  20. also at the tianguis on wednesday
  21. Do not assume that because in the States give you something it is the only thing that can be taken .Go by generic names and chances are that you can find it here.
  22. masks are just as important and if you want to be safer wear a KN95 that works both way rather than wear one that only protect others.
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