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  1. aerolitoralis owned by aeromexico and the ticket states clearly terminal 2
  2. Anyone who think that it is a case of the grass is greener on the other side.. has no clue about the great markets in Mexico
  3. The differnce is that they have farmers that come to sell what they grow... Big difference. I know that in CHiapas if I want freshly grown local veggies that are in season or wild mushrooms or river snails oTzintzin can get them at the local market and if I want out imported fruit and veggies or produce that comes from other areas and get distributed at the abastos I can get them too. Angus, am French and I am picky about what I buy and know the diffence .. It is not a question of the grass is greener on the other side, I live 8 months of the year in CHiapas and live one block from the ind
  4. The ticket is logical, they show the departure gate of each flight not the arrivals so still need to know at which terminal you arrive but as someone said AeroMexco uses terminal 2 so chances are is that you arrive and leave from there and hopefully that leaves time for the luggage to follow...One good thing when it is the same airline the stewards help and they know you have a tight connection so they give you priority to get out and warn the other flight that you are on the way, if you book on differnt airlines, yo are out of luck.
  5. The fight over the tianguis from Chapala and the one from Ajijic is pe┬┤retty silly, Chapala is a large version of Ajijic minus the artesania but more of the same does not make it more traditional or better.. All the stuff comes from the abastos and is the same as what you get in the storsas well.. I have given up on going to either one now that the stores have a better selection of veggies and that we have good meat, poltry and fish markets in the stores.... The Ajijic tianguis seem to have a bunch of gringos that go there to socialize same as the Tuesday amrket.. and the Chapala has lots of M
  6. Mainecoons said he was flying AeroMexico to Mexico and to Oaxaca, It is very clear..
  7. Just tell the stewards on the plane and they will radio ahead to wait if there is a problem or tell you what to do. Ths site is not a place to get help when you book plane with less than the two hours you usually have to have between flights if you want help. Since it is the same airline t should not be a problem. However good luck to your luggage if you have checked it..
  8. yes I was there when there were just a handful of hotels.. those were the days but I have to say the ic was not as safe as today..
  9. by the way I use chile de arbol to make piperade and I find it hotter and better than with espelette.
  10. Mazunte is before getting to Zipolite. , yes that is the area I like.. Zipolte is a nude beach and the water is for surfers, it is very dangerous but we like the area to walk the beach. Mazunte is a turtle refuge and very laid back.. Zipolte even more laid back.. THe first tie we went there we were the only people o the beach and we started walking not realizng we were in Zipolte as we just walked along the coast fro Mazunte.. We were with a little girl who was cute as a button, pretty soon the little girl named Itsel spotted 2 women without any top on and she shook my hand and said, oh th el
  11. Espelette peppers are used in the Basque food and my fauly is Basque so I am familiar with the peppers, however I live in Mexico and have no use for them as they are way too mild for us. I have never looked for seeds.. so I cannot help you there..
  12. interestng because I paid ITESO directly for 4 years without any problems, BBV even had a special section to pay pay universities.. I do not see why ou could not pay if ou have the file number or the id number and the info on the account.
  13. I like the Mazunte area better , I find Puerto ANgel crowded and I do not like the hawkers trying to direct you to their place, but to each its own.
  14. Thank you Bisbee for the plug.. many artisans are really suffering this year. I take care of Chiapas for the feria and I can tell you that many barely had money for food and nothing for medecine or extra, the situation has been terrible this year. Right now some towns , villages and ranchos are under water because of the rain causd by the hurricane and 11 people in a Chamula village were burried alie, People of Aldama have lot the road to San Andres their only way ouut of town, many roads are blocked by mud and rock, it is a bad situation,. Chiapas is a staircase of barrages dumping verythin
  15. diclofenaco is in the mix with peyote and marijuna in the balm you can find on the street nd it works as well...
  16. I have also done it at night by bus and that is not so great, the curves are ok when you drive but sttng at the back of the bus wll make you sea sick really fast..
  17. I have done it several times and actually enjy the drive, so here you are... there is one person who does it more than once. Salinas Cruz is a dump but I enjoy staying in Juchitan or Tehuentepec and I also enjoy the great seafood there and the colorful crowd. I will be happy to drive the new road but I am not holding my breath , they keep having delays over delays.. so we will see.. what happens. I am planning to make it my route to Chiapas as the Vera Cruz , Tabasco section of the other route is a total bore..
  18. As soon as you say milk to ne the remedy is out I do not ever remembering drinking milk and I am happy to live without..Turmeric I eat a lot in my cooking.. so I hope that is enough.
  19. well good luck, I have experienced the people in CHiapas and the ones here and I can tell you I would pick a chiapaneco or somone from Oaxaca any time over anyone here. I feel the people here are spoiled and overpad for what they do and do not have much pride in their work.. Of course there are exceptions but as a rule the gardeners here are awful. and overpaid.Themaid are way better than the gardener.. Rght now I have a great mason as well but good people are few and worth cultivating.. or pverpaying compare to the others.
  20. I have never stayed in a hotel between Pochutla and the coast, I leave early and have no problems.. I do not remember any hotels but they are probably some.. The danger in the road are the curves, the place is very safe I would not hesitate staying anywhere on that road.
  21. If you have to have a special pillow bring it if not Country hospital has pillows.
  22. My husband spent several day there for a back surgery.. Never did they once in 4 days offered to clean him. The sofa had one leg shorter than the other and I spent some unconfortable nights there. Nurses come by several times at night and there is a pillow and sofa where you can sleep and they will give you a blanket so you can stay if you want to .. It is not that great to stay ther efor several day but I had an overnight surgery there , I stayed alone and it was fine.. The blood blank there is very picky and twice they did not accept our donors because they were O positive....a
  23. It all depends how your life style is.. travel a lot and need to pay people in Mexico so for me the BBVA account is very useful.Yesterday I bought a pieceof furniture and the store did not accept any card so I transfered money directly to their account from my house. I had the employees down south to open a Bancoppel account and I can pay them via transer to their account every month, There is a lot of reasons why a bank account works for me here. The CC card I do not yse but have t when I travel..If you have what you need with HSBC why would you even worry about another bank?
  24. Funny, I have been watching those tiny aunts carrying the body of a dead roach straight up a wall and trying to put it in a whole way too small and then picking another place to put it in and failing again... Not sure what they will do but they are fascinating.. The stuff we see when we are confined!!
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