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  1. social events is what the governor is going to go after , not the close of the businesses,They finally got it.. The virus is spread in gathering at social events much more than via businesses.. so they will clamp down on fiestas and social events and will leave the businesses alone.. Some good sense-
  2. yes but the roads are supposed to be fixed during the dry season, usually at the busiest time of the year...so when the rains comes they should be in decent shape...
  3. Yes ths is typical of this area.. no one seems to be out n the morning wahng the sde walks lke people do in so many town and yes they do fix sidewalks in other comunties.. here no one wants to do anythng, they do not even respect the garbage tradton followed n so many towns, the garbage only goes out when yo hear the bell, here they dump pn the strret every day at whatever hour and wash ther hands from t and no one says anything..so the streets look like the dump.
  4. do not know about Jalisco but n Chapas they do not test unless you have symptoms and you have to pay plenty to go to private labs and the dpt of health there told me that there was no acredited lab to do tests in the State but some labs say they are approved so who knows. Meanwhle people wat and wait to get tested and the majorty do not bother.. know whole families who had the vrus and never bothered wth doctors or tests. They got better watng t out and drnkng medcnal teas the curanderos gave them. Ome people de and life goes on..So know first hand that in CHapas the cases reported are
  5. We have lots of them at the market in Chiapas and I cannot stand them..
  6. Eucalyptus are not native , make a lot of trash , break witout warning and are a fire hazard...Careful on what you plant...
  7. good idea, why should nurses, hospital personel and doctors endanger their lives for peope who are willing to contaminated them for idealogical reasons.. or for plain stupidity..
  8. Unfortunately parents work and the schools are the dumping grounds for sick kids, too often. It is a tough problem.
  9. Thank you for the doctor s name it is always good to get everal opinions. I had all the tests XRAYS, MRI and the test where they stick needles on you and electricity to check the reactions so no more tests needed just opinions.. After talking to my brother , I pretty much made up my mind that surgery is out until my muscles atrophy.. but one of these doctors may know of good therapy..
  10. Well maybe they should think about it.. I sure due and stay away from people with flu even cold when I know they have them. It always bugs the heck out of me to see people who are obviously sick go to even or even come to work..
  11. Eric.. , you call someone on sunday morning and you are surprised , he did not call you back by monday morning?.. Anyone who calls me on sunday mornning gets put on the black list and they never hear from me again...If it is business call him on business hours..
  12. I was at home depot yesterday and they only let a limited number of people at a time , you have to keep your distances in the line outside, have a mask etc.. so not all Tapatios are careless.. maybe they feel safer here and bring the whole family.. this how people contaminated themselves in SPain, Italy and France, family reunion, just because you know people well does not mean you can trust they do not have the virus but life goes on..
  13. Thank You happyjillin, my brother has the same problem as I have which is genetic and in France tey do not operate unless you are becoming paralysed. so I will follow their advice and see a doctor who does not want to operate ..
  14. I am looking for a back specialist who is not a surgeon as surgeon tend to want to operate.. I have seen one of those now I want a second opinion.
  15. In Europe they say that the current strain is more contagious and less deadly so hopefully they are right and hopefuly it will evolve in that direction so we can all get it and survive it. . Only people who have not been affecte personally make fun of it.. the others know better.
  16. I have been very happy with Chopo until I went to the new place.. They did a lousy wirk on my exrays and two of my doctors daid the xray were very bad..I need new xrays.. any recommendations? My doctors say Guadaljara but I cannot go there for a while
  17. maybe that truck was the exception .. he he
  18. by now the op is probably fluent or never will learn... 3 years to learn a language is about right..
  19. this is why the attorneys advices to end up in good terms with emplyees is important.. you still need an attorney┬┤s advice on what you should do..or should not do.
  20. yes the guy is fishing, ask an attorney , it is cheap and works out better in the long run.
  21. People who lost their money were not paying attention and trusted someone they should not have trusted. If you take care of your own business without delegating to someone you do not lose your money in a Mexican bank. We have had accounts in Mexico for 20 years without any problems. We bank on line from the US via Schwab and with Bancomer and Banamex without any problems.
  22. If he worked for yo and you quit paying him you owe him severance...if he did not quit.
  23. Azucena did the finiquito for our gardner of 20 years.
  24. Upfron, I said talk to them and ask permission. , they have the right to say no and if you go anyways you are trespassing... If you want to challenged their ownership go to a lawyer.. It has been tried before..and so far , they do what they want. They say it is ejidal land but they also say they have some kind of grant from the Spaniards which would make the land communal as Ejidos were formed during the Revolution so I am not sure what the land is.. There is a ejidal house near the school in upper Ajijic.. or was.. Maybe some of it is comunal and some of it ejidal, who knows..either way
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