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  1. Bobby who was threatening??   I need a constancia to get the title of my house  and I am not panicky so I do not see why anyone should feel threatened.. We will all get the constancia when we need it or eventually and no one is going to breath down our neck. SAT is so saturated that they will not do anything anyways.. I was told by them I would get a password in 5 days.. the 5 days are here and gone and I guess that eventually I will get one but just not now.. so so  much for the constancia for a while if I need a password but no big deal Ill look into it in August..

  2. ill buy dried spices that have expired or about to expire if that is what I wont and they have not expired 10 years ao.. Actually depending on what you need  but if you cannot find fennle or anis put a drop of the dry anis liquor or pernod and it will do the trick and you can always use the bottle to drink with water as an aperitif or flame shrimo or fish with it.

  3. it takes 5 days they say to get the password, This is the 6th day and I still have not received it so I do not see how the papelria could do it .. without the passord you are asking for troubles later on when you need to get into the file to change errors or make changes..The papeleria maybe a shortcut if you are not going to need to use a constancia, otherwise it is a waste of time, a band aid..

  4. I had a similar experience at Banamex and then I just pulled all the money out and never went back. so let them accumulate whatever they want, I will never borrow money  and have a credit card with another bank so accumulate the charge... eventually they will get sick of it and leave us alone. It was my husband s account, never accepted that I close it and he could not access the bank so adios.

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  5. If you are new make sure you have a RFC number and ask for facturas for everything because all the cost of the work you are going to do can be deducted from your profit later on when you resale.  It is not always easy to get the facturas but get them no matter what. First get the RFC and the constancia fiscal if you do not have that. All the material has IVA on it so the stores have to give facturas if you ask It gets tougher with the worker but if you have an architect or a contractor  just do not hire them if they do not give you facturas


  6. 15 hours ago, ibarra said:

    As I posted earlier- it took 10 minutes to get two Constania and 10 copies of each at the papeleria on Ramon Corona.   Waiting 4 or 5 days or going to SAT simply did not sound appealing to us.

    SO you have a contraseña to reenter the site if you want to check something or you are going to have to go through someone to do anything? I like to understand what goes on and do things by myself. and no rely too much on anyone.

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  7. It is all so  puzzling. I got a new RFC at SAT 3 years ago and they gave me a constancia but no password. I have used the RFC a lot for expense reimbursement , I used it 2 months ago.. now I asked for a factura from the mason and his accountant says that my RFC is not an active RFC.. She came to help me apply for the contraseña that I will receive in 5 days  after 2 tokens were sent to me.. We will see on Tuesday if it worked.. then I will try to get the constancia as I need it for my car insurance and for the house insurance and for the new deed.. It is all so screwy.. Why would my RFC go inactive it is totally insane.and such a waste of time and energy, The house insurance had one of these generic number on it and I am not letting this one go.. This time I want it corrected or I am not paying..I do not want those things to come back and haunt me later.

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  8. On 5/25/2022 at 2:29 PM, luvsdawgs said:

     As stated, I have my RFC and have had it over 10 years. I do not have the official card and QR code, perhaps do not need it but wish to have it for my records. Although the electric is in my name, I do not expect to take it to CFE, if the want or need it, they can ask for it. When I asked at my bank I was told they did not need it. So, I just need to find out how to get the card and QR code. Thanks,

    The code is on the constancia so get the constancia


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