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  1. I know several people who died at home in ndigenous villages. None of them went to the hospital.. they do not want to go to hospitals because they do not get the body back, just ashes and they do not believe that the ashes are the right ones so none of the indigenos I know will go to the hospital. In one case in Teottlan , I was told that there was no hospital space available, I call the corona virus number in Oaxaca and I had no problem talking to some one who assigned a space in a hospital  if the test was positive.. then I was told by the family , they did not want to go because they would not get the body back.. The man was put on oxigene by the kids but he refused it after 3 days and died.. and that scene is repeated over and over , without the oxigen in CHiapas as you cannot find any outside of the hospitals..

    Who knows how many cases there are in Mexico but I would guess a minimum of 10 times more..


    As far as folk medecine, I have been given more recpe for tea that cure the virus than I have fingers and toes.. I am told  that you get a fever, lose your sense of taste and smell but that with this or that tea you can get over it  ...

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  2. It is the prey instinct, dogs run after anything that seems to be running or running away when they have a high prey instinct.. If you stop they will stop.. but yes it is dangerous to have a large dog lose on the street if he has a high prey instinct. Gardners can be careless about gates and it could have been an accident..Better a dog than a jaguar like they had once in La Floresta

  3. I would not use UPS either,  took them to court twice, nothing but bad experences wth them.. Also they do not have offces in a lot of cities in Mexico. WIthin Mexico I use Estafeta and DHL to foreign destinations.. Fedex s my second choice for foregn destinations.. 

     The mail is iffy in the STates as well. My cousin sent a book to New York from Paris 2 months ago.. she was able to trace the packet to the US but then no tracing... 

  4. oo the the country code then the number

    to call France I dial 0033   but then the numbers in France startwth a zero which  do not dial when abroad so I dial 0033 and 9 digits... I would think each country is a little differnt. WHat country do you want to call.?


  5. I do not know about Europe but if I want to go to France, first I am French so it helps but I have to have a covid test withing 72 hours before leaving or upon arrival at the airport or go into quarantine for 15 days.

  6. Yes it is if you have an idea of how much time it takes to do things, also I need them longer during the dry season because they have to make sure everything is water before he or they leave.. so  it is also why I rather I have one guy who stays twice as long as 2 guys because it gives him time to make sure everything is watered..

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