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  1. yes Soriana really improved after Walmart opened and so did the little stores.. I too remember the sorry state of many grocery stores, butchers and fishmarket before they came.When I came I was appalled to see rotting produce on te shelves of many stores and also I remember the fish market at Soriana stinkinng to the point I would not go near it. Yes there has been a lot of progress in the last 20 years..
  2. Who is being negative.. no one You can be realistc without negative, to start with , just look at the figure and you quickly see that the light is at the end of the tunnel but not that quickly..meanwhile people will die. The US is not the only one developping vaccines so there will be more coming down the pipe but when you see how the situation is being handled in the States , I do not think it is anything to be proud of.. The vaccine yes the attitude no.
  3. 50 millions dosis worldwide when the US has 320 milions people is not a whole lot of vaccine.. The vaccine will be good but not for many months so do not hold your breath about all the masks and social distancing being over because there is a vacine Meanwhile people will get sick and many will die.
  4. Of course Walmart only does what they do because of the law, you will not get arguments from me on this and this is true for a whole lot of busineess this is why there are laws and unions.. In my previous life whe I got to the US and was forced to take a job at minimum wage in a large retail outlet , I found out all about the goodness of large retailers for their employees but I was happy to earn some money there for a year. and then I went on to better things. I learned a lot and ised that later...that is life.
  5. Andy Panda the vitriol comes from people who are attacking Walmart for ever without having any clue that Mexico is not the US. I do not believe Walmart here is very dfferent from any other chain store. The bashing of Walmart gets pretty tiring, if you do not like them do not go there., It is pretty simple .Baggers are not paid anywhere.I knew kids who were baggers at farmacia Guadaljara and made nice money with the tips. It was a program to help them make extra money and they worked as a team during the shift. They were awarded the jobs because they had good grades. They were happy
  6. Joy try the kennel training. Your puppy stays in the kennel and youtake him out every hour forst then every two hours outside to do his business, praise him play wth him outside and put him back in the kennel.. He will very quickly get the idea... Kennel traiing is the best . I have 5 dogs and they all love the kennel and rarely have accident in their kennel. They quickly lear how to ask to go out. No matter what you do you have to be consistent.. Your got your pippu very young which makes it more difficult but he soo will get t. patience and consistency are the key.
  7. Americans love to hate Walmart. Keep your prejudices for your own country. Walmart is a Mexican corporation and they are under Mexican law here .. You are not in the US any longer,
  8. if they do not sell that will be the end of them... maybe..
  9. what is a private doctor? What kind of specialty are you looking for?
  10. They have always been late for me but I expect it and it is no big deal, they are reasonnable, honest and do a good job sot what else can we ask for?
  11. How is that affecting you? Do you live near there? I live in Ajijic and I could not care less if they build condos there. Wouldn t you love to lve between two hardware stores , it is pretty convenient...
  12. do not know if they are the same people but I had some chairs done in that rea and the ame is Carlos. They live on Javier Mina # 36 cell 333 816 8824
  13. Angus if you go by google translate you miss a lot of the nuances of the language,, My translation is just as correct as that of pickles- Ha ha
  14. cornichon in French means I D I O T you guys know that , right?
  15. I was answering Chillin ´s comments.. nothng to do with you or your happiness, positiveness and wonderful home.
  16. tell me about it, you seem to be an ex
  17. I want dark shade because the street light come in into one of the bedrooms. I have drapes but I am going to put shade directly on the window as well so our guest can sleep..
  18. These people got out of Honduras and were planning to go to the States, They come from poor commutes in Honduras. Have you been to Honduras? I have ...On their way north they found a good spot to do their begging way better probably t what they have experienced on their way up. Yes they will stay if people give them money but it does not change the fact that they came from a poor area and found a way to make a nice living, The fact they eat junk food follows the pattern of what poor people eat down there when they are displaced. What ever they make they chose how to spenf it and junk food it
  19. yes and it tells you very little and you cannot really trust the postings..
  20. Zipolite ihas the nude beach not Puerto Angel.
  21. I do not give anything to people on the street unless they are ancient or handicapped and even then it is rare. I give to people I know, not the ones on the street or ringing at my door. It still remain that these guys are not from Guatemala , If they do get anything they will move on..but the way it looks right now they have found a way to make a living without working.. Yes poor people who leave their communty eat a lot of junk food. That is the way it is. In Chiapas there are cooperatives who give their members classes on nutrition before they leave the villages because when the wome
  22. Chillin the Guatemalans are from Honduras according to them..
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