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  1. J & J with one shot only would be really helpful in Mexico
  2. They insisted that we get the second vaccine between 28 and 30 days from the first shot so I would assume they are planning to come back around that date. They would be a logical move although they refused to give a firm date .
  3. Sure I am going to go to France to get a vaccine when I lhave lived in Mexico for 20 years and I am going to go there twice... why not? The vaccines here are for anyone no need to go back to God knows where to get a vaccine
  4. They are closer places to go I would think..
  5. Ajijic vaccination was very efficeient on Friday so hopefully it will continue.. Take a sweater.. I took everything afainst the heat and was cold the whole time was there but it onoy was 1h 30 miinutes. For wpeople with wheelchairs go down on the street lines with trees a couple of blocks east of Colon.. you will be helped from both siides but this one is closer to the area of vaccination. It is very orderly so you will not have a problem.
  6. We have been in the same spot for 20 years , we had the ants when we came in and they are still there.. and will be there long after we leave..
  7. Ajijc on Friday was extremely fast. was in and out in 1h 30 mn whichincluded the 30 minutes wait after the vaccine so they are all getting the hang of it.
  8. Do you ever think thatnot everyone guzzle down alcohol? In Ajijic today they told us no alcohol for 28 days because it lowers ther efficacy of the vaccine and no aspirin for 2 days..
  9. just google it, It says that alcohol consumption has no effect on vaccines for covid Just had a beer and I am still ok...
  10. They say alcohol lowers the efficacy of the vaccine.. Mexican doctors are very much against alcohol and French doctors are not , they actually serve a small bottle of red wine with dinner in the hospitals, they say it relaxes people.. Every culture has their does and dont and do not be surprise if they contradict each other.
  11. they do not bother birds of paradise
  12. Anyone nows if they still vaccinate today, Friday, I just got back home last night so missed the vaccinatioon.
  13. This is BS that you cannot have alcohol.. In France no one is being told to stop rnking alcohol and there is lke tortilla , we have it twice a day with every meal.
  14. ANyone knows how many days or weeks you are supposed to get the second dose? In Chiapas they say 20 days, what is it up there.?
  15. yes gimpy the man is confusing the vaccines that are approved to give to the Europeans , he should have included Astrazeneca which my sister got yesterday and was put on hold today... She feels really good about that one!. They will look further into Astrazeneca and will release it again if the death by blood clots is not significant.. The Chinese and Russian vaccines are not authorized yet over there. As far as travelling there you need a negative covid test, they are not talking about vaccines yet.
  16. Will they come back .. for more? I love the lean time.. I am not getting back to Ajjicuntiil friday so I gues that my husband and I will not get vaccinated on this round.. Will there be other rounds?
  17. Not true according to y sister who lives in Europe. I am going there this year and other than the test there is no restriction.
  18. Not true according to y sister who lives in Europe. I am going there this year and other than the test there is no restriction.
  19. As Maincoons says, the particular tunnel goes inactive but they have lots of tunnels and they eventually go back with vengeance in a different spot, yo Just becaus ethey have not been for a few weeks does not mean you took care of them . You can more or less control them but you will not eradicate them.
  20. I do not know about the rest of Europe but in France right now they have stoped vaccinating with Astazeneca.. Same in Germany and some other countriies.. I believe that GB continue vaccinating with Astrazeneca.. There no Chinese vaccine for them,,,There is no talk about accepting this or that vaccination before entering the country.. They are checking Sputnik but it is not approved yes as far as the Chinese vaccine there , it is not something they even talk about. My cousins live in Taiwan and they have no vaccine there. Very lttle covid due to their strict measures about entering the c
  21. I doubt very much the no alcohol story. They are not saying anything about no alcohol in France and we drink alcohol every day twice a day.
  22. Pete it was more like 2000 , 2001, I like the lake then , we could drive or walk to San Juan on the lake bed, there were trees cattle and the people living there had not taken over all the land.. It had a lot of pluses..
  23. Water is very slow around the Danza del sol hotel check your aljibes .
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