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  1. Every area has some local bacterias that may be different from what your system is used to so you may have a slight reation but as a rule the water here is clean if your tank on the roof or underground water cistern is cleaned on a regular basis.Some houses have filters.

    I do not have an filter and have no problems here. I do wash and disinfect the fruit and vegies that I will eat raw. Just rinse the ones you cook, the boiling water or steanm will sanitize them.

    I do not pay a lot of attention wether I swallow r do not water in the shower and wah my teeth with bottle water. If you are here on a temporary basis you probably do not want to ruin your trip but if you are moving here it is a question of your body getting used to the local water.

    The funny thing is that we did not get sick for the first 2 years here then got sickl many times over 6 or 7 years and now have not gotten sick over two years..who nows why..I got sick when I moved to the States from France...

  2. Joco60 is misinformed about France.

    We do eat a lot of raw milk products but the cattle and other animals are all vaccinated. and the standards of cleaniless are pretty strict. In the past many people got sick from raw milk.We call bruscellosis Malta fever .

    You can get tubercolisis and bruscellosis as well as e-coli and salmonella from raw milk. When we were kids we always boiled the milk for 3 minutes . We had a little pyrex flat object that made noise when true boiling would start and we timed the boiling.

    I got bruscellosis from eating cheese or yogurt in Ajijic as I do not drink milk.


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