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  1. How much do they run and how long do they last? Just read the reviews on Amazon.com...not great, it is interesting they are very mixed to say the least.
  2. Some stove have thermostats and be happy if yours does not, it took us a year to get our stove fixed as the part was no longer available..
  3. depends on your sove brands. WIth some high end brands you are better off asking Tio Sam to help you and recommend a repairman. Some thermostat are easy to come by and some are not..good luck try calling 765 5653 or 045331 281 21 63 Miguel if you have a Mabe type .
  4. Every area has some local bacterias that may be different from what your system is used to so you may have a slight reation but as a rule the water here is clean if your tank on the roof or underground water cistern is cleaned on a regular basis.Some houses have filters. I do not have an filter and have no problems here. I do wash and disinfect the fruit and vegies that I will eat raw. Just rinse the ones you cook, the boiling water or steanm will sanitize them. I do not pay a lot of attention wether I swallow r do not water in the shower and wah my teeth with bottle water. If you are here o
  5. I never had the bank" forget", never had problem in 12 years. I always check the bill and check if am charged as I said never a problem and the banks do it for us for two houses.
  6. Banamex and Bancomer will pay your CFE and telephone bill if you set it up with them. They have paid our bills for the last 12 years without any problems Once CFE was a problem and I suspended the payment from Bancomer until CFR was straightened out and then I had the bank resume payments.
  7. Joco60 is misinformed about France. We do eat a lot of raw milk products but the cattle and other animals are all vaccinated. and the standards of cleaniless are pretty strict. In the past many people got sick from raw milk.We call bruscellosis Malta fever . You can get tubercolisis and bruscellosis as well as e-coli and salmonella from raw milk. When we were kids we always boiled the milk for 3 minutes . We had a little pyrex flat object that made noise when true boiling would start and we timed the boiling. I got bruscellosis from eating cheese or yogurt in Ajijic as I do not drink milk
  8. I am sure it would but this is not how I cook, I roast,and I grill .I cook very few stews and I want to have an option.
  9. It is only a rip off if you paid more for them. Down here in Chiapas all potatoes are sold with dirt on them but we have no russets ,no one has ever heard of them so no rip off either.
  10. Sometimes Super Lake has them but not always.
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