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  1. Are we all talking about the same thing? I am speaking about cement polished floor not the mosaico which are the cement tiles seen in the old buildings. Those do not crack but they are the worst thing I ever put down in my kitchen. They stain and are very slippery when wet. Also a pain to deal with. Ok outside of bathrooms and kitchen as long as they are not wet.
  2. yes chillin the floors are not maintenance free and there were are lots of them in California and since California has plenty of tremors those floors have plenty of cracks. It is especially true for the most beautiful floors the ones with the very large surfaces with little scoring. I did not have to check the internet. I worked with the contractor that did the floor in our building and he told me that all polished cement floors that have large surfaces with little scoring which is what the architects liked will crack. These people did the addition to the Tate Gallery in London and many other famous contemporary houses and buildings so no need to go to the internet. I also saw plenty of houses that used polished cement in California and the cement does not wear well. I am not speaking of floors imitating other type of floors. I am speaking of larg expanses of polished cement. Beautiful but a pain to keep up. I would think that any architect specializing in contemporary buildins would know contractors.
  3. What is the guaranty from these firms? For how long is the guaranty?
  4. I worked for a winery that was build by a world famous architect firm (Herzog & De Meuron) and we had polished cement floors and they crack no matter what anyone says. If these guys could not have polished floors made that did not crack , I doubt someone here will be able to do it. The surfaces we had were scored but the scored areas were very large and they cracked.
  5. I do not know aboout the chapala plus bus but the bus going to Guadalajara via the Liberemiento runs every more or less 1h. I do not know if it stops by ElDorado.Where is el Dorito. If you mean Torito every hour.(again I am speaking about the GDL Directo)
  6. Ajijic centro is not closer to SuperLake or Walmart than ElDorado you can also get Lakeexpress to deliver to your home from Costco. The main shopping area for every day news is in San Antonio not Ajijic,
  7. It is just poor management, all the head of the department or whoom ever is in charge decide what the rules ae, write them down, has a staff meeting and pin the rules on the walls so veryone knows..I do not care what they decide but I wish we did not get a different response every time the same question is asked.
  8. Eagles another poster who is permanente got his 50 % in Chapala , I was told by the Chapala office that permanente got discounts, the law you just posted says only Mexican citizens...obviously neither management nor communication are Simapa strong points. Each municipality can do what they want so who knows what next yer will be like.. By the way the gardner her and I are Mexican citizens and we did not get the discount either. Thanks for posting the law . I could not make it today as I was delayed when I paid the car registration but I am going back in there on Monday. This morning I paid for the predial taxes (up 25% for me) and I showed my Mexican passport..that is not good enough you have to have you INE/IFE and INAPAM to get the discount. I received 15% so I am not sure if I really go any discount at all.... The reporter clarified that one the 15% discount is for paying early, the people who have ouses worth less than 420 000 pesos and who are citizens and over 60 get the discount on the predial.
  9. So it appears that they are telling different people different things and are not applying the rules evenly even in Chapala... I think people should be aware of it...nothing new but on this one this is really crazy. The Predial people always had the same story, citizen only. Maybe the Guadalajara Reporter should ask them the questions and publish the rules so at least many people would be on the same page.
  10. You do not need to go to Chapala to get the 15% discount Ajijic will give it to you automatically if you pay before March 1. It shows up under Bonificaciones. I spoke with Chapala because people have been saying that CHapala told them Permanente got 50 % discount and so did citizens. Ajiic turned me down for the discount and I have an IFE card and the garner here got the same story. I called Chapala to find out what the rules are and now I am going to go back to Ajijic and ask for the 50% discount. That one should be interesting.. They turned me down on the discount last year too. Probably lack of communication but they have t straighten it out now, If you read Spanish you can read about the various tates and the meter.. I do not think you can go and pay in Chapala if you live in Ajijic. because this morning they told me to go to the Ajijic office. My post was not clear but the discount they would not give me was the 50% discount. No problem about the 15%.
  11. I spoke agin with SiMAPA regarding discount this time it is what they told me: 50% discount for Mexican Citizens over 60 with presentation of the INE card NO discount for Permanente over 60 other than the discount for paying early. This was Chapala. I told them that Ajijic told me no discount and I wanted a credit, they gave me a number for Ajijic to call and it is out of service so I will go and see what the next step will be. Last year Ajijic did not give me the discount either . I wish all this stuff was clearly stated in the offices and we did not get this insane run around.
  12. It is included on the bill and does not show at a discount. The discount does not apply to IVA If you look at the subtotal that is what is owed deduct from that 15% OR the Bonificaciones amount and that is your 15% discount for paying early. The discount for paying early is called Bonificaciones If you show zero on the Bonificaciones line you did not get the 15% discount, if you show an amount that is your discount. You take the subtotal amount deduct the Bonificaciones amount and add the IVA and you have the total.
  13. I hope for your sake it is true.and I doubt you did not pay a discounted amount early in January, if you did not they screwed up because the January amount is discounted so you may want to go back and complain. I will be in the office again tomorrow will go to the administrator and ask him if citizens over 60 get a discount or no..we will see. The women told me they did not and did not give me one, we will see what the boss says.,
  14. My gardner told me no he could not and I did not get the discount this morning and I am a citizen as well. That was in Ajijic. In which municipality do you live? Chapala or Joco? Joco was giving discount but Chapala was not. Please let me knw if you are speaking of Chapala because if you are there will be two more people asking why they told us no discount.
  15. It is on black and white on the board next to the stairs only people who have 250m2 or more of garden have to get a meter and they are not pushing it. I paid my bill then said I wanted a meter and I will put it in next October and they are ok with that . I spoke to the administrator, on the left handside when you get in. They doo not care if you want to have grass or lots of it , you just will pay for it.
  16. At one time older Mexican citizens where getting a discount but now I do not know who gets it. May gardner is Mexican over 75 receives help for the government and does not get 50% . As far as 50% off for water for a foreigner just forget it exist. You get a 15% discount if you pay before March1 according to what the woman in the office told me last week.
  17. Eagles there is NO 50% for permanente .
  18. Nothing will change if the offenders do not have a meter and if they have a garden less than 250m3 they do not have to have a meter. Yes there are laws against that but they are not enforced. If all the leaky toilets and hoses would be fixed right there a lot of water would be saved.
  19. I do not mind the water meter either , you pay for what you use so you can control that cost . Yes we need to conserve water and that may help although most people with very large properties have well and use he water to water. I just ordered a meter and that is it, I am not going to worry about it we can alway have a xeriscape if we do not like the price of the water.
  20. I was at the waer company this morning. They told me the discount of 15% was in effect until March 1 not February 1. You may want to check but that is what I was told this morning. My bill went up 3 % no big deal. They have the schedule for payments paosted downstairs. The big change is that people with more than 250m2 od garden will have to get a meter. Meter installed 1500 pesos. The meter will be read and due each month starting in 2016 for those who want to pay this year as billed or you have to get a meter. You can arrange to leave a deposit if you do not want to have to go and pay each month. The bank cannot pay the water directly like they do with CFE so one more thing to do .. The meter is only for people with more than 250 m2 of garden.
  21. Early is before February to get |15% off. They have several tiers of "discounts" if you pay pay early. In Some countries you get the bill and then you are fined if you pay late here you get less discount..
  22. Yes of course you are correct but the majority of people still use IFE, INE is a recent development. either way you have to be a Mexican citizen to have one. I have a IFE and I was told I did not need to change it.
  23. My 2014 says discounto 50% 0 bonificaciones an amount which is 15% of the total bill and IVA is added. THe discount is for early payment not for the INAPAM car which I had and not for citizenship either and (even less for permanentes). Unless they do not apply the rules accross the boaed there was no 50% discounts for Mexican citizens over 60. The discount was for early payment. I speak Spanish so there is misunderstanding on that bill. This for Chapala. SIMAPA
  24. Mexican citizen..It is a Mexican voterĀ“s ID.
  25. I had an Italian friend who visited and he found his favorite flour for pizza at SL. That was a few years ago by maybe they still carry some.
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