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  1. Thank you for the show and tell Computerguy a picture is woth a thousands words
  2. In Europe all tianguis are closed.. Does that sound extreme to you?? What they do is have a list of the merchants with their phone numbers and they deliver.. It could be an option to having a bunch of people getting together
  3. I do not know about the States but in France only the people in the hospital are treated with these drugs and people who are in the hospitals are the worst cases. There if you have the virus you do enter the hospital unless you have a very high temperature and difficulty breathing, the other people are told to stay home and take paracetamol
  4. My brother is on his fifth day of coma and he is on these drugs.the fever dropped yesterday but his lungs are not functioning yet stil lon a respirator.. So far those drugs are no miracle..
  5. Since a member of my family and friends are dying.. That gives me the rght to berate people who are refusng to see the way thngs are going. Nurses and doctors are dying so people have the right to do what they feel like doing??
  6. Well Hud my little brother is in the hospital on a respirator.. He works as a para medic for the fire department in Paris and his wife is a nurse. Yesterday he got worse and now the hospital is too busy to speak to his wife , who is confined at home with 2 little kids and is waiting to see if they are all gong to get sick and to hear if her husband is dead or alive.. That put back things in perspectve... Your statistic will be outdated in 2 days as things will get worse...
  7. Mostly lost, I agree , no bashing but people have to start learning how to change their habits.. This thing is more dangerous than previously thought so we all should start on doing what we are supposed to do ..
  8. Why would anyone go pay telcel or telmex when they can be paid on line s beyond me..
  9. unfortunately, they may remain fit and pass it on to others.. The people at risk can be others and people working in hospitals are risking their lifes because of these selfish $%&/()s.
  10. I know several young men who told me they were leaving to work in Canada but everything was cancelled..
  11. There is no free lunch with the Chinese government, they live for money. They send defective equipment to Spain, sold the masks France had ordered to the US because they pay more for them and if they do anything for free there is an ulterior motive, that is the way the Chinese government works. They lied as long and as much as they could about the virus and we have them to thank for not being warned properly
  12. I have been working with indigenous for a long tme and I do not beieve that most wi change their mind until they start dying.. so I tell them what they can do and after that they are on their own..
  13. It depends on the nationality of the wife. I am French and I can go for 3 months.. Who knows what I can do now since I do not live in France but in Mexico and I am also Mexican.. If that problem comes up I wll handle it when and if it happens. I sure will not worry before...
  14. Why do you guys even care if someone hates Ajijic or chapala or anywhere else for that manner. If you ike it stay here if you hate it leave.. It is petty simple.
  15. People would be crazy to treat themself as there is moe to the treatment than one drug and they would remove the medecine from people who need it. No matter what they say it is still eperimental for the virus and no one knows for sure if it works.. hence the approved treatment, Since e have no alternative right now the hospitals are experimenting with it..
  16. We have Italians and Spanish tourists here in Chiapas.. coming in, I do not believe tourists are stopped..
  17. Thanks Kiko. it looks pretty bad still but it is wait and see..Good luck to your family.. Metz was badly hit and they are sending people from that area accross the border in Germany, People from Paris to Tours and other areas to Bordeaux as some hospitals are totally full An interesting thing.. This relative. had some stomach problems and a diarrea 1 week ago.. they was exhausted for 2 days and achy then his temperature shot upto 40.. Then on the fifthe day he had a cough. They tested him as he is a medic and the test was negative. he ten started having respiratory problems and in 6 hour
  18. With a surgical mask t would be ok
  19. Thanks to Maincoons for posting the link.. on the 80 patients study.. I have a relatve who is in the coma in Paris in a military hospital as he was a medic in the fire department in Paris and is being administered an antibiotic and hydroxycloroquine so it sounds like although it is not published, they are trying this out in the miltary hospital my relative is in. . He is in the coma in a very serious condition so whatever they can try is appreciated. At the end of the second day of treatment, he is breathing a little better.. He is on a ventilator and still in the coma so he is not o
  20. I was with indigenous people when I got the message from my sister than a family member was on a ventilator with thevirus. I told the men look , it is real you have to take it seriously. Their answer was, what are we supposed to do? We have to work to eat we cannot stay isolated. In a country where many lieve day to day , there is very little choice.
  21. Just likeEurope , every week or coupe of weeks they will say another 2 weeks.. and 2 weeks..It will not be over on the 30th, that you can be sure of.
  22. One of the censor just got reported sick with the virus in another state so it is a two way street...
  23. One thing that everyone should know: The sickness is very fast, and after having some problems breathing my little brother was deathly ill in a few hours. Do not wait to see a doctor if you feel youhave the virus. He is 58 so younger than many of us and still got sick extremely fast.First symptoms a scratchy throat and a loss of smell and taste-
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