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  1. I am ignorant about life support system but U just found out that my brother was on a ventilator and a ecmo machine I guess, It sounds like the equivalent of the dyalysis where the blood is being oxigenated outside of the body as the respirator is not enough.. I wonder how much of those they will need as well when it s all over.. catherer gets put in in one of the artery and the blood is circulating outside of the body and oxignated and put back in the body with another tube.. In order to do that you need to be in lots of blood thinner, too little blocks the system and with too much you ca
  2. At this point no one knows anything but everything is a possiblity , it does not mean you have to panic about every piece of information. Just take it under consideration and do what you like with the information.. Ater all we have heard that the virus may have come from pangolines and from bats so why can´t we contaminate tigers and tigers contaminate us?? Cats are felines so it is not a huge step.. I have read an article in Spanish that the tiger contacto corona virus from his keeper... it is just another piece to a big puzzle that has not been finished so everything is possible.. I
  3. snce the tigers are part of the felines, it is a possibility that you can pass on the virus to your cat if you have one Lakeside.. Open your eyes we are all part of the animal kingdom wether we live in New York or Lakeseide and if it can be passed from human to feline , could just as well go the other way...Yes it is relevant to Lakeside or anywhere else in the world..
  4. Like if the produce in all the other stores were not fresh if you know how to pick..I wonder how we managed all these years without fresh produce..
  5. Interesting because in the last 20 years I have never been charged in dollars at doctors or hospitals for anything.
  6. Even if the President tells the "truth" as reported to him.. there is no way to really account for every case.. The figures locally s¿do not really make sense..they do not follow the pattern reported in the US or EUrope not even close..At first they followed the Spanish figures at the beginning of the pandemic but now the figures n Mexico are not increasing the same way..strange to say the least. I guess possible but strange..
  7. In France the only dead people they count are the ones from the hospital. If you die if the virus at home , you are not part of the statistics.. I can see how every country has a different situation and way of counting so the figures are only giving us a general idea but we cannot rely on them 100% The numbers in Mexico ... who really knows.. My doctor in Chiapas is expecting the worse, I am speaking of my neighbor whose practice was in an indigenous communauty and has mostly indigenous patients. He tells me he has lots of patients with cough ,fever etc.. but that at this time the
  8. How do you tract the people who are asymptomatic? have several persons n my famly who tested postive and whose spose had the virus and they have zero symptoms..Figures are just that , totally off..
  9. I do not care for Trump to say the least but for once I believe his number versus those of China..It is well known in China that they ssued or sold way more coffins that the number of death reported so figure this one out.
  10. Well I can see fun situations coming up.. I am European /Mexican married to a US citizen.. What happens next.. would be fun to see but not thatt fun that I would try to go there..😄
  11. In Paris the parks were open but people cannot assemble, they have to walk at firt in groups lesser than 5, I think that now they cut it down to one person and they ended up closing the parks.
  12. hopefully the merchants can organize and deliver just like they do in Paris.. There people use their debit cars and the merchants leave the merchandise outside the door and it is left out for 3 hours before being desinfected and put away.. People after a whilefigure out a way to contnue doing business..in a safer way.
  13. Thank you for the show and tell Computerguy a picture is woth a thousands words
  14. In Europe all tianguis are closed.. Does that sound extreme to you?? What they do is have a list of the merchants with their phone numbers and they deliver.. It could be an option to having a bunch of people getting together
  15. I do not know about the States but in France only the people in the hospital are treated with these drugs and people who are in the hospitals are the worst cases. There if you have the virus you do enter the hospital unless you have a very high temperature and difficulty breathing, the other people are told to stay home and take paracetamol
  16. My brother is on his fifth day of coma and he is on these drugs.the fever dropped yesterday but his lungs are not functioning yet stil lon a respirator.. So far those drugs are no miracle..
  17. Since a member of my family and friends are dying.. That gives me the rght to berate people who are refusng to see the way thngs are going. Nurses and doctors are dying so people have the right to do what they feel like doing??
  18. Well Hud my little brother is in the hospital on a respirator.. He works as a para medic for the fire department in Paris and his wife is a nurse. Yesterday he got worse and now the hospital is too busy to speak to his wife , who is confined at home with 2 little kids and is waiting to see if they are all gong to get sick and to hear if her husband is dead or alive.. That put back things in perspectve... Your statistic will be outdated in 2 days as things will get worse...
  19. Mostly lost, I agree , no bashing but people have to start learning how to change their habits.. This thing is more dangerous than previously thought so we all should start on doing what we are supposed to do ..
  20. Why would anyone go pay telcel or telmex when they can be paid on line s beyond me..
  21. unfortunately, they may remain fit and pass it on to others.. The people at risk can be others and people working in hospitals are risking their lifes because of these selfish $%&/()s.
  22. I know several young men who told me they were leaving to work in Canada but everything was cancelled..
  23. There is no free lunch with the Chinese government, they live for money. They send defective equipment to Spain, sold the masks France had ordered to the US because they pay more for them and if they do anything for free there is an ulterior motive, that is the way the Chinese government works. They lied as long and as much as they could about the virus and we have them to thank for not being warned properly
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