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  1. I have traveled the back roads of Mexico , a lot and you can hide all you want if they get your car everything goes with it so so much for any idea. Some years ago a bus full of French tourists was attacked near Agua Azul and the thieves left tall the people on the side of the road naked and left with all the posessions much anyone can do.. Also when the thieves find out you are hiding things  they will beat you po,, that happened a couple of years ago on a bus a friend of mine had taken between San Cristóbal and Villahermosa.. If you are going to be assaulted consider yourself lucky that you are alive, the rest is just stuff... Friends and I have been stopped at gun point near San Cristobal as well and I can tell you that in these situation you are not thinking about your cell phone or valuable.

  2. It can happen and there highway robbers there is no denying it but at the same time not enough to stop all travel.. It would b a real shame to live in this country and not being able to travel. You can take a few precautions that can help and forget about it, Happens what happens or live locked up in you house.. I chose to live and enjoy life and if I get robbed be it.  , II am not going to stop doing things I enjoy at 76 because I may die or get robbed.. I will die for sure anyways. so I am going to enjoy myself as much as I can until I cannot.. period.

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  3. So I follow carefully the instructions that are very good until the part where I have to read the sentence without glasses?? What s the F..? Why do they think I have glasses for if it is not to read??  So .. without the glasses , I cannot read the sentence, I am that blind.. so the next step is???


    Interesting how the nerds making up these programs are not particularly practical...

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  4. The OP is using his real name. I have met him and seems to be a nice and decent man. He comes from another culture so Mexico can be hard to believe when you come from a place where things are looked at in a different manner. . Logic at least the logic I used to know does not prevail here.. The surrealist Andre Breton called Mexico a surreal country and boy was he right.. 

    I think the best bet for the OP is to see if he can have any impact on the board to the end of this year and if not get out sell buy another house or rent until he can see if he is in the right country.


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  5. You have two options , talk to the board and the neighbors who may get damaged  and do something about it or sell or move out of the place and do not live in a place you do not control. Make sure there are no vacant fields around no workshop and no salon de evento and even then something can come up.. This is Mexico , not the US, Canada or Europe.


  6. Many Mexicans do not report the income either  so the government has lots of work to do before everyone reports income. They are giving tax breaks to people who do it so there is more and more pressure to get facturas and report income but it is a tough road, I  think this move is just another one to tighten up the system.

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