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  1. In the last 20 year we were member for one year...the information was pretty lousy 20 years ago so there is no good old days there..

    People who are members are the ones who received the letter and the ones who will decide of the future of the club. If it serves enough people here they will continue , if not it wll die, that is the fate of most organizations. They have some good programs for the people who are joiners, it probably is worth continung. if not.. adios..

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  2. He will not take it because he is a macho and wants to project strength , lack of fear and who knows what else but his kids were vaccinated to show the vaccine is safe.. 

    As far a  am concerned  would not trust anything Russian.. In the 70 s , I gave my huband a Russian watch and it lasted about a month...enough said..


  3. It will be interesting to ee what the priorities are here.. In France it is health worker followed by anyone working with the public then it is a toss between school kids and old folk home and then old people and people at risk but they have not told us yet how old you have to be to get the vaccine.. and be considered old.. Everyone is betting that it will be way older than retirement age but no one knows..

    Here we will fall under the Mexican rule what ever they will be..  a ver.. Frankly we are lucky, we do ot have to go to work , we do not have to travel and we can isolate ourselves and wear masks . There are a whole lot of people who need to have the vaccine way before us.


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  4. yes they are. My dog kill them when he can , same with tlacuaches.. I thnk they do their rounds because they come and go. We make sure we leave no pet food.. Not sure if they are the ones getting the gold fih but something is.. I have 2 cats who show no interest during the day, maybe at night they wake up but the animal getting the gold fish takes them when my cats play with them and leave them nearby o who know.. I have no idea what to do about them but with the dog it i not a big problem.

  5. Oh they are very friendly and nice , no question about that...I do not know about their English becaue I have never poken ENglish with them.. I do not need English ..only people who do not lie in what ever language.I am fine with Z gaz, they come when we call them and fikk the tank and that is what I need.

  6. can you do that from a remote location? My husband cannot go down the stars to see the meter. I have no problem checking the meter and that is how I know they cannot be trusted.. I am a fast learner, you tell me something that is not true once and after that , on to the next person. I have no use for people I cannot trust.

  7. O do not know which one of the two from lo Altos lied about the tank but I do not trust people who le about something like that so they are out for me

    Also told me my husband had call for gaz when we do not use them, they are for ever trolling the street ringng bells  tryng to get business lying here and there ...

  8. yes really honest , they just told my husband who cannot walk the tank wa at 21 percent, I happened to come in at the same time and check the tank a few seconds later and saw it was at 50%.. I do not know qhch man it wa but that was enough to tell me not to trust them. I alwasy trust and check and they sure flunk that test. 

  9. THere a web site of the feria you can deal with the artisans directly or you can speak with Marianne of the feria , her phone is on the  fair site and she can help you with the family. There is no middleman if you go through the feria.

    I am also storing one for a friend who moved back to Canada and she may want to part with it as I need the space. It s the same one as you have in the picture and she bought it at the Tonala competition directly from the family as well . It is in Ajijic at my house so you can see it if you want to. I  need the space so I would be very happy if she sold it to you..

    Send me a PM if you are interested, It is 39 inches high and is green


  10. I hear from many that telcel  the bet if you travel a lot in Mexico .. Also there are area where another company works better than an other ,like MOvie stars  so I think that what work best for you depends on what you do and where you are. I travel a lot by road in southern Mexico and for me telcel works beat, however in my house in San Cristobal Movie star works and tel cel does not work, here in Ajijic telcel works great.. so it all depends , there is no best accross the board. So get whatever you feel best with and change if it does not work do do not get a long term  plan to start and change if that does not work.

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