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  1. Taxis are cheap? Not in the Lake area compared to other places in Mexico that is for sure. In San Cristobal I pay 35 to 40 pesos anywhere in toen Here 70 pesos to go 8 blocks.. not cheap at all but convenient if you have to carry something.

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  2. Yesterday i went to pick up my passport at the French  consulate in Guadalajara  and then took all the paper social security wanted from , put them in an envelope  with addreses  etc and took it to the US consulate  as the dead line was tomorrow.When to the window to give the papers and was told to send them.via Fedex.. so i had to go a few blocks away to send the packet basically accross the street for 35o pesos  and there was another guia for them to return the originals to me when i will prlbably not be there to receive them..So it cost me 700 pesos so tbey could lose 2500 pesos worth of orginal papers..

    I do not think our lives are improved by all this organisation designed to give zero customer service for a higher price and for the ease of tbe bureaucrats.

    After dealing with the us, French and Mexican bureaucrats  i see that the us are number 1 for being awful  and France number 2.. the Mexican come nu.ber3 , at least it is cheaper to deal with them.

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  3. Yes I agree checking what is acceptable is a good idea.. It would also be nice if schwab would answer what is available instead of giving canned answers..which means nothing and I am sick of spending money because bureaucrats cannot be bothered to do their jobs.

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  4. 6 hours ago, TelsZ4 said:

    You need to check if an online notary is acceptable.. The online notary that’s promoted here and Facebook will tell you it’s acceptable. I know a couple of instances where her fee was paid but the documents were not acceptable. No refund.. so I would check first. 

    I have asked , the are not answering.. viva scwab..

  5. Thank you, i am going to get it  notarized by the mexican notario to start with and tbe by internet if the first one i not acceptable.

    A tril tl tbe us ks not kn the cards.I refuse tl spend lne mord penny on tbis crap.. between alm the paperwork  i have to do for Fra ce and Mexico, i ll go broke.. 

    If that is not good enough they can go into probate.. and that is the end of it.. 




  6. I need a US notary for some papers for Schwab and I do not seem to be able to contact anyone.

    Anyone knows of someone locally.?. It is urgent and I am leaving town soon.

    Forget the consulte I have not been able to make an appointment there.

  7. it makes perfect sense to me. BBVA assigned generic RFC that were accepted for facturas until 3 years ago and then they kicked out so I went to SAT and they gave me a good RFC with constancia.. simple.

    Now I need a constancia to get the facturas 4.0 and I need to update the file from SAT . To do that I need a password which I never was given so I asked for one and I am waiting and waiting for one.


  8. I got my RFC in 2002 and it was a generic one so when they computerized everything  I could not get facturas so I got a new one 3 years ago which is correct bud now I have to have a constancia so the fact you have a RFC  is noce but unless you actualize it you will not be able to get the new type of facturas if you need them If you do not them worry about it when you need one..

  9. Bobby who was threatening??   I need a constancia to get the title of my house  and I am not panicky so I do not see why anyone should feel threatened.. We will all get the constancia when we need it or eventually and no one is going to breath down our neck. SAT is so saturated that they will not do anything anyways.. I was told by them I would get a password in 5 days.. the 5 days are here and gone and I guess that eventually I will get one but just not now.. so so  much for the constancia for a while if I need a password but no big deal Ill look into it in August..

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