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  1. Another interesting side effect seems to be depression, I hear about it from France and I see it in the indigenous communities in Chiapas, It seems that men are more prone to it.. it may be the same thing as the long hauler symptoms, I do not know but the amount of depression and the feel bad and or sick symptoms seems to be on the increase. ii.. I would not take any of the medecine advertise as the "cure " in Mexico on a bet. False  and misleading ads are filling the papers in Mexico and the internet on a daily basis.. Lots of snake oils salesmen out there and why people would fall for it is beyond me. 

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  2. depends on the desert, if you need granulated  it may be a pain to grind it and you just fo as well with regular sugar, the one that is not so refined. The taste of piloncillo s different  from the regular sugar, stronger but it may qork out just a well. If you do not have time to get brown sugar, it does not matter anyways...just use piloncillo


  3. In this area the weekly markets are called tianguis and the markets in fixed buildings that are open every day are called mercado.   In Chiapas all markets fixed or ambulant are called mercado . Wether Ajijic or Chapala all the merchandise comes from the same place the abasto which is the wholesale / retail market in Guadalajara. If you go to both you will notice the same merchants the difference is that the Chapala tianguis is much larger and does not have artesania.

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  4. bills for cancer treatment in Mexico will eat up your 13 000 in no time, just hope you are lucky and do not need some really serious treatment. I have a Mexican friend who had a wife who had cancer for several years and the treatment ate a whole lot more than that...It is a question of luck...you can gamble or not..

  5. I buy the ones we iy it. They are really on Amazon.com.mx, they are cheap get here quickly. Do not grab anything heavy as a larde towel or you will destroy it, they are to grab light objects. My husband uses his all the time so , sorry he would not lend it as he ises it all the time. I have never seen them for rent here but I may be wrong..

  6. There is a man that sells lots of different citrus off the carretera on the left handside in west Ajijic going west from Ajijic. I bought a yellow lemon there called limon americano.and they had lots of differents oranges and lemons..and limes a large one with fruit on it was areound 1000 pesos


  7. We drove down with 3 mastiffs in July from San Francisco.. We left very early in the morning and stopped driving around 2 got a room and went for walks wth dogs in the evenng. To break the trip we stayed in Tucson for a couple of days, put the dogs n a kennel with A/C and that was a nice break for us.. It is possible... no problem.

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