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  1. Ask the people from Tonala who come to the tanguis in Ajjic if they can more or less match it.
  2. We will be called?? They never called for the first so fat chance they call for the second..
  3. Yes but we do not know anything past the first 6 months so far.. We will know eventually but right now we know very little.Politics enters in the equation.. Taiwan does not recognized any vaccines and China recognizes theirs only.
  4. I think that if you cannot prove you are vaccinated with the approved vaccine in that country you will have to have covid tests or go in quarantine so nothing changed and lets see if the vaccines are effective more than 6 months..At least I can go to China with my vaccine if I ever get the second one.
  5. The accents are from Spain but it is the same in France.. same nastyness..
  6. You can get covid after being vaccinated, just not a very serious one.. although according to what I hear in Europe there are many many cases of nasty sequel to covid even very light ones.. Germany is considering discontinuing Astrazeneca and using Sputnik . Nothing on the various Chinese vaccines so far except that they are not recognized if you want to travel to Europe and same goes for Sputnik so far.
  7. Have you tried the arbust that only smells at night? It has little white flowers and the smell is pretty strong.. Of course nothing smells very strongly here because of the dryness, plants smell so much better in Vallarta with the humidity. What they call tobacco plant has really nice smelling whote flowers as well. I bought a bunch of differnt types of gardenias in Vallarta because of their smell but you cannot smell them here..
  8. Spain is worse than Mexico, at least here people are most of the time polite and friendly,not so in Spain..
  9. Harry gave us information, take it or leave it, everythng else is just talking for the sake of talking.. Mexicans communicate with Facebook and whatsapp if you do not like it stay out of the loop and that is it. The government is not going to change so just forget it.
  10. I do not know but google says the the nighjar are living in Asia, if that is the case I doubt that it s that bird. There are very few birds making that kind of noice at night.. A few years ago I went crazy with an alarm and it was some kind of alarm from the water company according to the locals.. Not sure if that was true but it did drive me crazy.. Ask the locals arounnd your house what it is.
  11. In France there was no daylight changing time when I grew up.. did not make adiference we went toschoolin the dark and came outin the dark in December..I used to love it...
  12. It is still there, part of the land was sold but it is still thee on smallerland behind superlake
  13. The indigenous are not stupid they adapt when they have to..
  14. If you do not like changing time do like all indigenous towns are doing , just go by God´s time..
  15. Any idea if people who were not here when they came get another chance to be vaccinated or that was the chance and they consider the job finished?
  16. Thank you Trump and AMLO.. that is the price to pay to have stupid leaders.
  17. France is working on a vaccine passport and the Russians and Chinese vaccines will not be accepted... so much for me I will have to go in quarentine if I go back even if I received the 2 Sinovac shots... and so much for the chairman of Sinovac....
  18. yes I received a well documented signed sheet after my vaccination n Ajijic
  19. I have the portatil and it was not accepted 3 times on my way back from Chiapas recently
  20. Frankly when I am in pain if a massage or an adjustment makes me feel better for a while , I do not care if they are not doctors, I ll do it..
  21. Last time I came back from Chiapas bought PASE in Minamitlan , it was accepted in most of the casetas except the ones in Puebla if I remember correctly so I just paid cash at the one ones that dd not accept them. I thnk there were two or 3 that turned me down.
  22. I had not reaction to Sinovac but a friend of mine was feverish the next day and was aching.. Everyone is different
  23. Where in Europe.. Europe is big.. In France it is 22 euros some charge over the going rate but the SS rate is 22 euros..
  24. I paid 400 something last week.. less than 500 pesos for sure.
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