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  1. Actually a gene change may be good for some people so do not see what they are scared of, it can only be an improvement.
  2. Gringal , I do not think Astrazenaca is unsafe, but various countries do not want to administer it to older folks because there is not enough data proving it is effective for older folks, hence some European countries are not vaccinating their older population with of it.It is an extra measure of security but they ae vaccinatng younger groups with it. I will take the Sputnikand will not take Astrecasenaca until we know more. The Chinese i will not take until we know more..
  3. I'll take AstraZeneca over Sputnik any day. I read that Putin won't even take Sputn will take Sputnik but not astrecazenaka. in france Astrecazenaca is not administered to people over 60 and in Italy over 50.. , it is adminstered right now to younger health personel.
  4. France , Swizterland and other countries in Eupoe are not using Astrecazeneca on people older than 50 in some countries and 60 in others and here they are using it on old folk.. Something if off somewhere.. Also a couple of private doctors told me they are not offered vaccines , only the doctors from IMSS, Srguro popular and pulic hospital are being vaccinated.. anyone knows if this is correct?
  5. There is what the right hand says and what the left does.. Good luck to all of us.. They say it was corrected but considering how fast all of this is going , we probably will never know..
  6. We registered early too... no call either so no problem.. maybe the private vaccines will be here before they wake up--- We are just waiting for either , meanwhile life goes on and I am going to Chiapas on the 7th..
  7. I did not understand that you had the work done there , I thought you had it done in Oregon.. You are right back to the English class... So you are Maloy now?.. Good to know..
  8. I think you should have work done before giving a recommendation. No doubt she is as great s you think but I would not go to by a recommendation begore the work is done.
  9. I have telcel in Ajijic and no signal but I have internet from Telmex
  10. bmh


    I love the Mexica pizza when they can remember to put in the chiles from Domino s pizza sarten crust..
  11. They have a differnt number as well, when I said that the number you posted did not work , they gave me a different one.
  12. go by telmex and ask for anothe rnumber. They gave me another 800 number, which I lost after I used.. but that is not the only number..
  13. The women I deal with have been making cooking ustansil for generation and they use atole, that is the traditional way to do it. They sell the unseal pots and you cn do whatever you want with them. As far as changing their traditons, good luck.. One tey would have to order it from ;exico and then pay for the freight and companies do not deliver in the village so it is not in the cards. No Amazon.com there.
  14. By the way on the cost women wear those on their head like a kippah .
  15. Interesting I remember the tiles you are talking about, they made them 20 years ago and the place that used to be by Telmex had them. I was fixing up the house then and I remember them.. They also had them in a store on Ninoes Heroes in Guadaljara.. They came from Dolores Hidalgo .. I guess they all discontinued them.
  16. Maincoon did you take your tiles to Mexico arte or something like that n Riberas. They used to have the tiles you are talking about , Their tiles are made in Dolores Hidalgo and they have made tiles for me in the exact color I wanted which was differnt from the one they had in stock.
  17. The problem with old tiles is that the enamel had led and now everything is lead free. The bathrooms in my house are all old tiles and when I remodelled I gave up being able to match them and mixed the new and the old.. The new tiles have more vivid colors not because they are new but because they are led free..
  18. Unfortunately for some areas we had Carnaval where plenty of people mngled without any distancing or mask.. so we will see in a couple of weeks if that had any effect. I am really curious about it in Chiapas where indigenous do not wear masks and do not take care of themselves and in the cooler highlands, I believe there is very little covid in the communities if any but people are still dying of it in the low lands.. If no one is getting infected after the thousands of people mingled, they should check out why, herd immunity or other reason? Of course no one will investigate but there
  19. Yes pathetic but it is what we have so let´s hope for the best..
  20. Well ar best it will be April and octiber so lets keep these dares in mind and see. I am not too worried about the first dosis but the second may be a little more difficult the way they are going..
  21. do not worry, today is Carnaval and people have been partying like mad without didtances or masks for 5 days.. If people in Chamula, Chiapas do not have more contagion they should send investigators to find out why they are inmune... Yes very litlle testing.. Over the last year my sister was tested 5 times .. here NADA
  22. I know many girls who are not 18 and eloped to the house of the boyfriend and get married after they get 18 or when the boyfriend has more money. I was just invited to the wedding of a friend who is 38 and has been with her huband since she was 14.. He was 24.. They just got married, have 3 children and no more planned. Her oldest boy is 21 and has one chld after 3 years of living with his wife. So less children bit in indigenous areas girls elope at a very young age.and then get married but do not have a child every year like their grandmother did.
  23. I said that because it is useless to discuss what would be better. They will do what they will do no matter what we think or do. I have lived here a long time so and learn about patiience dealing with the government down in Chiapas so no problem. I just feel sorry for the people who do not speak Spanish.. Hopefully when they call people they may make a note or have people who speak English on the next call...you never know..
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