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  1. In Chiapas the rain starts around May 15, this year it has been raining every day since May 1, so down there, the rains are two weeks early this year, let s see what happens here.
  2. Kiko, apodos are not recognized on official papers so it is irrelevant.. Cute story.. It is the same here, I do not know anyone s last name in the 6 corners.. everyone goes by nickname
  3. Spaniards are Europeans and they use two names.. patrimonial and matrimonial and there are 26 more countries who each ones have their own way to handle the names of the last names. Actually the rules have changed in France and you can name the kid by the father or the mother s name or any combination but you must have the same combination for all the kids..
  4. Spaniards are Europeans and they use the paternal and maternal name.. You cannot make wide statements aout 27 different countries and put them all as Europeans.
  5. Mexico does not do anything , you give your names and you are responsible for correcting it if it is not correct. It is pretty insane to let someone put a name that is not correct on official papers.. Talking about asking for troubles..
  6. Since I have received the Sinovac , I have checked with France, the vaccina is not recognized so it is like I do not have a vaccine for them and will have to do whatever people without vaccine have to do if I go.. Each country is differnt so do not assume anything. As far as Singapour is concerned thay received Chinese vaccines but are vaccinating their people with pfizer. so at least for the people with the pfizer vaccine they maybe given some slacks with the testing...Frankly at this point I am waiting to see what they will do before going..
  7. Unless you want to go to some Asian countries the Sinovac is not recognized by most countries so what is the hurry?
  8. Well here in CHiapas the rains have started 2 weeks early so it may happen in Ajijic as well--
  9. The Chapala prepa is fine, a boy we helped came out of the CHapala prepa with high grades and went on to ITESO and graduated with top grades, another boy we know wnt to a private school and cjose to go to the Chapala Prepa to get into the University of Guadaljara.. both did very well..
  10. The doctors told people not to drink for 21 days because they do not know the difference between regular drinking and excessive drinking so they err on the side of safety. In France where the population drinks wine with every meal they were not warned against alcohol and nothing happened.
  11. Thanks mostly, my computer died and I am using my husbands who has different keyboard and I could not find the slash and dash and so on.
  12. There is a site also that tells you which vaccine they are giving..As far as accepting people or not these things can change .
  13. I have zero problem checking facebook but I refuse to answer stupid questions to belong to a group so I just google what I am looking for in Spanish . The facebook group does not know more than what the government is announcing.
  14. Guiness if you can read Spanish go to jalisco.gob..mex/es/gobierno/comunicados/vacunacion-de-adultos-mayores-en-jalisco and it will answer all your questions in Spanish of course..😊
  15. google vacunacion de adultos mayores en jalisco and it will give you all the sites where you can get vaccines, what papers you need and the days but today seem to be the last day and then they will have a new schedule. Today if you want sinovac you can get it in Ixtlahuacan at the sport unit on Ramon Corona Pfizer is given in places in Guadalajara, Tlaquepaque Tlajomulco and other places
  16. Mexicans make a tea out of the leaves of lemon grass and it is found in markets throughout Mexico at the medecinal stands or in the backyard of people. It is widely sold at the market in Chiapas so I bet you could find it in Guadalajara.. Ginger is everywhere but I have not found fresh galangal here. Not yet...
  17. Lemon grass can be grown in a pot easily and so can the keffir lime tree and any herb if you can get the seeds. You do not need to denude a keffir lime tree you just take what you need.. I cook thai and vietnamese food several times a week so it is possible. If you are really picky you can get seeds for what you cannot find and grow them, You can grow almost everything here. In Chiapas I find a lot of what I need in the medecinal stands rather than in the herb places. The basil and rosemary are used by the witch doctors so you only find them in the traditional medecine places, same with lot
  18. Well I guess they will have extras in Ajijic or Chapala if the people went to Mezcala.. They will have mine for sure..
  19. I sent a whatsapp the person in charge of vaccination in Chapala this morning and told her I had to leave for a job in another state and asked her if she could get me an idea of the schedule for the second shot in the Chapala area.. and this is what she said. Buen dia, aun no tenemos fecha Hay que estar al pendiente en redes sociales Gracias So no date and check the social media. Not very useful when you have to start a project and buy a plane ticket. I found out they were vaccinating in San Cristobal de las casas with the second shot.. That the first and second a
  20. I bought the ones I have at Jara
  21. Lakeside , it may not be acceptable up north but reallly who cares we are not up north and the vaccine you went to take up north is putting more at risk to the South African variant and who knows what else.. We are all gunea pigs in this major experiement of human beings in search of a solution. Astrazeneca has been stopped in France except for people between 50 and 65.. My nephew whois 33 and got the first vaccine has just been told he will receive pfizer or Moderna as his second vaccine and was assured it was ok.. Not sure how they can say it is ok to mix vaccjnes when no one seems to
  22. The info is a little confusing.. I read somewhere else that Brazil said that after the second vaccine it goes up to 83% but in general I have read the same thing as ths article says. I guess it is better than nothng but nothng to feel very secure with.
  23. Ask the people from Tonala who come to the tanguis in Ajjic if they can more or less match it.
  24. We will be called?? They never called for the first so fat chance they call for the second..
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