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  1. oh please give it a break, he has never seen covid either... these posts are such a waste of time.
  2. Depends at which level of stidies kids in the prepa can receive 3200 a month on tbe Benito.juarez program.wwhether they have good grades or not. Many other scholarships requires 9 and above.average
  3. Then it is here for sure so watch it go up..
  4. Frankly Ihave no intentiln of looking into it because the statistic will dhows if covid is goi g up.. Whar i know is that several friends of mine in Mexiol and France who had a very mild case of it , have terrible sequels from.it.. so I just follow the rules to protect myself.
  5. I did not get the certificate on the booster , it is not in there yet, only tbe 2 vacvined, this is why I said to call them if you need one quickly.
  6. You have to go to the government site mivacuna.salud.gob.mx , register and give your curp and they e mail the certificate
  7. I am not seeing it here either but i will believe my doctor about the situation in Guadalajara over what expats on this board think is happening there. She works there, her husband is also a doctor so they are way closer to the situation than people who post here.
  8. Yesyou ate right.In chiapas the cleaning late cleNs the stlne patio twice a weel with soap amd chlorine and we never havf mold
  9. It seems that every converstion is a pissing contest nowadays, it is really sad. The fact is that in my family in Europe everyone is triple vaccinated wears masks and we have six covid cases this week and a baby in the hospital on oxigen with an upper respiratory virus that is not id as covid but no one knows what it is as it acts as covid. Here in Ajijic I do not personally know anyone who contracted covid in the last 3 weeks but my doctor tell s me that Guadaljara is very bad so it is just a question of time until we have it here.. So get ready.
  10. I have had a booster, I do not have the certificate yet but i am sure they will have something with a code eventually. THe certificate I woud think will be available on the internet same place as where the other certificates came from. Call the number they give , they will tell you how to get it if you are in a hurry.
  11. This is comon everywhere on the lake, the fishermen, the guys with the cows squat the land and manyprperty ownwrs lease the land and kick them out and put up walls although they are not supposed to and invade tje land as well..
  12. I delayed my trip because I want tl be here for my husband 80th.. I will be driving down between the 3rd and 8th of february. i am sending you a pm
  13. You have to know where to go. This was in oxchuc between San Cristobal and Palenque . OXCHUC is a town with lots of conflicts and the villages around are sick of it and a dirt road is being upgraded to bypass the area. There have been a lot of problems in this town but there are many other places that are fine. These ladies are planning to go visiting with a driver I know and they will be fine. I
  14. Public land can be leased, up to so.many meters from the high water.
  15. Of course you have read about the variant coming up the delcron...contagiius like omicron and more lije delta.. No light at the end of the tunnel yet.
  16. sm1mx, I cancelled too although I was going for my mother 100.. I just helped a friend to travel through 3 countries and no thanks, it is not for me. As you say the requirements change without warning, and it is a nightmare.. Also covid there is really bad right now. 6 people in my close family have it and I have a nephew with an 8 months old baby in th ehospital on oxigen. All my family is vaccinated, some have had covid twice and so on.. Who needs this on a trip..that is no fun.
  17. There are way more people who have or had covid that is not reported that people who are reported, that is for sure.. Since very few get tested... who knows how many are asymptomatic and are contagious. Two days ago a friend had to be taken to the hospital for a c section and when she got there , they tested her and she is positive.. She almost died from the c section so who knows if covid made it worse.. she kept passing out ,, could have been the medecine they gave her ot the covid or a combination but she was in a very serious condition for the last 2 days.. It looks like she will make it.. they are sending her back home 2 days after c section, blood transfusion and hysterectomy... viva Mexico , pretty scary.
  18. There are people in Rancho del oro who have a Guadaljara lawy and have invaded land and are still there.. thy call them the huizapoles do not let anyon invate your property without permission.
  19. Well if the land is ejido , forget it but not all the land is ejido, when it comes to private land its a diffnt thing. Mexico has a lot of land laws similar to Mexico as they both go back to Napoleonic laws. We also like in Mexico giv more rights to people who cultivate the land.. so it is worth going to a lawyer to know the laws but if these epoepl are just using the land without pmission , I would ick them out to start with and claim I am going to build an extention or a house for the family or whatever. You can always " run out of money" once the property is cleared.
  20. build a wall around that property, case close. He is not using the land to cultivate or build a house so build that wall and do not let him in or mak a profit and sell him the land. Tell him you are building a house because you are going to build a house for your mother and then you just run out of money. Stay in decent term with him. You can win in court even if you are not Mexican but why start trouble and spend money on lawyers. Just assert your rights and build that wall to build a house.. end of subject. In France you have to occupy a property against the owner s will to have the right on the land.. here not sure what it is . CHeck the law but you have the right to use that land or just put it up for sale.
  21. Well in France you now need proof of 3 vaccines and the ones that are approved to get anywhere including restaurats.. Otherwise a 45 euro test will do every time you want to go out and eat.. Europe is not for me this year. Covid is crazy there and the next variant is already there, it has the speed of micron and the nastyness of Delta.. nothanks.. WHo knows what they will require by the time this wave and the next are over.
  22. how about the place close to Telmex in Ajijic? I had my glasses fixed there sveral times. Are they still open?
  23. In Chiapas we have inside shutters and outside bars.. Yes crimw deterrant and also protection against sun or cold
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