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    Coffee pods

    The Nespresso pods are recyclable. Unfortuantely I like African coffe, Indian coffee more than Mexican coffee so I buy Nespresso. and that is life some people like some things some like others. I have a foamer and drink espresso so my full cups are tiny. I use CHiapas coffee for cafe de olla though and I have some Chiapas coffee bused in the garden here.. Once a year I harvest the beans and wash them , dry them and roast them on the comal like my friends in Chiapas do and that is a royal pain.
  2. I am sorry for the loss of life and property, it is awful. Today as I was driving pass the house I had to stop at the light and a volteo full of sand was going way to fast , I sure was watching to see if he could stop.. but when you are not the first one at the light you are out of luck. A few years ago whn our car was brand new a truck full of bricks ran into us as we were paying the toll.. and demolished the back of the car.. We were lucky we did not get hurt but I was furious and the driver heard me swearing at him in a few languages.... Many of this drivers are on speed to be able to drive longer hours and many of them are basket cases.. I know a few driver and they are all taking pills to stay awake.. That should b chcked big time.
  3. just went by yesterday.. The seamstress past Rossy moved and I do not know where.
  4. where on facebook? Do you see which house it is?
  5. gringal I was thinking of Rosy on Ocampo who also has steps to get to her place.. If you go west of Rosy´s on Ocampo the place is almost at the corner on the left handside. If I find the card I will post the exact address and phone number but I do not have it handy right now.
  6. There is one or was one on the same street as the one you know second door before the corner of that street going west. Her husband is Jose Luis AKA el Cuate
  7. Honeybey yes everything related to construction is going up like crazy.. Last year I paid 430 for a sheet of plywood this year 732, last year 190 for a bag of cement this year 210, last yesr 200 pesos for a sheet of lamina, this year 420.. These prices are from Chiapas but I assume the price increases are hitting everywhere.. The metal took a big jum 2 years ago but increased again this year.. and on and on..Last year mason in a comunity 200 a day ths year 300
  8. Tecnically Mexicans are caucasians if they have no indigeneous blood so good luck on the Spanish whiteness.. if they have indigenus blood then they are from mixed race ,hence la Raza. If indigenous came from Asia then they are Asian and white. As far as the white Spaniards they are mixed with Berberes and Arabs who are white but also mixed with blacks so good luck on the idea of a pure race..
  9. looks like of a Hawaiian delicacy.. lol
  10. Does anyone know where he lives in Ajijic. He has not returned my callsor about a month. No one answers his cell or home number. Anyone knows if something happened to him or if he is out of town?. I need to speak to him and cannot find him.
  11. bdmowers it is worth asking ..dirrctly. My husband is 80. I told them in june he was sick on the first round and they told to bring him ...with the 40 year old. Yesterday he was vaccinated for the second dosis with those of 18 to 30 .. Ask them directly , no one on this board can give you an answer unless they went there this week and were turned down.. One thing for sure is that they only have sinovac this week. to get vaccinated in guadalajara or zapooan you have to dhow a cfe bill from Guadalajara tlaquepaqie or zapopan.You also have to make an appointment on the internet. If you have a friend that can give you a cfe bill from one of these 3 places you can make the appointment. My godson just did and he has an appointment for the 13 when he was turned down in Chapala because his ine was from Chiapas.
  12. I have had a basnk account with bank comer for the last 20 years and never had a problem with them. I use my bank account for transfers on a regular basis.. I pay employees that way no matter where I am and it is very convenient. They also pay my electric and telmex bill. and have done so for 20 years without a problem. I would not be without a Mexican account.
  13. right now for the next 2 weeks or maybe this week and the third week they will vaccinate the 18 to 29 first dose with sinovac and for sure second dose sinovac for anyone over 30 I do not know if they will give first dose to older people but I am assuming they will. I was there yesterday.The need copy of INE copy of CURP the proof of first vaccination and a computerized sheet of the comprobante so they can use to mark second dose and keep the copy.. I do not know what they need for first dose. The line is very long but they let 50 people are a time so they are pretty fast
  14. it tastes like wine because it is wine where alcohol was temoved.. It will never taste like a great wine but it tastes like wine because it was wine.
  15. i was wondering if there was a connection with France because we have a SAMU as well. Thanks
  16. much worse are the foods in Ecatepec and Tula. 15 people on respirator died in the hospital in Tula when the electricity went off and down town in in the water..
  17. What is the SAMU? Is it an ambulance service or do they offer services of doctors as well?
  18. What else could he use.. I do not know many eleven year old goig to school who have an Ipad.
  19. Thank God they do not mix the covid and non covid patients. If you have covid you go to a covid hospital or you stay home.
  20. i would think that since the planes are packed longer flights gives time to people to eat and drink and therefore many people take their masks off for that reason..Not a good idea in my book since people are on top of each other.. I take a two hour flight and keep my mask on. I live in two places and work in one and have chronic sciatic so flying in the only way to go.. That s life One can stay and hide until this thing is over or get vaccines take measures hope for the best and continue to live your life.
  21. tuxtla.. you can either show a vaccination certificate or fill out the forms. Actually every time they ask me to fill out the form , I show them the certificate and you do not have to fill out anything.
  22. Yes you are never from a small place unless you have been there for generations. Big cities are way more open to strangers although some are pretty closed too.
  23. no, you have to fill out a form or show a certificate of vaccination..sometimes, depending on the airport...
  24. you can get the whirlpool guys from guadalajara they coordinate their schedule with Tío Sam. The problem I have had with whirlpool is getting the parts. After In the last 3 years i have had 2 dishwahers that failed after the 12 th month and the parts are not available. We have tried to find a heating element for a year now and there is nt any here or in the states. so good luck
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