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  1. It was in a large plastic pot in the garden but I think it was too sunny considering they did not water it... I bought another couple of small trees in Riberas today.. one of them has a fruit on it.. Not that I use the fruit.. but it was interesting to see such a young plant with the fruit on it. 120 pesos was the price..,uch lower than what I was expecting. There is a larger one for 350 but it has some kind of nsects attacking it.
  2. soups , curry , chicken, shrimp, chicken etc...Cannot make many Vietnamese or Thai dishes without it and I usually cook Vietnamese food 3 or 4 times a week...
  3. Thanks for all the answers. I go via Vera Cruz to Chiapas so it would be an easy one.. I will also check the ones in San Antonio. I got mine from seeds that my cousins sent me from Asia and it lasted several years and I have lots of leaves in the freezer but the new gardners forgo to water it and let it dry out.... I was furious but things happen when you are not around.. I had it in a large pot and told them that it was the most important thing in the garden.... We have lots of mamey on the market in Chiapas so I am ok on mamey.. I brought back fro Palenque a cacao tree from Palenque and a durian.. we will see if they will make it.. I have coffee from Vera Cruz and from CHiapas and the 2 are doing well but the climate for cacao and durian is probably to o dry and too cold in the winter but we will see, Maincoon , good luck the blight got a grapefruit tree, a mandarine tree, three orange trees , the only thinone it did not get was the kefir lime but the garners got that one. SOmetimes you cannot win.. Blackberries should do really well but they are easy to find so it may not be worth using the space for them..
  4. I am looking for a replacement for my kefir lime tree .. anyone knows where to get one? Anyone can give me the full name of Luc the Belgium man who has or had a nursery of exotic plants in Vallarta.. Anyone has a phone number, full name, address or location and if he is still in business?
  5. I know several hundred indigenous women and I know only few who have not been beaten or are not beaten.. Usually the older women are not beaten any more but they will tell yo how much their husband used to beat them and some of the younger ones will open up and tell you about it if you know them wel. A friend of mine who is a man , indigenous as well got asked to give a workshop at the clinic foor husband and wives about violence in the families, he was given a really bad time by both men and women... He encouraged his sisters to leave their husband who was beating them up as well.. I cannot imagine anyone denying that wome are battered here, they are and everyone knows it.
  6. you do not lose your sight with covid, the symptoms described are typical of wood alcohol poisoning.
  7. yes that stuff has been bought and consumed for years.. Someone must have mixed the alcohol used for massages and balm.. with the drinking stuff. WHat first come out of the distillation is toxique then comes the heart and the tail.. The heart is the better alcohol nd the tail the cheper one but the first part is toxique.. They must have screwed up in their bottling process...It s a real trgedy. This moonshine has been sold for many years without any problems so something went wrong..
  8. People are buying this alcohol because they have always bought it not because of the ban but soething went wrong. My maid who grew up on Francisco Villa where EL Pato lived told me that a lot of alcohol is being sold and many use it for pain, they use it as a balm and not to drink but I guess something went wrong and the bad stuff was sold for drinking.. It is a real sad story...
  9. He was also known in the 6th esquinas as Huicho(sell) He lived on Francisco Villa. and was helping many dogs...It is sad to hear how many people died and otehrs are in the hospital 2muy grae".. A woman made punch and one person died and another is in the hospital because of the bad alcohol as well..
  10. A friend of mine in Chiapas has reported no sales in the last 2 months, she told me if the virus does not get us , hunger will...
  11. Some of the people who died had it in pajaretes according to an article I read.
  12. Ponchos are also known as gabán
  13. Why do people keep reporting on Pancho or SL.. , it seems to be a strange obsession.. They are both grocery stores and right now neither one is great The prices are the prices and imported goods reflect the weak peso. If you do not like the places or the prices do not shop there, it seems pretty simple. I only buy in either places items I cannot find anywhere else what I want , if I find the same thng fresher or cheaper somewhere else that is where I II buy. I have no love affar for ether place.. Pancho´s place is more frou frou and has nothing I am interested in and SL right now is pretty empty so I do without some special items..no big deal..
  14. 30 % of the negative resutlts are incorrect , as someone mentioned it is very rare to get a positive result that is incorrect. My brother was tested twice in the month he fought the virus and was negative twice and still died of the virus.. So much for the great testing..
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