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  1. Yes they are exceptions who are hard of hearing like they were in their 30´s... funny how people can fool themselves. Although it is true that some people stay more mobile than others we all age like it or not.. Go out with young people hiking n the woods at high altitude and see how your old body like it.. My mother is 96 , lives by herself and is dong well but she is not 80 or 70 and even less 60, she is a 96 year old doing well nothing more nothing les and she is lucky. Yes the ones that are dong well are lucky but they too will die soon, let´s not kid ourselves.
  2. bmh

    Charles Schwab???

    we have a scwab accojnt and do not have a us address.. They have international account and do not have to have a us address.
  3. I sometimes arrive on late flights, I take a taxi from the airport to Ajijic and never had a problem. The cab drivers know about the potholes and the dark highway It is a good idea to have detail instructions on where you are going and a phone number so the cab driver can call for directions if he is not sure on how to get there. I am a woman and travel alone and never had a problem in the last 17 years I have lved in Ajijic.
  4. bmh

    Cohetes this morning

    The cohetes go back to the Spaniards who also use them for festivals.
  5. bmh

    Fish mislabelling

    Yes mahi mahi is dorado and you can see the whole fish. It is. Mahi mahi and rex snapper is huachinango and it is the real thing too. You can forget any of those and give me any fish from the cold waters of the northern atlantic..
  6. bmh

    Fish mislabelling

    I never buy fillets i buy the fish and have the fishmonger process in front of me and i tip him. I do not care what the have processed already, i like to see the fish and chose it myself.. Yesterday i bought fresh tuna and he cut it up right there. When they have large flounders i buy them, have him process it and i freeze what i do not use This way i Know what i get. Right now there is fresh tuna available and it is delicious. The salmon is chilean hence farm raised, it is pale in color.
  7. bmh

    Plastic Bags

    When i was a kid veggies were wrapped in newspaper and meat in wax paper and you brought a bag with you. Wine water ans milk were in glass bottles and que had wirem metal baskets to carry those.. We had nets or baskets we would take to the market and my mother shopped every day..
  8. Rv learning a new language dles nothing to alzheimer.. My old boss was 55 when he was diagnose with alzheiner, he had an unbelevable memory spoke 5 languages fluently and was learning Italian when he came down with it.. I know several cases lime his..
  9. bmh

    Ear Piercing Street Vendor in Mexico City

    We have one in san cristobal de las casas as well
  10. bmh

    Plastic Bags

    Yes we have had no bags in france for a long time. You bring your bag and you pack your own grocery you also weight your merchandise and check yoursel out in some plces
  11. bmh

    Rheumatologist needed

    I go to the one at Quality Care-
  12. bmh

    Pet Peaves

    yes most peeves seem to be about Walmart and yet there is a simple solution to that one..
  13. what are the brand names? They have nice linens and lamps..and are great for apartment dwellers..I like their kitchens as well..
  14. I had a mastiff that was stung by a scorpion and I had to take him to the vet as he seemed to be in pain and have problems but he was ok after a shot. I would imagine small dogs could have problems.. My neighbors had 7 dogs once and they found rentals but that was a long time ago and dogs make it more dififcult to rent. They would rent unfurnished houses and I think that is what you have to do if you have more than one or two.