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  1. Did you check all the vets? When mine sneaked out a family picked her up kept her a few days and turn her in at a vet.. so I got her a week later.. You never know strange things can happen. Good luck-
  2. just wait to get a warning and then do it,
  3. As Johanson said.. the location of the house is the most important thing since service quality varies greatly according to the area and asking the neighbors what they have should be the first thing to do.. Telmex tells us they will upgrade our area in october but until they do it , there is no telling if it is true or not and our reception is lousy..we have telecable as a back up and it also sucks..
  4. In CHiapas we painted the inside of the house with paint and cal m that was the traditional way to painf the houses and they added a coat of fermented nopal juices to seal the paint.
  5. ferreteria Lopez in Ajijic or a fabric store
  6. yes between Joco and San Luis , they are everywhere as well.. I had not gone that way for years and I was shocke to what happened to the countryside.. those ugly white plastic tents are everywhere as well. They used to be around Joco only, no more...
  7. yes Lorenza is great and very professional.
  8. In France we mix it with water and drink it to help th digestion.. Yes it is used for many things..
  9. Believe it or not Natasha some people do not think about dementia if they do not have any in their family.. I have several rescue dogs and one of them came from a man who was still young and did not think about that possibility or did not care, I do not know and it is too late to find out. He loved his dog but should have never gotten him in the firt place and was not able to take care of him.. people have kids and pets when they should not.. it is the way it .
  10. Natasha answerwas stillinsensitive.. No one chooses to have dementia , drop dead some people plan for that but dementia is anotherr problem and few people thingk about that. I have a dog that I adopted because the owner had dementia.. THe owner love his dog bu became incable of taking care of it and really did not realize it.. It is life things happen.. Yes we should all think about our pets and not adopt when we are in our 70´s without makingproision but no one is perfect and it happens. I can see how people who devote their time helping pets get very annoyed about this type of situation as well..but still no one is perfect.
  11. 8000 pesos for a casita is expensive for most Mexicans..
  12. You did not see al the white green houses? I was there this month and there is a sea of them.
  13. what kind of rug woven, knotted commercial? If they are nice rugs the oriental rug cleanersotherwise something like Sring clean sould be able to do it.. If they are the ones from Oaxaca I ended up washing them in the patio but if you have red and whites it is not a good idea as the red will run..even with cold water only..
  14. I guess you have not been on the south shore for a while, I had to go there a couple of times ths months and the area is wall to wall plastic...from the green houses.. It isincredible what they did to that beautiful area..I have not read about it but I bet you it is not organic either and the amount of contaminent from all these farms has to be very high...
  15. There are lots of bill boards and signs about lots for sale right now.. What is the story?, lots as small as 200 m2 to 1000 meter.2 It is overpopulated right now with raspberry farms but it looks like they are planning to develop somethng big time..
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