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  1. I saw dr Briseño at the new location yesterday and he told me they were opeinng on Monday. They were hard at work setting up things in the new location so you can always call on Monday to confirm your appointment.
  2. bmh


    hot , humid and with streets without trees.. Except for the large avenues and plazas no trees.. It is true in most colonal cities but the majority do not have that kind ofclimate.. We explored it to go and live rather than spend a week or so and returned happy we did not live there.
  3. Jennifer, hope you can recover some hearing but I hear from the various doctors I saw that the longer you wait to have treatment and the most unlikely it s. I started the injections of cortisone in the inner ear yesterday and the doctor says that if there is to be improvement it should be after the third or fourth shot (week.) ,. He also told me that as time goes on the improvements just do not happen. I am taking SERC for the vertigo and I am doind better but I realize that it could come back any time and that is no fun. I really feel for you.
  4. I had a root cana when I was about 21 without any sedation and believe the needles look really good after you have been through that once..
  5. Dr Martinez operated on my shoulder last year, he did a great job and the shoulder he operated on is better than my other shoulder.
  6. i have fiber from Telmex in Ajijic below the Hotel Danza del sol
  7. My problem started one month ago.. I suddenly fell and could not even sit without falling on my back , I had nausea, the walls were spinning, I had cold sweat and had no balance so I was taken to the hospital by ambulance , they did a ct scan of the brain and I had no lesions ,, stayed 3 days in the hospital and received cortisoids amongst other things.. Now that the doctors saw the audiometry resutlts they think it is worth doing the cortesoids directly in the inner ear. That is done in a hospital where they have the equipments and they think that after 5 onjections I may or may not recover
  8. Which ant - inflamatory was it? I have taken various because of the back issue I have. When I lost my hearing I was so dizzy that I could not stand nor sit so they took me by ambulance to San Antonio.. I had low blood pressure there when I usually have normal to a little high blood pressure. I am not on ani inflammatory medecine no more,,, and my hearing is still gone.. I did a CT Scann and an audioñogy test and the doctor is recommending a 5 weeks treatment.. the type where they inject cortison in the ear.. She suspect a virus.. but of course who knows..
  9. It sounds great especially when you cannot see the tank. In my case , I buy the gaz and I check it, it is easy as it is close to the driveway,. My husband cannot get ther ebut he does not buy the gaz.. that day the bell rang, he thought it was someone he was waiting for so opened the gate and the gaz guy came in s my husband asked him to check the meter.. We always suspected that this company was cheating people so we did not buy from them so my husband said thank you.. I went to check the meter just to see and sure enough they were lying. We did not get gas from them so no big deal but the
  10. yes that is what labs do now.. there are several top notch labs in Guadaljara and they are worth it .
  11. no and you can report people who refuse to give you a factura to SAT, they will get a factura for you...
  12. The seiche would explain the changes in water lever in a particular area but it has nothng to do with the lake volume so I am missing something as well ..
  13. An MRI of the brain is around 8000 pesos at Bañuelos you need to know if the doctor wants contrast and for that it is another 170 pesos.
  14. Jennifer. I am just gong through test for a sudden loss of hearing so I have been seen audiologist, otorinos etc.. My recommendation to you is to go to Guadaljara for your test Bañueño is a little higher than chopo but s also better. An appointment with a specialist is aroung 900 pesos in Guadaljara as well as Ajijic. I am gong to go to Guadaljara for a treatment of the ear to try to recuparate some hearing so I will be going to Guadaljara within the next 2 weeks to see doctors.. I speak fluent Spanish if you need help let me know.. What is the name of the MRI you need, I ca
  15. Their timing maybe good but not good enough.. Now that know for a fact that the nice guy speaking English is a lier and I caught him in a lie , he will hear in Spanish why I do not buy from him next time we open the door by mistake,
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