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  1. The group that was there a month ago was great so you just never know.
  2. Since most houses are multigenerational it would be a good idea to vaccinate anyone who wants to be vaccinated especially young people now.
  3. Thank you about asking about the third shot, that is going to come up pretty soon.
  4. He has a certificate of residence from City Hall and a driver s license from Jalisco showing his local address. He told me many people were pissed off because they were turned down for the same reasons. Frankly not that many people are getting vaccinated and the virus does not read the IDs if people say they live here , and have some papers showing they do, what is the big deal about vaccinating them. I split my time evenly between CHiapas and Jalisco and I am not going to change my INE every 6 months..
  5. My godson said that many people who had INE from other places and lived in Chapala were argueing with the people who were not letting them in..
  6. My godson went by without being registered and they turned him down , he tried to registered and was told no vaccine for people under 30 were given.So the registration site is contradicting the announcement above.
  7. Yes Natasha you are right Bimbo is the way to go. Meanwhile Martin was vaccinated yesterday without a question bu Pedro was not and although he had proof of residency, Jalisco drivwers license he was denied the vaccine because of his INE. I was vaccinated in Chapala although I had an INE from CHiapas and was vaccinated in Chiapas for the second shot although the first shot was done in Jalisco so something changed or they put the geniuses at work this week..
  8. Another interesting point is that the system says there are not vaccinating people between 18 and 30 so there are no appointments possible.. It is all a big SNAFU.
  9. Well Honey bey my godson was just turned down because his INE is from CHiapas although he lives with us and he can contaminate us and anyone else in Chapala. What a bunch of $%&/()s we have this time.
  10. Harry Can you speak to the powers in Chapala? My god son is 26 He is from Chiapas arrived last year to live with us and he takes care of my husband when I am not there. He has a Chapala driver s license , lives with us , is about to work for Bimbo in Guadaljara as an ingeneer and they are refusing to vaccinate him at the tec because his INE is from Chiapas. He is going to start working in Guadaljara and is commuting every day and we need him vaccinated with who should we talk to besides the froup at the tec.? I was vaccinates in Chapala and my INE is from Chiapas as well so what is the problem this time.?
  11. Jim Bowie my point is that two older ladies, one very healthy and the other not got covid after being vaccinated and did not get sick enough to go to the hospital. Right now tall the equipment for entubing in Chiapas is being used on non vaccinated people. and the covid hospital is at capacity with non vaccinnated people.
  12. I think it is all up to the people who work that day. I had no problem getting vaccinated there with an INE from Chiapas..
  13. I am in Chiapas right now and my neighbor and a friend of mine have covid one had 2 Pfizer shots , the other 2 Sinovac. The one with Pfizer got sicker- The one with Sinovac also has diabetis but she got better.
  14. In France they give the second shot of Astra Zeneca after 3 months so there is still time...
  15. In France they do the second shot after 3 months so maybe they are lax about 2 months, here.I have not seen anything either.
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