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  1. I forget the name but on the main road going to Chapala at the corner past the dog grooming place accross from Guadalajara farmacia
  2. and if you are dead the notary does it..if yo have an estate...
  3. yes , we will see if it changes.. If you ak private clinic you get the August september anwer.. So we will see... So AMLO tells private enterprises to get vaccines or the country will not be finished by the end of 2021 and the companies are told september and that could change too We will see what happens...
  4. the notary we used made sure the finiquito had been paid to employees before issuing the deed.
  5. Yes Mostly , I agree with you but I am just curious to see how things will work in this case.. I am not holding my breath just curious to see how things work or do not.. We will see... this is Mexico and weider thing have happened. February 15 is around the corner anyways...
  6. AMLO has permited private enterprises to buy vaccines for their employees, so could the consulate ot the LC or someone else do the same. The Mexican company I work for told me last night they would be buying and import vaccines and vaccinate all of their employees for free. I am not holding my breath but this is what i was told last night
  7. THs is what I have to do in CHiapas to buy a truck load of s and from communal land.. One go to the asembly held by the comisaria,and his board and request a permit to buy sand. I have to go in person and the assembly starts at 7pm in a very remote area where I have to sleep on the floor in a villager´house as it i not safe to drive at night in the area.. The subject is never brought up until 9pm. Then I pay 100 pesos for the permit for a truck load of sand , then I have to show up with a permit and a truck the next day to get the sand and I have to do this every time I want sand.. I also have
  8. Nay be if they enforced the rules that are already in place , iyt would help.. People are still partying when they come from Guadaljara and Chapala does not do anything about it so covid continues so they want the old folks to stay home when the young ones are the ones propagating it... The part that is pretty sure about this one is that they will not enforce that either..
  9. Maincoons, I would not worry too much I dounbt that they have enough police to stop all of the over 60 that will be out.. It is nice of them to want to protect the old folks but maybe they should start with mask and real distancing...
  10. How to you go to Chapala to pay even f they are open if over 60´s are supposed to stay home? I am leaving Jalisco on the 28th, I wonder if I can still get to the airport.. 😀
  11. Well you are off Lakeside/ Ejido land gets privatized. it happen a lot on the coast.. It still can be a problem way down the road but Communal land is even more trouble. The name does matter , even Mexicans get in trouble buying comunal land, never mind the "gringos"
  12. and you cannot go to the tianguis either... talking about thinking in a box... old folks live with relatives and they can do the shopping for them... the ones that do not have family can starve.. ha ha You cannot go to restaurants if you follow old folks stay home... well we will tarve but will not die from covid because we are protected..😆
  13. Is the land communal or ejidal? Communal is indigenous land recognized and granted by the Spaniards so it is indigenous or their descendent who may have become mestizo but ejidal land is redistributed land from the revolution.. can be indigenous or mestizo..
  14. So they will be the guinea pigs and if old people die in far away poor comunities that will be less poor old people, nice. Meanwile I will be looking to buy something else here when it is available..
  15. oregon chapala. the aunt will be back.. it is a continues battle, you may win one battle but at the end they are still there.. My neighbors had them fumigates and some time later they came back to eat all of my plany. We go out at night posin the nests and other entries pop up and you have to keep doint it..
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