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  1. The most violent city in the world?? Get serious...
  2. Our garner used to water by hand , we changed to sprinklers and use less water... The garden has a separate meter so the info is not a guess but reality.
  3. My husband uses Dr. Hugo Chavez fron Quality card and dr Garcia Otero from Guadalajara
  4. All the people from Teotitlan are zapotec and they all have been making rugs for generations including the family who makes the rugs at the Arbol Magico. .The very large rugs have to be ordered sometimes and that gives you the opportunity to pick the colors and the designs. If you want to see super large ones go to Teotitlan on Easter MOnday, they have a procession and at every corner they make a shelter with very large rugs for the saint ,, It is a good way to see a large display of the very large rugs and have great food as they give you food at every stop as well. It is a fun way to shop. Guadalajara has rug stores including oriental rug stores in the Zapopan area.as well. unfortunately , I always make a mental note when I go by a rug store and immediately forget where they are...
  5. Well when I moved to Ajijic not much was going on and restaurants would not accept people past 8 oclock.. and I love it. I do not like what t has become so I guess everyone is different..
  6. Well f I had seen this 20 years ago , I would have never moved to Ajijic..
  7. Since one of the problem in CHapala is the high content of e coli according to the UNAM report I would say sewer.. the private money can go to the parking garages.
  8. Natasha, it sounds like a great price, we Just paid 75 000 pesos and we sure were not in a great hospital in Chiapas..
  9. Natasha how much was the total cost?
  10. The factura is gold , it is the proof that it is your car. Do not ever lose it or lend it to anyone or your will have major problems proving that the car is yours.
  11. Yes you are right it is tomorrow.. lost a week at the hospital.. so up goes the price of .fish on wednesday...
  12. Mardi Gras is next week. It is Fat tuesday because it is the day you can have fat and meat before Lent which starts on Ash Wednesday.. and yes the first Mardi Gras celebration was in Mobile , Alabama, actually it was on Dauphin Island or the isle of the dauphin (titile given to the crown prince) because it was were the first French capitale was before it got wiped out by diseases and hurricanes so they moved to found la Nouvelle Orleans ,, by were those guys wrong...he whole celebration but Mardi Gras is Fat Tuesday or last day of Carnaval.
  13. bmh

    Pasta Trenta

    The price of seafood goes up during lent as Catholic are not supposed to have meat during that time.at Easter Lent is over so the demand for seafood goes down. Carnaval is Tuesday March 5th so Lent starts on the 6th on Ash Wednesday.
  14. You can take a bus there from the old or new bus station.
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