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  1. employees would want to because now the government will know how much they earn and they may have to pay taxes , so they will end up with benefits they may or not may want to have and less money. My cleaning lady is covered at IMSS by her husband, now she may have to pay taxes....and wll get a small retirement later on..
  2. In France they have a very simple system via internet or in person, The employer pays with coupons they get from the government and at the end of the month they send in a form with number of hours and amount per hour paid.andthe the government deducts it from their account and send them a receipt. . 50% of the amount is tax deductible. The employee has medical insurrance, insurrance in case of an accident, retirement. vacations and sick days. The cost is 50% of the pay. .It does not matter how many employers the person has. It does not have to be a nightmare but considering how Mexico loves paperwork it probably will be a nightmare... This also mean ( in France) that the employee has to pay taxes . If you pay someone under the table, it cost the employer big time..
  3. What you prefer is irrelevant if your maid makes a demand for something she is entitled to you have to pay for that and not claim you are paying her more by the hour or the day.. If you pay her more ,the benefits you owe her are more as well and so will her severance.. You do understand that part?
  4. maids get more than minimum wages in Guadalajara as well and in San Cristobal de las Casas.
  5. We drove from San Francisco with a pick up and a car 3 mastiffs and 2 cats in July. We took it very easy , stopped early so we could relax and walk the dogs in the evening. We stayed in the valley somewhere and then stayed in Tucson for 2 days leaving the ainmals in an air conditioned kennel . Then crossed at Nogales and stayed n Guaymas the first night. We had kennels for the dogs and cats and it really helped us get hotel rooms.. From Guaymas we drove to Navajoa and then to Tepic and Ajijic. We took it easy and walked the dogs a lot late afternoon. The kennels helped us get rooms in the hotels. People were very scared of the dogs so they stayed away and it was fine but I think we would have had major problems f we had not brought the kennels with us. We never mentionned the cats as the dogs were enough to have to negociate for.. The dogs stayed in kennels while in the room so that was no problems but we had to negociate quite a bit to have the hotels lets us in with 3 mastiffs..I think it would have been really tough for us to find places without the kennels. We stopped early in the day so we had plenty of time to find a hotel that was close to areas where we could walk the dogs. We were asked for the dog certifcates at the border but we had everytng n order so that was ok.. The cats were ever checked. I drove the car and my husband drove the pick up. I was never bothered by anyone but then I had 2 mastiffs with me and people were scared to death of them so t was no problem. We left early in the day and stopped early so we could go for walks with the dogs and relax in the afternoon. We had no problems. My advice with pets, stop erly and have kennels. We did not pay extra anywhere but we had to convince people in several places tolet us stay, we stayed in nice places no not tell motels and it worked out fine. We even stayed in the center in Tepic wit the 3 mastiffs..
  6. that works but some of us like artisanal work with some style rather than non descript guards
  7. In Guadaljara you are close to qualify surgeon who can operate on you f they but your intestin, Lakeside you may or may not be close. think about that , it is not a question of price when you have a hole in your guts. It happened to a young man I know in Chiapas yesterday and they operated on him rightawy and he was saved,, here you are on your own if there is no surgeon available.
  8. they are better for rain as the water does not come in.. I have those here but in Chiapas I want to stop the wind and cold and I use the wool snakes and they work better
  9. Go to one of the chiapas stand at the tianguis on wednesday and tell one of the bosses you want a snake , give them the measurement... They are from Chamula and in Chamula the people make animalitos with wool.. they also make wool snakes.. I have a bunch of them from 1 m. to 1.50 to 2m.. They can order them from their supplier. Actually I do not understand why they do not have any all year long.
  10. I found out after breaking down in the middle of nowhere that a tarp for shade is also very useful
  11. This what I use on my dog and they never got lose. The tension has to be done by the owner when you want it by pulling upwards not by the dog pullng forwards
  12. yes that is what I called a strangling collar.. t shoud work as you do not have to be close to remove it..
  13. We have a dog that wll not let me touch his back.. My husband can do it but he will growl at me and I believe would bite me if I persisted.. With him I think it is a dominance thing although he is pretty subservient, except on this point.. He is a xolo and they can be pretty weird.. so who knows,
  14. funny in France they are called Turkish toilets.
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