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  1. yes it is a good idea as well as a de paso water heater which saves lots of money too.
  2. Juan also gave my husband the wrong answer when my husband who could not walk down to the tank. Yes nice guy but I arrived on time and see he was lying..
  3. it is easy to say when you are not affected by the mess not to pass judgement but after being dumped on the side of the road kms from any transportation sometimes in storms as the night comes you quickly learn how not to sympathize with the students and their teachers. You do not have these problems in Chapala . The 60 s are a long time ago..and left me with no sympathy for rioters. I was in my 3rd year at the Sorbonne in 68 so I remember May 68 and the warehouse where i worked in Los Angeles was burned down during the Rodney King riots so I have seen a few riots and I still do not sympathize with rioters.
  4. I am not from up north and do not live there so I cannot comment but what is happening with those students and teachers in southern Mexico is disgraceful in many ways .
  5. The rural school in the southern States are a plague. The teachers and students run wild for all kinds of reasons. Destroy property and riots because their friend get arrested. .., the students Who are god should be given good scholarships and those school should be closed down.
  6. I bought Marsala at Paz as well as ruby port that used to be impossible to find. Maybe Wines America carry it.
  7. Arsenic builds up in the system over the years so I doubt that you are right
  8. we have lived here for 20 years without uv filtration etc and we are still alive so I guess the arsenic level is pretty low..
  9. question answered ,leather shop in ajijc.. I someone has a gun that person should know the local laws.If they do not , tough luck to them
  10. I go to the audiologist at quality care..
  11. yes but France or Europe has not.. not yet.,
  12. you cannot pay for vaccines and they will not mix vaccines so good luck to us. My nephew in France received astrazeneca and pfizer as second dosis but I was told by the people administrating the vaccines that they will not mix vaccines here so it seems that the options are limited.
  13. i have decent speed with telmex fiber
  14. bmh

    Coffee pods

    The Nespresso pods are recyclable. Unfortuantely I like African coffe, Indian coffee more than Mexican coffee so I buy Nespresso. and that is life some people like some things some like others. I have a foamer and drink espresso so my full cups are tiny. I use CHiapas coffee for cafe de olla though and I have some Chiapas coffee bused in the garden here.. Once a year I harvest the beans and wash them , dry them and roast them on the comal like my friends in Chiapas do and that is a royal pain.
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