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  1. Sorry, I believe there is more incompetency that thievery but who knows..
  2. slaintes ,many of the top students or maybe all of them end up inthe IMSS or Seguro Popular doing their internship but as another poster they do not have the experience yet and if you only go to IMSS or Seguro Popular you can end up with a student.. maybe a great student but stil someone who does not have the benefit of years of experience. do agree that the UNAM and U de G are great schools but again like everywhere else some will come out great doctors and some not that great but that is true all over the world. We have some great doctors in France and I have never heard any of them criticize UNAM or U de G .. They actually recommended the ophtamologist coming out of Guadaljara for exemple.. It is like everywhere else, do your homework if you have a serious condition.
  3. It sounds like a screw up from Walmart . They did not put the sale price in the system , I doubt they were trying to cheat the customers..
  4. In my case when I found a good doctor here , I got better care here in the private system than in the US system.
  5. very good points Rony. I have a friend whose son got hemorragic dengue in a small town in Chiapas and he was sent home to die when platelets his mother went to get from a hospital in Tuxtla saved him..Noone wanted t bother to get them... Even if you pay a private doctor you have to make sure you do not get one of the several doctors in Ajijic that are either incompetent or doing things they should not be doing.. By the way several French doctors told me that the eye doctors in Guadalajara were very competent so it is a hit and miss but that is true everywhere, not everyone comes out first of their class . Do your homework..
  6. Same as Gringal some very good experience , one procedure that was done strictly for money a second one that was avoided but also a procedure not needed. Be on your guards with some doctors.A couple of bad experiences in Chiapas as well so 4 bad experences in 18 years.
  7. xomputer guy .. then I am a happy full who loses a few pesos here and there and who is not worried about it... If the price is too high fo me I do not buy but the French are know to have a larger budget for food than most other nationalities. we just cut back on something else.. If thre is something way off I will notice it but a few pesos I do not worry about it.
  8. SorryI do not get it.. both are the same price and they switch the prices????or the name??? What is the problem? I am from the Anjou region and I do not even know the difference. I buy what I feel I want and I do not care about the price..It is what it is and I get easy parkingand I will not lose sleep over that one..Be happy and forget it ordo not eat pears..
  9. I find those next to the door, next to the garbage on garbage day bu I have never seen any one either , otherwise hell would have broken loose. I rahter see a poop on the side walk than poop in a plastic bag on the side walk.. At least in one case it is a natural occurence when in the other a human is disrespectful..Both are annoying but the plastic bag is the straw that breaks the camelĀ“s back..
  10. Less people wth people who want to buy and can buy is way better than losts of people and no buyer.. The size of the crowd does not always reflect the sales. This year was a fantastic year for the artisans for the people who are interested, The artisans went back to their communities with starry eyes about their hosts , the lake and their sales They were people buying and helpng from everywhere and whether the people who were helping came from the moon Ajijic CHapala, Jocotopec is not important,There were helpers fro Monterrey, Mexico City, Guadaljara from Canada and US and so on.. no one was asking where the others came from, everyone helped everyone and that is the way it should be. The whole conversation on Ajijic versus Chapala s totally silly, Shame on the people qho want to foment dissention between people.
  11. yes lots and lots of it..that wouldbe poetical justice as we say in French..
  12. Islander, these people are not looony artists.. they are artisans who work at that their family has been working on for generations many times and they work to earn a living and improve their live. In Chiapas the majority of the artisans are farmers as well and the artesania increases their income . Haggling down indigenous may seem normal to you but it is hurtful and really makes the artisans raise their prices so they can lower them.. It is all a stupid game. The top artisans do not haggle as a rule..They may give you a little discount but do not count on it.. Just ask us that you beat price and drop it.. That is what most Mexicans going to someoneĀ“s house do. You may haggle at some market but much less at someones house. I spend 8 months of the year in indigenous houses in various communities so I know what the items go for to the people who go and visit and it does not vary that much , unless they are desperate for some cash. Most of the haggling is done at markets and there you are dealing with revendors who have haggled the artisans to the bare bone. I know that the top eavers are fine with 25 pesos to 30 pesos an hour for their work meanwhile the revenders , I am speaking about will go to the lesser weavers or the most remote or needed one and pay them 40 pesos a day.. So if you get something for a low price you are buying lesser quality. It is ok if that is what you want but cheap stuff is not a bargain.
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