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  1. Honey Bee.. The barrio where we live in San Cristobal was cut off from water for 2 months.. The water comany cannot cut off the water but they can not pay their electrical bill and be cut off by CFE for lack of funds.. so the pumps do not work and the results are the same.. They may not be able to do it but the water company did it for 2 months and published the names of the commercial properties that had not paid.. mostly hotels...Wveryone was blaming the indigenous but the reality was a little different.. The hotel stole water because they claimed they were using their own well and they have a very large property. The reality was that they were using the water from the street rather than from the well for the condos.. My bill proved it.
  2. After ths happened found out that a gardner is tapping in someone´s else property for the water as well.. Right now the one being tapped pays according to his square meters but if he ever goes on meter he will end up like I did with a huge bill and will have to find out why...
  3. When we installed a second meter on the pool and garden lot we found out the hotel down the road had ther private water line on the other side of the street and our house was connected to it as well. we ended up with an 8000 pesos bll for the first 2 months as the meter was registrring their use as well. The water company give us credit and move out line over to the other side and cut off the hotel but it is interesting what you find out when you look closer..
  4. You are left alone if you do not make new friends. My mother is 98 and she is not alone.. ever , she is always making new friends with new arrivals in the comunity where she lives. As Bournemouth says , we live in a community where there are new people coming in all the time. It is up to each person to make new friends and as another person says learn the language and get to know people in different age groups. As far as people waiting for properties that is life..a house becomes empty and chances are that it will be sold so people ask about it..nothing wrong with it if it is done tactfully. We are not on this earth for ever and life moves on.. So they are vultures , they have a function.. remember the scene in Zorba the Greek? Pretty realistic..
  5. Wlizabeth, ask the realestate agent to provide you with a couple of electrical bills from the house you are thinking of buying, that should tell you what they spendon electricity. Chemicals for pools are not cheap.. What do they have now,a heater , how much gaz do they use.. Get a solar company to come and tell you if solar is possible on that property, for exemple solar was possible for the house but way too much for the pool and the pool was far away and there was no room to put the solar inless I wanted to look at panels and but a bunch of trees.. People on this board can tell you what they spend on mantenance and chemicals..
  6. I hae a pool on a separate meter and it cost around 120 pesos a months except when we forget to cut off hte pump .. We neer got into DAC on the pool alone. The house is solar but the pool is too far to be on the solar so we hae it on a separate meter (we have two legal lots, so 2 addresses) Unless you like to swim a lot, a pool is a total wate of money.. I would loe to sell the house so we do not have a pol but my husband likes the property.. Unless you are an avid swimmer and can have the pool on a solar system and take care of the pool or hire someone to do it.. skip the pool...
  7. Thanks Honey Bee , I have been around the block a few times and I do not need to read or hear about crime.. I just noticed that young people I know are disappearing like they did 4 years ago and their family are looking for them.. Also noticed the new faces showing up at old corners... Went through the experience with a friend looking for her son and it is plenty ugly.. A whole lot uglier than beng offered a gun. It was ugly 4 years ago and we are going right back into the same situaton with the extra stress about finding the salted butter. . Good thing I am French and that I eat unsalted butter unless I eat radishes and then I can but salt on the radishes if I do not have salted butter-
  8. but crime in Mexico where we live is OK.. Sorry but that does not make sense.. I am not interested in reading the facebook crime.. sites.. I get my info from whatever the press says and like the Mexicansdo.. jearsay and that is bad enough.
  9. well wonder why is it ok to report crime and talk about crime on th eMexico theread but not on the local theread when people locally are disa´´earing right and left like they did 4 years ago... This has a whole lot more to do with our securty here that some people we dod not know being killed on some deserted road on the border- Anyone has a good explanation for that?
  10. Do they let you pay and give you a receipt.. ?.. If they do that should take care of the problem until they get them
  11. Language s funny. southern France we say adieu like the Mexicans say adios. it is used as a greeting.. hello no time to speak , but in the north when we say adieu it is for ever. meaning you probably will only see the other person up in paradise orin hell so withn the same culture and the same country the word has two different meaning. It is why translating is so difficult, if you do not understand and know the culture. Translating word for word often does not convery the meaning of what is really being said.
  12. The rules here are different for renting. The owner is responsible for structure and tenants for the maintenance as a rule or it is up to your negociations skills when signing the contract. If you plan to rent for a very long time ,it is a different situation than a year or two , so it is up to both parties to negociate.. The problem is that it is different NOB and people coming from another place assume it is the same here.. well it is a different country , different culture and the rules are different. Big surprise..
  13. In Paris, France after the war, my parents rented a one bedroon apartement with rent control in 1950 ,a few years later the 2bed apartmen next door , became available so they rented it and ask the landlord to let them pull down a wall to make one living room out of 2 and build a bathroom in the second kitchen.. They ended up with a large apartment for Paris with 3 bedrooms and rent controlled and had it until 1985 , ,, For them it was worth it, paying the remodelling and the Pas de Porte which is a kickback to the manager to get those two apartments..They were responsible to fix everything inside the apartemnt but as the rent stayed very low for that many years they came ahead.. It all depends on the situation of the people who are renting and that of the landlord..
  14. I have car chargers for old phones if you want them.
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