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  1. I can tell you that my relative who is in a coma with the virus is being administered chloroquine and some antibiotic.. which sounds weird but that is what they giving patients i France.. we will see what happens..I think doctors are experimenting with patients right now to see if anything works.. We are about to find out..
  2. Honey bee , this is no joke.. Artisans are calling me to tell me how bad the business is and Easter is going to be dismal which is their big season.. A couple of people have already called me telling me they have to go out and sell.. It is going to be bad. The indigenous artisans will survive better when they also farm but the ones that strictly live off artesania are going to be decimated. .. It is really sad.. Many people are living day to day and who knows what is gong to happen.
  3. In Italy they find out that a German who had travelled to China and lived in Italy had brought it nto taly but who knows maybe it was the reverse­čśŐ
  4. Food is produced Lakeside.. Where? Berry farms some crops of corn and chayotes and beans and what else? Most of our food comes directly from the abasto.. A lot of the food produced around Lakeside like in Sayula is exported to the US
  5. It seems that if there was a travel ban people coming out of China should have been tested by all countries or at least quarantined but nothng of the sort was done. Until recently leaders such as Trump and B Johnson were denying the seriousness of the virus. Just about every government was caught totally unprepared.
  6. Welcome to reality . totalitarian regimes such as China and Russia never tell the truth so nothing new.. But I would think that most countries have intelligence in China and they should have known something very bad was up and yet the great leader of the free world did nothing about it.. so everyone is to blame not just China, defective merchandise from China is not new either..
  7. I am in Chiapas now and people in the country laugh at the whole thing..some think it is a plot from some other countries to hurt Mexico and other s say nothing is going to happen , it is a rich people disease.. It is pretty scary because when it is going to hit here in a week or two, lots of people are gong to get hurt.. Whatever the president , the governor or they leader say means absolutely nothing.They distrust anyone with any kind of power so good luck to anyone trying to convince them otherwise. I have a kid from one of the village living with my husband in Ajijic. He has called his family to tell them to take care of themselves and to tell them it is real , to no avail.. His grand mother told me , if I die , I die, I am old and that is what old people do.. and she walked out. A few months ago she asked me to help her with her high blood pressure as it was extremely high and ws giving her a headache but ths time she just laughed...Good luck on convincing anyone until it starts hitting those comunities..
  8. Hijab can be very pretty , many women in Paris wear the hijab and there are very attractive now the hiqab or shador not so much since you can only see the eyes in some and nothing in other.. Joyin mexico we are all in the same boat so no point getting uptight about it.. Have you heard the good news.. the number of cases in towns in Lombardy is going down afte r2 and a half week of solation . They have no masks, no gloves , in many hospitalsl no disposable gowns and many will survive. The situation is bad but there is light at the end of the tunnel , stay home where you are safe, get delivery for grocry and wait it out.
  9. Gringal I got the version from Spain about finishing the bottle of Rioja, the bottle of Valdepe├▒as, the bottle of rhum the bottle of valium and the all of the chocolate.. she was pretty happy too..
  10. oranges are seasonal so price vary according to the crops
  11. ask them f you can scan.. Most people who want fax accept scanned documents
  12. kiko, I do not believe it is overblown or an hoax but we have to take one step at a time.. we now that the great majority of the people survive it. My brother and his wife and family got it. He is in his lat 60┬┤s and he survive it at home but they are people who die from it and the hospitals in some countries in Europe are over their capcty and it is dangerous for people who are very sick. Whatever we can do to prevent the weaker ones to survive is a very good thing. On the other hand we cannot stop living because we may die because we will all get it in the end.. A hoax I do not believe it is at all.. In the meanwhile we need to make the best of every day and enjoy the days we have and we cannot stop laughing because that is the best defense we have. I am, 74 so I am in the high risk braket, who has no bed in France when push to shove comes, so I am taking it seriously , two of my cousins have cancer and are the high risk list as well but besides trying not to contaminate others , there is nothing we can do . If it is our turn , it is our turn-
  13. ja ja , I do not think the hijab qoub be useful but the niqab or shador may help .. Lighten up joyinmexico, or it is going to be a long long 3 months or more... The situation s what it is and joking about it is a way to cope with it which is probably more healthy than being totally stressed out aout it, that is how the catarinas in Mexco came about: they were so many people killed during the revolution that the catarinas ,ocking death became a big hit.. Your name say it all JOY in Mexico..
  14. oh well we will eat chicken or fish or lamb or rabbit or carrots­čśÄ
  15. so the gloves get contaminated just as the hands ..
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