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  1. We lost 1.5 millions people between the two wars and you guys how many ddid you lose? in the last one less than Frnce who did not fight.. go figure...
  2. Guns are the problem as well , if they did not shoot that many bullets a second or minute there wuld be a lot possibilities to hit that many people. Pretty simple really. DO not see why some Americans do not understand that.
  3. markoe what do they do when you pop out the hip? My husband got a hip replacement and he was told it was extremely painful to pop the hip.. How do they fix it' ? Pop it back in place or reopen you to do that?
  4. I said wave for lack of better word in English by the way sometimes ther ae foreigners waiting so people waiting is way more inclusive than Mexicans..There are not overhangs everywhere, Where is the overhang in Rancho del Oro or Villa Nova o rmany other places.. The last buses from Guadaljara are locals and can really be delayed when it rains..
  5. Yes you are right they are more independable and the traffic is much worst We came in 2001 and there were way les cars than now, more street dogs , cows and horses back then.
  6. Yes the OP said she did not want to go so it is not a good beginning... When was 16 my father was offered a job on some island in the middle of nowhere, and I could not wait to go , my parents were the ones who chickened out, at the end.. If the girl doe not want to go it is not going to be fun or easy..... In Europe we do a lot of student exchange so kids are more accostmed at living in different places and there is less social life and serious dating at that age or they used to be less I should say.. The American girls of that age were the worst.. always crying for their boyfriends, missing their friends and so on.. We could not believe how spoiled they were, here they were in Paris crying for their boyfriends..
  7. I just got a pairof glasses from the Optimetrist that is accross from Torito in Ajijic. It took me lessgist at Quality care. than a week to get the glasses. FOr check up I go to an opthamologist at Quality Care off the Libramiento.
  8. You can go from Jocotopec, San Juan ,Ajijic to Guadalajara on a directo that does not go via Chapala. After the stop at Black coffee accross fro Walmart, the next sto s Alamo just before Tlaquepaque and then Guadaljara. You can also leave from Chapala if you live in that area. There are lots of local buses to Guadaljara but they stop a lot in the villages before getting into Guadaljara so I never take. them. You only get a discount if you buy the ticket at the station like Chapala or Ajijic and it is 50%. Once in Guadalajar there are lots of buses , taxi and UBER The "big buses" between Chapala and Jocotepec un on the carretera and you just stand at a stop if you can figure out where it is and wave at the bus you want to take and pay the driver.available.going east in Ajijic they run along Ocampo Constitucion by They stop on demand..passes La FLorezta and goes back down into San Antonio and so forth. Going west they run a street or a couple of streets north of Ocampo.. The small buses take the same route but enter the villages.. They go down 2 or 3 street going south and then follow Ocampo or Constitucion , go back to the carretera by pass la Floresta and then go back down into San Antonio and so on.. Same deal in San Juan , the street change names but it is the same idea.. In Ajijic the bus going west runs one or 2 streets north of Oacampo /Constitucion The "small " buses are the local (they are not always small and the large ones are more direct...
  9. "You may be able to get a card with a reasonable limit by opening a deposit or investment account at the bank and maintaining a balance large enough to cover the card credit limit. The corporate bank office sets up rules for acquiring a card but often more restrictions are added by the local branch. " There is no age limit if you do what John Shrall suggested. did not want to do that so they turned us down until we became Mexican Citizen and then offered us one with a very low limit at age 70... As John says it takes a while to get the limit raised but it is possible.. We were also besieged with offers and then turned down whe we applied.. It one thing to receive offers , it is another to be accepted but once you have a credit , all the banks get on the band wagon..
  10. The question is are they other teenagers her age.. yes they are and if you want same class go to the private schools.. after that it is up to the parents and the girl to make their own life. Every girl is different and every parent is different. It is theor life and none of our business.
  11. For those of us who can afford a private insurrance there are nice hospitals in Guadaljara for those who cannot, they should thnk of what they can afford and where theywill go if they get very sick..I may not happen but it happens to plenty of people unfortunately.
  12. We had 2 surgeries this year, my husband in an emergency hospital in a lousy hospital and my surgery was planned in a nice hospital in Guadalajara.. If you have any brains doctors and hospitals are important whether you are young or old. I helped 2 young friends in a hospitawho had kds in the hospital in chiapas, one kid was 14 and the other one 21,, and they both were in vary serious condtion, one with a skull fracture and the other wth perforated intestine by salmonella.. and believe me I quickly figured out that I would go to a luxury hospital in Tuxtla rather than having anything done anymore in San Cristobal. I f I had check what was available in San Cristobal would have never moved there. Here we have plenty of charlatans, sharks and incompetent doctors and you find out about it when you need them..
  13. Considering the variety of colors available and what you see around , just pick a color you like and skip the help. Why do you think someone from the outside would do better than what you like and then you nave to live with it, they do not.
  14. Check doctors and hospitals. The stores, supermarkets and rememer you can get just about anything you want in Guadaljara , it is a several million people town so there is plenty available. Now you also can get things via the internet so really as far as goods, you can get about anything.. Chek where you would hang out and look at houses near that area either walking distance or driving distance... Go to the various villages and get a feel for them and see where you think you would like to live and shop for your every day needs. Look at some rentals in your price range I totally agree with Xena┬┤s suggestions, look at the place as a place you will live in not vacation....
  15. Yes you are right it is EAST.. not west.. RV things change.
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