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  1. When we told neighbours in California we were hoing to.Mexico they told us we would be killed.. These people lived in central LA..
  2. I have used Lorenza many times over the 20 years I have been here . She is great efficient and fast. Here is her contact information LiC Lorenza Castiello Vallejo Av Ribera 86 Riberas del Pilar 45900 cell 333 106 5912
  3. Lorenza Castiello Vallejo did a lot of work for me at one time and she is very good but I do not have her number any longer
  4. for legal documents the translator has to be court certified. Is Ana Siller Vera court certified?
  5. right but US citizens therefore think places like Chiapas are safe. and it is not any longer..So much for their warning.
  6. The OP is using his real name. I have met him and seems to be a nice and decent man. He comes from another culture so Mexico can be hard to believe when you come from a place where things are looked at in a different manner. . Logic at least the logic I used to know does not prevail here.. The surrealist Andre Breton called Mexico a surreal country and boy was he right.. I think the best bet for the OP is to see if he can have any impact on the board to the end of this year and if not get out sell buy another house or rent until he can see if he is in the right country.
  7. You have two options , talk to the board and the neighbors who may get damaged and do something about it or sell or move out of the place and do not live in a place you do not control. Make sure there are no vacant fields around no workshop and no salon de evento and even then something can come up.. This is Mexico , not the US, Canada or Europe.
  8. good luck, Mexicans do not think ahead to what may happen, they live in the present so as long as there is no fire, there is no problem and you are a worry wart. wHen there is a fire you will be told that houses do not burn so do not worry. Many years ago I saw flames higher than the house at the back of my neighbors house.. I called the fire department who asked me if it was my house. so it was not so why was I worried? They never came, the wind turned and the fired died down.... see no cause for alarm. Just calm down and forget about it.
  9. The funny part about the warning is that it is very focussed on US citizens. CHiapas has gotten really iffy lately but no US citizen has been involved so everything is fine there.. We are now finding shells 8 and 9mm on the streets... from the gun fights..
  10. I got my RFC from the Chiapas office in San Cristobal and they put my jalisco address so it is correct, maybe colima or Michoacan have less people..
  11. Thanks.. that is what the notario said.. An accountant can do it on line so I am going to pay one to do it and be done with it if I cannot get an appointment.
  12. Ah ok you want puleys to raise the ine..interesting.
  13. yes viva Mexico , Ferret, they probably gave you a generic RFC and then later on you ll end up with another thing that does not match.. aren t the bureaucrats fun?
  14. What is in it for the people who lived here 30 years to say I have been there.. Will you give them a prize?
  15. Many Mexicans do not report the income either so the government has lots of work to do before everyone reports income. They are giving tax breaks to people who do it so there is more and more pressure to get facturas and report income but it is a tough road, I think this move is just another one to tighten up the system.
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