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  1. Doubt if you will be allowed to cross with only a tourist visa. Just read US & Canada are extending border crossing ban until mid-to-late July. Mexico & US Border will likely be the same. Tourism is not allowed, so it might be tough getting into Mexico
  2. I started as a patient at Dr Barrigan's about 7 years ago. About 6 years ago I had to have a tooth extraction and had an examination of my gums by Dr Edgar. He suggested I have the procedure where they slice the gums open, do a deep scrape and clean, and then sew me back up. Done in 2 phases left / right. That was done about 4 years ago and I see him every 6 months for follow-up monitoring and cleaning. He's very good, very thorough and I've been very pleased with him. In fact I see him again in about 3 weeks. Hope this helps
  3. Condominio is a legal structure, but Arroyos description is pretty accurate. The problem with the above is it is not true that the developer owns anything. Once the developer registers the development as a Condominio all he owns are the unsold lots, and the common areas are owned in common by all of the lots/homes. The developer normally administers the property, for a fee, until the lots are sold and then the homeowners elect their Board to administer the property and share the cost based on a % of ownership. Los Sabinos is a perfect example as the developer no longer has anything to do w
  4. We've tracked our expenses for the past 6 years and here's a summary: Groceries are a little cheaper, but overall we spend about the same as we did NOB Taxes (real estate), water and utilities (electric, propane & internet) are cheaper Restaurants - cheaper (you're pretty accurate on the ones you mentioned) lunch for 2 = 200 p dinner for 2 = 300 w tip Housekeeper / Gardener - cheaper Mechanics - cheaper Doctor / Dentist / Vet - all cheaper Actual living expenses NOB versus SOB based on our standard of living ~ 40% cheaper
  5. I agree with the suggestion to go back and look at the older posts over the last year. They are very informative. There are other web forums and multiple groups on Facebook that also would be worthwhile. Do a Google search on Blogs on Chapala, Ajijic, Lakeside, they can be very informative. Then, after you've done all that you should ask your remaining questions. If you don't do your research you will find some folks will chastise you for not doing the research since many of the initial you will have have been asked and answered many times. When you are here make sure you visit all o
  6. The protest is a native indian thing related to the government taking / buying the land the airport sits on and the natives want more money. I'm sure there is a lot more to it, but I don't know all the details and it's a long story. But, every now and again they protest and end up blocking access / slowing access to the airport. I just wanted to know whether to allow more time. No protesters, plane in on time, no problems.
  7. Anyone been to, or from, the airport who can advise traffic status? Is it still a mess with the protesters, or is it okay now? Gracias
  8. The majority of my usage is in Mexico at a specific set of ATM's where I always have good luck, meaning they are well stocked and I don't get kicked out. But, when I travel outside of Mexico I always try to use it once or twice so there is some variety. Like I said I keep a higher balance than required and occasionally make a stock trade so they see some activity other than the ATM withdrawals. Others are saying that Schwab knows they live in Mexico and Schwab is okay with that, but I have also seen posts where people have had there accounts closed. So, I don't know. I try to make sure al
  9. Switched to Schwab a few years ago when BofA added an international transaction fee. Everything they told you is true. But I will caution you to always maintain a US address. Others have said they got their account closed when they said they lived in Mexico and did not have a US address. I've used it here and in Austrailia & New Zealand. A great feature is you can use it in any ATM, that is very convenient. Yes they reimburse ATM fees. I reward them with a portion of my business and maintain a balance higher than their minimum, but why not. The other one to chec
  10. Seems like a lot of the confusion is caused by people who don't read. Stop and think about it. If you are flying out, and you are Temp or Perm, when you get to the airport you don't have the bottom portion of the FMM form. So you go to INM, complete the form, the agent stamps it and gives you the bottom portion so you can hand it to the ticket agent and they can clip it to your boarding pass. That's pretty straight forward. When you return, the video describes exactly what you need to do. The reason that they are emphasizing this so much is because when people return, and they
  11. Since this is a 29 minute video and the main question about returning to Mexico, if you have a Temporary visa or Permanente visa, how exactly do you fill out the FMM and what to present to the INM agent. This is exactly why they had the meeting to clear up any confusion. They address this issue around the 23 - 25 minute mark on the video. First the INM representative explains it, and then during question and answer time someone asks the exact question that this thread is all about, and the INM representative not only answers the question, but shows the FMM form and explains what to fill out
  12. Miguel Perales Repair Person" +52 3767654594 • Other (33) 3153 9868 • Other Washer Repair person, card says he does it all. Very prompt, quick diagnosis, got the part in 1 hr, quick repair and explanation of what the problem was and how to prevent recurrence
  13. Just to clear this up about the Tourist Visa / FMM form for Temporal or Permanente visa holders.: BY AIR 1. You need to fill out a tourist visa, both top and bottom part. Then you go to the INM window, down by where passengers exit through customs. You present your passport, visa Temp or Perm, to the INM agent. He will stamp the INM form you gave to him and return it to you. 2. You will take the bottom portion of the INM form to the ticket counter and give it to the Airline agent, along with your passport. 3. The Airline agent will attach the INM form to your boarding
  14. I know version 17 is released, but my older version is still working fine. Some of the more recent stream providers are doing the "pairing" thing and there's a way to get rid of them on YouTube. But mine is working
  15. 3 cats we have also used Carmen for 6 years across 3 houses. Highly recommend
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