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  1. Gravity is your friend when the power fails. That is why you see a lot of "tinacos" mounted up on the roof. When the water from the town is off or the power fails, you can still get some water - at least until the tinaco runs dry.
  2. If they don't come with their roots - they aren't "live" anymore.
  3. Mainecoons, I have to respectfully disagree with you about your assumptive statement above that Michelins are "tough enough for these awful roads" either. I just had to replace a set of Michelin Latitudes on my Explorer with only about 25,000 km. on them. The tread material just started to disintegrate and the tire guys said it is a result of damage from stones (ie. our cobblestone roads & streets). Recently I ventured onto a trail and ended up slicing open the sidewall on one of them with a sharp stone. So, time to replace all 4. I did some research and settled on a stronger tire
  4. Motomar is one of the largest Can Am dealers in Guadalajara. Their location is on the north side of Lazaro Cardenas heading in towards downtown - 2335 Lazaro Cardenas. Really large yellow building, hard to miss.
  5. I like the flavoured non-carbonated water drinks that are made and distributed by this company. I have found a limited supply of these drinks in local abbarrotes but want to buy in larger quantities. Has anyone on here seen these available anywhere? The local grocery stores do not carry it (Sorianas, Wal-mart, Super Lake, etc.). Bottled and distributed by Embotelladora Cactus S.A.de C.V. and their web site is www.aguacactus.com.mx.
  6. The are currently 6 toll-free dialing area code designations in use for the US and Canada system: 800, 844. 855, 866, 877 and 888. Four of these can be dialed from Mexico by replacing the 1-8xx portion of the number with 001-88x as follows: 1-800-xxx-xxxx replace with 1-880-xxx-xxxx 1-888-xxx-xxxx replace with 1-881-xxx-xxxx 1-877-xxx-xxxx replace with 1-882-xxx-xxxx 1-866-xxx-xxxx replace with 1-883-xxx-xxxx I have been unable to find how to dial 844 or 855 toll free numbers from Mexico (yet). These are the newest toll free prefixes (855 was released in 20
  7. The relatively low cost voltage regulators do have sensitivity and reaction time limitations since they are basically an isolation transformer with multiple taps that are switched in and out by relays. This is what the "clicking" noises are that you hear. The one I mentioned above (APC Line-R) does have a Mexico setting for 127V so is about the best one I have found that can be purchased cheaply from Amazon or eBay NOB and will work here. I have only had one failure and that was due to a faulty neutral that took out an internal varistor. Easily repaired. Whole house voltage regulators or
  8. The Panamax unit you have a link to on Amazon is actually NOT a voltage regulator - it is a surge suppressor. The surge suppressor is a protection device to prevent high energy, very short duration "spikes" or pulses from damaging your electrical equipment. As a rough rule of thumb, the higher the number of "joules" (electrical energy) that can be dissipated by one of these devices, the better (and more costly) it is. The standard CFE voltage specification here in Mexico for a single phase feed is a nominal 127V plus or minus 10%. So the power delivered to your home can be in the range
  9. Yes, the State of Guanajuato seems to be much further along with social development than the State of Jalisco. Also a big difference with the condition of the general infrastructure (eg. condition of roads). Maybe it has something to do with the employment situation with all of the new industries thriving in the Guanajuato region??
  10. How much are you asking for the bridge?? I might be interested.
  11. Nice comment Telsz4 - please - let's not get personal here - I don't know you and I don't think you know me very well. I only posted this because a couple of other posters wanted to know the details. I do not consider myself to be a "legend in my own mind", just very lucky to be alive and to have gotten away with it. To bad you were not there to act as my witness. Truth be known, I simply reacted on instinct or adrenalin at the time, I don't know - it's just the way I react to stuff like this. Afterwards, it sunk in - what could have happened and it shook me up pretty good. I had a
  12. To reply to the questions from Hud and Mainecoons, here is a posting I made on TOB in August 2015 about a brush I had with what I assume were banditos on Hwy. 97 south of Reynosa. I was on a trip back from Houston pulling a small cargo trailer. I have not used that road since that time and now use Hwy. 54 up to Saltillo and the Columbia crossing. I found out shortly after that the Federal Police in the area were organizing "convoys" between Cd. Victoria & Reynosa a couple of times a day. I don't know if they are still doing it. 'Just a heads up to anyone on here that use the SLP-C
  13. This past Sunday I was heading south from Saltillo on Hwy. 54. While going through the Federal Police inspection point, I was waved over for a "chat". The officer was checking vehicle registrations (ours is Jalisco plated) and wanted to look at the "Tarjeta de Circulation" and the Residency card of the owner (my wife who is Permanente and was the passenger at that time). I was driving and he didn't ask to see any of my ID. Interesting - I can only speculate that they were blitzing for legal registrations.
  14. I used to cross at Pharr and take Hwy. 97 down to 101 via Ciudad Victoria. Due to a brush with "banditos" on Hwy. 97 last fall I have gone back to my preferred alternate - the Columbia crossing. Last week on a trip up to Houston I tried the newer crossing on the west side of McAllen - Anzalduas - and really liked it due to it's proximity to the 40D and the Reynosa Libramiento..... BUT.... the high cost of the tolls to get from there over to Saltillo (for access to either 57 or 54) is very painful when pulling a single axle trailer.
  15. judybrick, The first thing I suggest you try before replacing the whole dish is have one of the service companies come and do a test of the alignment and determine if the LNB's or multi-switch are working properly. CP Electronics in Guadalajara do calls regularly in the Lakeside area and do excellent work.
  16. I just used this road last weekend while heading north and you are correct that there are two tolls very close together, one as you are exiting the new road at the 15D junction and then another a few meters further along on the short piece of 15D you have to travel to get to 80D/90. The on ramp for 80D east to take you towards Lagos de Moreno is just past the Pemex station - keep to the right. There is a third toll booth at the entrance to the ramp but you do not need to pay a toll if you have come off of the new road. Just show the attendant your toll receipt. Very easy and fast way to get
  17. No, not yet open. For now if you are coming from the Chapala area you are "forced" off onto 15D (the toll road going to Mexico City). What you do is head on 15D toward Guadalajara - go through the toll booth - then onto 80D/90 toward Guadalajara to the first "retorno" to get yourself turned around so you are heading east toward Lagos de Moreno.
  18. Very well built road and a real treat to drive. It is reassuring to know that Mexican road builders CAN do it right - just need a lot more of it. My hats off to Carso - they have done a nice job so far. Puts the Libramiento Sur to shame. Looking forward to its completion in a year or two, it will get busy fairly fast once western connection to El Arenal is done. The ramps to connect it to 80D at Zapotlanejo in the east will also make it very nice to use when heading towards Lagos de Moreno & Aguascalientes.
  19. If you don't mind doing the searching yourself, there is an excellent web site for used cars which has a very nice search engine to narrow down on specific criteria (year, make, model, options, etc.). www.soloautos.com.mx You can also filter by private sellers or used car dealers. There are many nice low mileage vehicles available in Guadalajara - Zapopan cars tend to be nicer since it is a more upscale part of the city. The last used vehicle I purchased came from that area and I am very happy with my purchase. I am not a big fan of dealing with anyone in the car business here at Lak
  20. Driving it out yourself is the best option - nobody else can do this for you because the vehicle is clearly illegal and as you say, getting a Retorno Seguro AND letter of permission letter together for someone else is a real hassle. The only force that MAY stop you and ask to look at the TIP are the Federal Police - but they would likely need a reason to want to check and that is highly unlikely unless you are doing something wrong. The military don't check this kind of thing, they are looking for other things. Just play it cool and if you do get asked, just say you are heading to the borde
  21. I think it is a good thing that many of the global automotive and aerospace firms are setting up shop here. Finally some meaningful jobs are coming which helps to grow a middle class so that people here can afford to buy the things they make. The NET effect is more TOTAL market size so all NAFTA realizes the benefit. The statistic quoted above doesn't give the statistic for what the NET flow of cars is that are sold in this market. You have to look at the delta between total export vs. total import to understand this. It is about time the US & Canadian auto and aerospace workers union
  22. Yes, the use of a brush with brass bristles (usually of higher quality) and follow up with a wipe with a clean rag or a nylon bristled brush would be much safer. I think the problem described here is with the cheap "Made in China" brushes with steel bristles.
  23. Nope, Chili's is still there and attached to the Hampton Inn. The Holiday Inn Express is new and has the Denny's at the front of it - all in the same complex/entrance on the west side of the Carretera.
  24. Stopped for lunch at the newly opened Denny's at the Hampton Inn/Holiday Inn complex just south of the Periferico & Chapala Hwy. junction yesterday. It was their 1 month anniversary since opening and I wanted to see how they are doing. Very pleasant surprise - the service was very good and the food quality excellent. I'd rank it better than many Denny's I have been to NOB. Typically familiar menu selections with a bit of a Mexican spin as you would expect in this market but with the salt & pepper and Heinz ketchup on the tables. I had the Grand Slamwich ($129) and my co-diner had
  25. Like most every other institutional social order system here in Mexico, there is already laws and regulations that address problems such as the control of water taking from wells. The big problem is the attitude of many residents to ignore or find ways around the laws and regulations of the country. Like NOB, all water wells here are supposed to be registered with CONAGUA and have a "Tile of Concession" (renewed every ten years) for a specific extraction volume. The "owner" of the concession is supposed to pay CONAGUA a tax on the extraction volume based on the use classification. There ar
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