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  1. The original post was a discussion about "Illegal Immigrants in Mexico". Unfortunately the discussion has deteriorated to be about US citizens here illegally only. While it is true there are likely a bunch of US citizens living here illegally (without proper immigration documentation), there probably are many other categories that make up the total big number. 1. Children of illegal Mexican immigrants to the US who were born in the US and came back to Mexico as children without any Mexican paperwork. 2. Aliens (non-Mexican citizens) who came into Mexico on visitor's visas who never
  2. Any of the local blood test labs can have a water sample sent off for biological analysis for you. Metals testing is far more complex and requires a sample to be taken to Guadalajara to one of the professional testing labs. Some tests such as checking for fluorocarbons and pesticides can only be done in Mexico City. The location beside the Hampton Inn is part of "Agua Jalisco" but they no longer do water testing there. The lab for Agua Jalisco is now at the location in Providencia and they only support the testing of municipalities and large commercial entities. I have a list of w
  3. Something does sound a little fishy about the 911 story. If it was over 25 yrs. old, no problem to import and register any vehicle from manufactured or sourced from anywhere, If it was less than 25 years old, it would have to be a US spec. vehicle or be on the federal list of vehicles that have been legally "federalized" to comply with US regulations. This is a federally regulated importation, the states are not in charge of this.
  4. I concur - I checked into this and determined it is not practical to try and nationalize a small NOB trailer. I had a 5' x 8 with Ontario plates here that originally came across the border on a temporal. The original owners left it behind when they went back NOB. I ended up taking it back to Ontario and sold it there. I came to the conclusion that you are best off to either build one or have one built local for you. I had one built for me and found it a fairly painless process to get a Jalisco plate for it and long as you have someone give you a "factura" for it. If no "serial#" you have
  5. I came back from the north yesterday and was still charged two tolls. Waved through at the one on the off ramp from 80D onto 15D but still had to pay at both the one on 15D AND the top of the new Macro Libramiento.
  6. The Macro Libramiento to 80D interchange at Zapotlenejo is still not complete (as of Monday when I drove it heading north). You still have to exit onto 15D for a short distance then take the off ramp to get onto 80D East.
  7. Just a point of clarification on the post from TelsZ4 a ways back. If the parents of the Indian couple who came from India and settled in Canada at 60 yrs. of age, the OAS and CPP payments they are receiving would be very, very small. I doubt they would even qualify for OAS payments. There would have had to be proof that the children would be financially able to support them. And contrary to popular belief, health care in Canada for seniors is NOT completely free. Many services have to be paid for still and prescriptions are hardly FREE.
  8. My vote is to do away with all international borders, immigration departments, customs controls, etc. We are one global family - there needs to free movement of people and goods to any place in the world to which people want to live, work and find happiness. Maybe someday ......
  9. I stayed at the ZAR in Culiacan and was not impressed.
  10. I enjoy CBC News - watch it every day. I find it far superior to any of the US News broadcasts. My favorite though is BBC World News. I wish we could get CNN International on Shaw since it is some of the best I have ever seen. Amazing why CNN doesn't put its best foot forward by making it available in North America.
  11. I have a very basic package and my bill recently went down a bit. Sounds like something funny going on with yours.
  12. Its the big "sucking" sound you hear as all the Capital leaves Mexico and heads for the US greenback. Let the fun begin.
  13. Just read the meter yourself or take a picture of it to them. You should be able to do the math and figure out roughly what your bill should be. I believe that SIMAPA publishes their rates somewhere.
  14. Not specifically BoA but I do make transfers frequently to Mexican bank accounts of vendors (furniture, cars, surgeons, etc.) free of charge using the xe.com on-line funds transfer service. Works very well and usually takes about a week for the transfer to complete. xe.com makes their money as a commission on the exchange and is buried into the exchange rate you are quoted so you need to check that closely when comparing with other service fees you may see. I used to have a Mexican bank account thinking that it was necessary for handling larger purchases but discovered it was a waste of ene
  15. The Nissan X-Trail is marketed in Canada but not in the US. I have had a disappointing experience with S&S as indicated by Chillin. Good place to go if you want to buy a new car (Honda or Ford), are new here, are not comfortable travelling to the dealerships in Guadalajara to do your own buying or don't want to get involved with the "Mexican" process to licence and insure, paperwork, funds transfer, etc. S&S offers a buying service but you pay for it. I used them for my first purchase when I got here but now, years later, I am very comfortable with buying cars here myself - it is a
  16. My vote is the Ford Explorer 4th generation (2006-2010). Full frame, rear wheel drive, independent rear suspension (rides and handles very well), good ground clearance, easy to fix and very common here. Will carry a decent load and can pull small trailers safely. Ask yourself why so many local Mexicans have them. Lots of decent used ones at dealers in Guadalajara.
  17. You need to take with you the original of the TIP paperwork including the payment receipt from Banjercito that you got when you purchased the sticker when you came in. After you turn off of Hwy. 2 and drive into the compound, there are signs that instruct you to keep to your left. As you are almost to the toll booths and can see the buildings near the bridge, there is a booth on the left you stop beside. The attendant will come out, give him/her your paperwork and tell them you want to cancel it. You will then need to remove the small windshield sticker and give it to the attendant - they
  18. Well, I have tried just about every way through Aguascaliente as well (Siglio XXI, 1914, etc.) but any more, if I am passing through around mid-day, I just drive straight ahead and go through downtown. Seems to be well marked for signage and there are some nice buildings to look at, and it is even a fairly quick way through. I don't recommend the truck bypass around the east side (Siglio XXI) since it is still very rough at the southern end. Aguascaliente could really use a toll road bypass like most other cities of that size.
  19. You will get many opinions about everyone's favorite route - and there are several ways. I have tried almost every way available and have settled on my favorite as being the Aguascaliente, Zacatecas, Saltillo, Monterrey to Columbia bridge route. I have given up on getting near San Luis Potosi due to the quality of the roads and too many incidents with the police in that area. I prefer the Columbia crossing over the downtown Laredo crossings due to congestion and the difficulty getting in and out of the INM location in Nuevo Laredo.
  20. You are assuming that the person with the car problem is a US citizen with a US address. While that is probably true based on the discussion, the South Dakota plates idea is not a solution for a non-US citizen or a US citizen without a US address.
  21. Just borrow a set of Jalisco plates, put them on the car and drive it directly out of Mexico. There is a very low probability of ever being stopped and questioned. If you get in an accident - abandon the car and run and hide.
  22. Sorry, but not true holdrja. I filled up at that station this afternoon at 5PM and they have ONLY Magna and Diesel, completely out of Rojo. Yesterday when I stopped at it they had NO gasoline, either Magna or Rojo.
  23. Daily flights non-stop from Mexico City to Toronto via Air Canada. This way the trip avoids any stops and layovers in the Excited States of America so has become my favorite way. There are hourly flights between GDL and Mexico City and as one poster above indicated, just book the whole thing through Air Canada's web site (they partner with Aero Mexico). I have not yet found a better way or lower cost than doing it that way. You can also do the INM exit paperwork thing at GDL so you don't have to fuss with it at the Mexico City airport (Benito Juarez International). The only tricky part is
  24. The Pemex out east of Chapala on the road going to Mezcala is not pumping any gas this morning. I was turned away when I tried to get gas. Now I'm out so I guess I'll just park it until January 1 when the stations will miraculously have lots of gas to sell.
  25. It is posted on the front of the pumps.
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