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  1. The State has a Regional office in Ocotlan - same building as the vehicle licensing office. What Dept. are you looking for??
  2. If the travel trailer was listed along with the car on the original Temporary Import Permit then NO. You would then need to take both back to the border, cancel the original permit and enter the US and then turn around and have a broker there at the border do the nationalization for you.
  3. Donata! I am sure there are other labs in Guadalajara that can perform some of the tests you might need (and hopefully at a lower cost) but the organization in which I am involved have to use CONAGUA approved labs since these wells are registered and have an extraction licence with CONAGUA. In our case, we are required to have the water tested at least once every two years to the NOM-127-SSA1-1994 Standard. As far as I know, the municipal wells that are operated by SIMAPA and SIAPA, etc. have to be tested every six months.
  4. Here ya go. These are the ones I have found in Guadalajara that are approved for use by CONAGUA - the Federal Water authority. The Municipal wells are required to be tested for the parameters listed in Testing Standard: NOM-127-SSA1-1994 (Mod. 2000) which consists of 38 individual tests. CEA (Agua Jalisco) perform these tests on all municipal wells in the entire state for free. The private labs listed below charge to do these tests and are typically hired by companies such as process industries (Pepsi, Coca-Cola, etc.) who use water and create waste byproducts that require post-process tre
  5. The only thing I bought on May 1 was "Made in China". What I needed is not made in North America - long live global trade!!
  6. There are a number of labs in Guadalajara that can do it but it is very expensive to have a complete test done for heavy metals, biologicals, etc. There is no facility Lakeside that can do this - just biologicals. If you want a list of labs, send me a PM with your email address and I will send you a Word document with company names. CEA (Agua Jalisco) no longer does testing of private or individual wells, only municipal wells, sewage treatment plants, etc.
  7. MEXLC, there are a number of testing labs in Guadalajara that can test for biologicals and heavy metals. They cannot test for pesticides and VOCs, the samples have to be sent to a lab in Mexico City for that. If you would like a list of labs, send me a PM. If you are getting water from a municipality (SIMAPA in the case of the Municipality of Chapala) they have the well water tested twice a year courtesy of Agua Jalisco (for free).
  8. Well, CP Electronics in Guadalajara is one of the largest satellite TV installers in the area. There are a number of CP Electronics locations in Canada so I would not be surprised if there is some sort of a connection there. I have purchased aftermarket LNBs (2 output Shaw compatible) from the store in Guadalajara so they know their stuff.
  9. Just remember that you need to be careful which LNB you are supporting on your account. If you have multiple dishes on one account, they need to be all the same, either the older dual satellite Quad/4 output LNB OR the newer triple satellite 4 output LNB. The receivers need to be configured according to the LNB type to which they are connected. Most of the installations here use an aftermarket (non-Shaw supplied) LNB that has two outputs - and you need two of them either on two separate dishes or a special mount that positions the two side-by-side in front of the reflector on one dish. The
  10. ComputerGuy, this is not completely "technically" correct as I understand it. Channel 988 talks about a dish upgrade that is needed to get the signals from the newest satellite broadcasting Shaw signals - the Anik G1 that is co-located with the Anik F1R at 107.3W. The new dishes have an LNBF that can get the higher frequency signals (xKu) from the G1 however we are not able to get sufficient signal strength here to get those channels. The other technical upgrade that is being done is to use a new video compression algorithm called MPEG-4. The 600 series Motorola receivers (DSR600 &am
  11. I have had 2 DSR630s on my account for about 5 years. I had one fail and had to have Shaw exchange it about a year ago, one of the two tuners failed - could have been due to lightning or a CFE surge. The early Motorola boxes MAY have had some hard disk issues but I think that was resolved in later units - I have not had any issues with mine.
  12. I concur with TelsZ4. I've tried them all and find that the quickest way is just to go directly through downtown. At the time of day you would be going through, you miss the rush hour traffic.
  13. I have a subscription to Netflix Mexico that I pay for with my Canadian CC card - $159 MX/mo. for the 4 HD device capability. I simultaneously use it in BOTH Mexico AND Canada (I am here right now and my wife is in Canada visiting family and using it there). The selection of movies is different depending on what country you are signing in from as Netflix detects your IP address and adjusts the delivered content to your screen. I am currently watching the series "La Reigna del Sur" here in Mexico (Spanish language with English subtitles) and my wife is watching "Grey's Anatomy" (English) in Can
  14. It looks to me like they are constructing an on ramp for westbound traffic onto the Macrolibramiento on Hwy. 35 (the La Barca Hwy.) about 1 km. east of the Chapala Hwy. overpass. Take a look at Google maps and you will see the construction from overhead. If so, you will need to take the La Barca Hwy. eastbound for about 1 km. to get onto the new highway to go west.
  15. I think the on-ramp to go west on the Macrolibramiento from the Chapala Hwy. will actually be off of 35, the La Barca Hwy. As you go north on the Chapala Hwy. you will proceed past the overpass and head east on Hwy. 35 for about 1 km. Then there looks to be an on ramp under construction to get you up and onto the Macrolibramiento. What seems to be missing is a way to get the Hwy. 35 traffic coming from the east up and onto the Macrolibramiento in either direction.
  16. No, I was referring to the new Macro Libramiento overpass over the Chapala Hwy. - just past Buena Vista. If you come to the exit for the La Barca Hwy. (35) you have gone too far. There currently is only one toll booth on the new Macro Libramiento - just before you forced off onto the 15D toll road. Eventually the interchange where the new Macro Libramiento ends and the junction with Hwy. 90 & 80D will be completed and you won't need to take the short stint to the NW on 15D at all.
  17. These directions assume you are heading north on the Chapala - Guadalajara Hwy. as if going to the airport. You keep to your right when approaching the overpass over the Chapala Hwy and turn right just before you go under the bridge. This merges you onto the new Macro Libramiento toward Zapotlenejo. Continue on this and after the toll booth, you are currently forced off and onto the 15D toll road heading NW toward Guadalajara. You go through another toll booth then just as you pass the large Pemex station, keep to your right again and take the off ramp for 90 & 80D toward Lagos de
  18. You mean the new interchange for the Macro Libramiento onto 80D at Zapotlanejo or the entrance onto the Macro Libramiento at the Chapala - Guadalajara Hwy. (23)?
  19. The owner of FRATS works at Mitsubishi in Guadalajara. He doesn't do the actual importation, this must be done by a customs broker at the border. FRATS will assist you with the process if you are not comfortable doing it yourself - for a facilitator's fee.
  20. I subscribe to Netflix with a Canadian credit card. Using a Roku stick, I get the Canadian lineup when I plug into a network in Canada and the Mexican lineup when I plug into a network here in Mexico. The Mexican lineup is a bit more limited but still plenty of English content.
  21. You pay by the truck load. Out east of Chapala we pay $700 MX for a load of potable water dumped into the aljibe. I think it is about 5 cu. mtrs. (5000 ltrs.) but not sure. 1 cu. mtr. weighs 1000 kg (1 metric tonne) so a load is around 5 tonnes.
  22. The location in Ocotlan is in the rear of the Plaza San Felipe. This plaza is on Avenida Universidad 2000 which is the main highway leading north through the town at the western edge. Take Hwy. 35 east from the Chapala-Guadalajara Hwy towards Jamay/La Barca. When you get to Ocotlan you will cross the bridge over the Rio Santiago (the river that Lake Chapala flows into) and then keep to your right and take the off ramp (cloverleaf) to get onto the main Hwy. north. It is a fair ways up - about 3 km. - and you will see the plaza on your right. The Jalisco State offices are in the back of the
  23. You got a good price. $8.97 per litro yesterday from Z-Gas (Gas Liquado).
  24. I used to have an F350 diesel dually here on a Temporary Import Permit and it was allowed - but just barely. There is a weight (GVWR) restriction for temporary permits and no "commercial" registrations are allowed - it has to be a personal use truck in your name only. As far as I know, Aduana will not allow any diesels to be nationalized (imported permanently) but don't ask me why..
  25. How much did it cost and how long ago did you do this?? When I checked with a broker in Laredo it was almost $2,000 (all in with re-plating) to import a $4000 (at new cost) trailer.
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