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  1. Windstar,

    An easy way to check the signal strength (on your 600 series receiver) is to tune to the channel you are having difficulty with then on your remote, press the MENU OK key. 

    Scroll to the right with the right arrow key until the little gear icon is highlighted (called Settings Menu) and press the ENTER OK key.

    Once in the Settings Menu, scroll to the right again to the rectangular looking icon (called the Status menu) and press the ENTER OK key.

    You are now highlighting the System Status icon.  Press ENTER OK again and a bunch of technical information about the channel you are tuned to.

    At this point, press the little round RED "A" key on the remote and you will get a signal strength display.

    This will show a different signal strength for each channel you tune to so it would be helpful for us if you could tune to 592 and tell us what the reading is.  If the bar display is green and above about 85 (meaning about 85%) you should be receiving the channel just fine.  If the bar graph is in the yellow or even red then you likely have a dish alignment issue.  If your dish is slightly off you could experience some channels not being seen but others that you can see.  I have a dual dish setup with a separate LNB on each dish (a converted Direct TV setup) and a 4x4 combining switch and I am currently getting a signal strength of 84 (in the yellow) for 592 (NAT GEO WILD) and 95 (in the green) for 595 (CNN HD) but still getting both stations fine.  You can see how much variation there is from channel to channel so if your dish is off just a tiny little bit - you may have a problem getting 592 because it looks to be a slightly weaker signal from the transponder it is using.


  2. 592 and 595 are coming in fine for me (on Anik F1 at 96 signal strength).  What receiver are you using?  If you have 300 or 500 series box the problem may be that these channels have switched to MPEG-4 and you can no longer decode them.  I am using only 600 series receivers.

    There are a lot of people freaking out about losing channels because Shaw is moving them off of the older two satellites and onto the new 3rd satellite.  This is not really what is happening (yet).  Maybe over the course of the next 10 years they MIGHT do this as the satellites we receive signal from are nearing end of life - but for now they will need to continue broadcasting on the older satellites until every subscriber in Canada has been upgraded to new dishes with the new LNB's.  This will take a long time and so will not affect us here until such time as they shut down the old satellites.  When will this happen??  Who knows.

    For now the issue is to upgrade to the new 600 series HD receivers.

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  3. I would expect that most of these cars and trucks that have been flood damaged will be dismantled and recycled for parts.  Most insurance companies now are able to electronically update a State (USA) or Provincial (Canada) DMV records so that this information about a loss claim is available to potential buyers.  Same with cars and trucks that have been in an accident at some point.  The only way to bypass this is if a vehicle is sold privately and has not had an insurance claim made against it.

    The second reason why it would be very difficult to export such cars and import them into Mexico is the new process required to import used vehicles.  The US title now needs to be "cleared" by the US jurisdiction before Mexico's Aduana will allow it to be imported.  You might see an influx of parts such as fenders and bumpers, etc., but not complete registerable vehicles.

    This disaster will be a huge boon to the auto manufacturers.  They are going to be selling a lot of new cars as people begin replacing their damaged vehicles.  Expect the glut of quality used vehicles to dry up quite quickly.

  4. OBO, you will have absolutely no problem driving your Mexican plated car along with your Mexican driver's licence while in Canada.  You may get a few "looks" and some friendly inquiries though as it is not a common sight to see a Mexican plated vehicle in Canada (I get it all the time when visiting up there).  Couple of things to remember though, you are not allowed to keep it there for more than six months.  If you are coming in and out of Canada with the vehicle in under six months it is not an issue.  Technically you are a "tourist" if doing this. If you plan on staying longer than six months, it is highly unlikely that you could "import" it into Canada and register it in BC. The only way it would qualify for importation is if it is on Canada's RIV list of eligible vehicles AND you updated it to comply with the Canadian regulations that were in effect at the time of its manufacture - probably at least the addition of daytime running lights, maybe more stuff.   The OP is in a different situation since her car originally came from Canada and as such should still be in the province's database. 

    You should also talk with your insurance provider here in Mexico to make sure you have the optional rider on the policy which provides liability coverage during travel through the US and Canada.  If you want additional insurance coverage (such as comprehensive and collision or upset) you should contact ICBC to see if they will add this additional coverage for you.

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  5. Nope - been doing it for years with my Mexican plated vehicle (purchased here).  I still have "Residency" status and a valid Canadian driver's licence but prefer to use my Jalisco driver's licence.  This way, you don't need to worry about getting or paying any tickets you may receive as a result of a traffic violation in Canada.  Mexican driving habits acquired here tend to result in attention from the cops up there (parking in the wrong places, rolling stop signs, speeding slightly over the limits, etc.).

    Christiane, I know of no law that requires you to give up your legal "residency" status in Canada when you become a permanent resident of Mexico.  Whether someone holds Canadian "resident" status or elects to declare "non-resident" status has more to do with what property you still own in Canada, how long you are there in a given 12 month period and your resultant tax bracket.

  6. I highly recommend CD Especialistas en Columna Vertebral at Hospital Puerta de Hierro near the Andares Mall - Tel# (33) 3848-5404.  The surgeon we had perform a complex lower back surgery on my wife in 2014 was Dr. Michael Dittmar.  She was up and walking again within 24 hrs. of the surgery.

  7. I took the Falcon Dam crossing this afternoon and although the view of the reservoir is very nice, not really a good crossing -the one at Roma, TX is much better and I think faster.  At 4PM Banjercito was already closed and nobody from INM was on duty. There were two ladies on duty in Aduana and I guess they wanted something to do so proceeded to unpack our SUV for us to check through everything.  Only thing they dinged me on was the 10 yr. old deep cycle battery I carry as a spare for the road and asked me to pay $228 pesos in tax to bring it across the border into Mexico - even though it was purchased originally in Mexico - go figure.  Another first by Aduana, they also checked the "tarjeta de circulation" for the SUV (it is Jalisco tagged) and verified the VIN# .  I have had the Federal Police do this before but never Aduana agents.

    l really like Hwy. 54 Betweem the Monterrey airport and the border, too bad it is so inconvenient to get to from the US side of the Rio Grande.

  8. I will be traveling from Houston to Monterrey tomorrow and am going to try a different route through SETexas/Tamaulipas/Neuvo Leon  so will report on what I experience.  As I mentioned before, I don't use Pharr anymore due to a brush with banditos on Hwy. 97.  I am exploring the lesser crossings over the river that are between Laredo and McAllen.  

  9. Well I don't have the facts so I won't argue the point with you.  One of the people I can think of ( a younger woman who is married and has children here and is working and contributing to society) probably has no US passport because she was brought back into Mexico as a young child.   It is just more evidence of illegals here. My point is that there are PROBABLY far more US illegals (and persons of other origins) residing here in Mexico than just US origin retirees ( which this post is about).   I think it is a good thing that the government here in Mexico does not strictly enforce it's immigration policy.  I for one did follow the rules and enjoy the priveledge of being able to live here in good conscience with the ability to come and go as I please but perhaps not all Non-Mexican "residents" in the country have the resources or necessary documents to get themselves legal.  

  10. I have met more young US citizens (of Mexican parents) living and working here in Mexico that are technically "illegals" since they have no papers for Mexican residency status.  More so than senior citizens that are illegally here. Perhaps that is more often the case?  It would be very expensive for the families of such children to go through the INM jungle of bureaucracy to get them naturalized or legal here.  

  11. The east side of Monterrey is a mess to get through if trying to go from Saltillo over to Reynosa.  The problem is a lot of construction in the area of the East Periferico junction with the 40D toll road (south of Apodaca).  Last week I went that way and took Hwy 54 up to the border (exit off the East Periferico just before the airport). The border crossing is at Roma,TX and quite small but there was little traffic.  From there a nice drive along the northeast side of the river down to McAllen. It is a little out of your way if going down to Brownsville but to me I would say a safer route than going up Hwy 101 from Cd. Victoria or driving through or around Reynosa. I have experienced problems with travelling along 101 and 97 in Tamaulipas and no longer use those roads as a result. Used to be my preferred way to get to east Texas but no more.  A Federal Policeman I spoke to on 54 even questioned why I was taking that road and not going up through Laredo.  He seemed to infer that anything east of Laredo was an area that foreigners should not be travelling through. 

  12. Aragon and his sons are probably the best go to guys operating Lakeside.  They once duplicate an ignition key for my late model Ford and had all the equipment to program the chip in the replacement key as well as get into the CANBUS of the car to set it up.  I was very impressed, far less expensive than going to the stealerships..

  13. It is next to impossible to import a car from Mexico into the US permanently.  If you do want to try this you would first have to check to see if that exact vehicle make and model was also sold in the US at that time and if it was, certify that it has all of the same safety and pollution equipment that was installed on the US market vehicle in order to meet all of the US safety regulations that were in effect at that time.  Probably not worth the hassle.  Used vehicles also have a lower resale value in the US than what they have here so you are better off financially to sell what you have here and buy something similar in the US.

    One exception to the above is if the vehicle is greater than 25 yrs. old, you can then import it into the US as a classic or antique but you will need to know the specific laws of the state in which you want to register it.

  14. Most damages I have experienced here are #1 - surges coming in on the CFE distribution, #2 - motors overheated due to trying to run on low voltage (ie. brownouts), #3 faulty or non-existent earth grounds and neutral bonding at your main electrical panel where the power comes into your house. 

    A voltage regulator that can shut down the output when the incoming voltage drops below a set point is a good protection against condition #1.

    Whole house surge protectors at the incoming power to the panel and individual surge protectors on sensitive electronics (TV's, computers) are the best solution available for #2.  

    The solution to #3 is to find a competent electrician here to check your wiring and possibly to an earth ground test.  Good luck with that!!

  15. This is not determined by the Roku box you buy.  The ability to get Netflix US feeds is determined by the IP address you present.  Many people here Lakeside use IP address spoofers to present a "virtual" IP address to make Netflix think you are in the US.  All sort of technical to set up.  I am sure others on here will chime in soon.

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