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  1. A CRV is not a very good choice as a trailer towing vehicle.

    Doesn't sound like you are doing the math correctly.  When the manufacturer states 1500 lbs. that means the "gross weight rating".  This includes the weight of the trailer AND contents.  A typical 5' x 10'' cargo trailer weighs in around 1000 lbs. or more depending on the equipment so you would only be able to haul up to 500 lbs. of cargo before you are at the limit.  There should be a label on the tongue with the weights of the trailer.  Also, the tongue weight needs to be about 10% of the gross weight if it is a single axle trailer to prevent sway.  Adding a static weight of 150 Lbs on the back of a CRV might make for some interesting handling.

    I haul a 5'x10' with a RWD Ford Explorer V8 and I ocassionally  challenge the package. I've already burned out one tranny.   The biggest concern is cooling.  Transmission fluid temps can increase drastically when towing.  If you do not have an external oil cooler you will really be pushing your luck, especially if you encounter any long uphill grades.  Good luck!


  2. Interesting question.  How does Aduana handle a situation when you attempt to cross the border coming into Mexico with a Mexican plated vehicle towing a NOB plated trailer?  They do not issue separate temporary import permits on a standalone basis for a towed trailer (unless it can be classed as an RV and be eligible for a 10 yr. permit) or such items as ATV's on a trailer, etc.  Expect there will be some interesting interpretations on that one.

  3. Yes, I redid my gas lines with a product similar to what you have pictured above.  I was able to buy the pipe by the meter, compression couplings and the reaming tool from an excellent gas supply store on Girabaldi in Sta. Teresita (Guadalajara).  It is directly kitty corner across the intersection from Karnes Girabaldi Restaurant there.

  4. The place you go is in the Plaza San Felipe on Avenida Universidad 2000.  This is the main road leading north that takes you up to the interchange with 15D.  Easiest way to get there from Chapala is head toward the airport on Hwy. 23 then exit onto Hwy. 35 towards La Barca.  As you come into Ocotlan, you cross over the bridge (the Rio Santiago) just before you get to the main downtown area.  Keep right on the off ramp and then keep left as you come down off the overpass.  This is Avenida Univerdsidad 2000.  Continue on up this road past the Soriana, Federal Police Station and then in a few more blocks you will see the Plaza San Felipe overhead sign on the right.  Turn off onto a little angle street just before the Plaza and you will find parking along that street in front of the school or if not behind the plaza.  Go in the side door entrance and walk straight ahead and down to the end of the hallway (past the Cinemax).  Enter the Estatal office area and go past the reception desk and up the stairs to the second floor.  From the stairs turn right and go to the end.  You have arrived. 

    You do not need to take a driver's test to renew.

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  5. I have purchased a replacement Resmed face mask directly from one of their Mexican distributors with an office in Guadalajara.  

    AMS (Aerosol Medical Systems)

    Justo Sierra #2512

    Col. Ladron de Guevara

    Tel" (33) 3641-5089

    They have excellent customer service and their prices seemed lower than what I had to pay NOB.

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  6. Tony's has leased the building on the south side of the highway in which a couple of other restaurants tried and failed - further to the west (closer to Santa Cruz).  I think it used to be called Restaurante Hacienda Don Emiliano.   It is the beautiful building with the raised roof over the dining area - sort of like an atrium.  Tony will no longer be operating in the front yard of his home further east near San Nicolas and will be apparently be open on weekdays as well at his new location there.  Another landmark, it is directly across the road from Mexico Rustico, the excellent custom furniture designer and carpenter (Luis Ibarra). 


    Here is the street view of the place (looks better now).


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  7. I do not have high expectations that anyone on here will know the answer to the above question - but just in case....

    Does anyone know of either an industrial chemicals distributor or where in Guadalajara to buy industrial bleach - the 12.5 - 13% sodium hypochlorite in solution - in 20 ltr. or larger containers?  Needed for a chlorine injection system on community potable water wells.

  8. I am an actual account holder and received no notification of any hardware upgrade requirements but I have never had anything other than 600 series receivers on my account..

    Thanks for the above list ComputerGuy - it is good to know.  This is the schedule of when each channel is going to convert to MPEG4 (which requires the 600 or 800 series to decode) but what makes you think they will be moving any of the existing HD channels we can get off of either F2 or F1R satellites??  On my setup here I can still receive Super Channels 1&2 in SD on channels 260 & 261 and in HD on channels 651 & 652.  These are being broadcast currently on F2 in QPSK. 


  9. The link you provided was to a "Free Preview" thread and I don't see where it says that Shaw is actually shutting down the broadcast of any of its HD channels that are currently being carried on either of the satellites we receive signals from (Anik F2 or F1R) and broadcasting them ONLY on the G1.  What I do see in some Shaw discussions is that the plan is to shut down the SD channels that are broadcast in HD as well on the F2/F1R satellites but to keep the HD versions that are already there (for now).  There are probably thousands of dishes out there on Canadians's homes still that are not capable of receiving signals from the G1 satellite so it is going to take some time before Shaw disrupts the current HD broadcasts they are doing from F2/F1R.

    There are some channels that are currently broadcast in HD ONLY from G1 that we cannot get (such as CBC News Network) but we can still get that in SD for now.

    As far as I can figure out, the reason why some dish/LNB setups can "see" some channels that others can't depends on what MAP Status the receivers are configured to.  If all of the receivers on any one account are different or if there are multiple and different dish/LNB combinations on any one account it can become a configuration nightmare to try and setup and maintain.  This is especially problematic when trying to get support from Shaw for these remote installs.

    The 800 series receivers appear to be functionally identical to the 600 series, in fact if you click on the documentation for the receivers on Shaw Direct's web site - up comes the 600 series manuals still.  Looks like they are just switching suppliers (from Motorola to Ariss).  The 830 PVR actually has less features than the 630 PVR (no status lights or front panel clock display) but it does have a larger capacity hard drive, USB 2.0 port and is WiFi capable.  Prices are the same as what the 600 series receivers were.  I think I will stick with the 600 series for now and wait for others to see how they work down here.

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  10. A little off the OP's topic but to answer your question snowyco, many of the drilled wells operating along the north shore (including Municipal wells) that are pulling water up from about 50-100 meters down do test for the presence of some amount of fecal coliform counts.  That is why it is important to inject chlorine at these well heads to get it under control.  There is a problem during the hot/dry season that this water (if untreated) will become quite warm while travelling through distribution pipes and sitting in aljibes.  This will result in a "bloom" of the coliform bacteria and become hazardous to your health.  If you are watering your garden with this water, you can contaminate the produce as well.  Make sure you wash your fruit and vegetables very well with a solution of Microdyn before eating it.  Chlorine is your friend.

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