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  1. Amex cards not as widely accepted as Visa and Mastercard cards. You may want to check with a few merchants first before buying anything from them.
  2. Yes, most of the larger chain stores have chip readers now. NOB issued credit cards (Visa/MasterCard) work fine - Amex not so much.
  3. I can't answer Floradude's question since I am not a resident of Chapala. I renewed mine a couple of weeks ago in Ocotlan but I am a resident of the Municipality of Poncitlan. I can't see why they would care because the Ocotlan office is a State level office and not a Municipal one - but the rules can change at any time!!
  4. The place you go is in the Plaza San Felipe on Avenida Universidad 2000. This is the main road leading north that takes you up to the interchange with 15D. Easiest way to get there from Chapala is head toward the airport on Hwy. 23 then exit onto Hwy. 35 towards La Barca. As you come into Ocotlan, you cross over the bridge (the Rio Santiago) just before you get to the main downtown area. Keep right on the off ramp and then keep left as you come down off the overpass. This is Avenida Univerdsidad 2000. Continue on up this road past the Soriana, Federal Police Station and then in a few mor
  5. And you can stick that type in many different orifices just like the old mercury type!!!
  6. The last time I went with someone to get an RFC# set up for a small business (so they could issue facturas) we had to go to the SAT office in the Abastos market area. The accountant handled all of the paperwork for us and came along to assist.
  7. Spoke with Freddie today and he gave me a new telephone# for the restaurant in San Juan Tecomatlan - (33) 2165-4396
  8. I have purchased a replacement Resmed face mask directly from one of their Mexican distributors with an office in Guadalajara. AMS (Aerosol Medical Systems) Justo Sierra #2512 Col. Ladron de Guevara Tel" (33) 3641-5089 They have excellent customer service and their prices seemed lower than what I had to pay NOB.
  9. Tony's has leased the building on the south side of the highway in which a couple of other restaurants tried and failed - further to the west (closer to Santa Cruz). I think it used to be called Restaurante Hacienda Don Emiliano. It is the beautiful building with the raised roof over the dining area - sort of like an atrium. Tony will no longer be operating in the front yard of his home further east near San Nicolas and will be apparently be open on weekdays as well at his new location there. Another landmark, it is directly across the road from Mexico Rustico, the excellent custom furnit
  10. I do not have high expectations that anyone on here will know the answer to the above question - but just in case.... Does anyone know of either an industrial chemicals distributor or where in Guadalajara to buy industrial bleach - the 12.5 - 13% sodium hypochlorite in solution - in 20 ltr. or larger containers? Needed for a chlorine injection system on community potable water wells.
  11. Tony's is opening a new location this weekend on the Chapala-Mezcala Hwy. just east of Santa Cruz (beside the water pumping station). Apparently there is going to be a special menu to celebrate the grand opening.
  12. Tanks should be replaced at 20 yrs. of age - regardless. Look at the date labelling on the tank.
  13. windstar, what is your dish/LNB setup? I just checked my signal strength again and channels 592, 651 & 652 are all at 85 (F1 PSK8), 595 at 96 (F1 PSK8) and 700 at 97 (F2 QPSK). Maybe your LNB is a little down on amplification power??
  14. I am an actual account holder and received no notification of any hardware upgrade requirements but I have never had anything other than 600 series receivers on my account.. Thanks for the above list ComputerGuy - it is good to know. This is the schedule of when each channel is going to convert to MPEG4 (which requires the 600 or 800 series to decode) but what makes you think they will be moving any of the existing HD channels we can get off of either F2 or F1R satellites?? On my setup here I can still receive Super Channels 1&2 in SD on channels 260 & 261 and in HD on channels
  15. The link you provided was to a "Free Preview" thread and I don't see where it says that Shaw is actually shutting down the broadcast of any of its HD channels that are currently being carried on either of the satellites we receive signals from (Anik F2 or F1R) and broadcasting them ONLY on the G1. What I do see in some Shaw discussions is that the plan is to shut down the SD channels that are broadcast in HD as well on the F2/F1R satellites but to keep the HD versions that are already there (for now). There are probably thousands of dishes out there on Canadians's homes still that are not ca
  16. A little off the OP's topic but to answer your question snowyco, many of the drilled wells operating along the north shore (including Municipal wells) that are pulling water up from about 50-100 meters down do test for the presence of some amount of fecal coliform counts. That is why it is important to inject chlorine at these well heads to get it under control. There is a problem during the hot/dry season that this water (if untreated) will become quite warm while travelling through distribution pipes and sitting in aljibes. This will result in a "bloom" of the coliform bacteria and become
  17. Windstar, An easy way to check the signal strength (on your 600 series receiver) is to tune to the channel you are having difficulty with then on your remote, press the MENU OK key. Scroll to the right with the right arrow key until the little gear icon is highlighted (called Settings Menu) and press the ENTER OK key. Once in the Settings Menu, scroll to the right again to the rectangular looking icon (called the Status menu) and press the ENTER OK key. You are now highlighting the System Status icon. Press ENTER OK again and a bunch of technical information about the cha
  18. 592 and 595 are coming in fine for me (on Anik F1 at 96 signal strength). What receiver are you using? If you have 300 or 500 series box the problem may be that these channels have switched to MPEG-4 and you can no longer decode them. I am using only 600 series receivers. There are a lot of people freaking out about losing channels because Shaw is moving them off of the older two satellites and onto the new 3rd satellite. This is not really what is happening (yet). Maybe over the course of the next 10 years they MIGHT do this as the satellites we receive signal from are nearing end o
  19. Hospital Civil Nuevo has a MetLife counter right in the lobby area.
  20. I would expect that most of these cars and trucks that have been flood damaged will be dismantled and recycled for parts. Most insurance companies now are able to electronically update a State (USA) or Provincial (Canada) DMV records so that this information about a loss claim is available to potential buyers. Same with cars and trucks that have been in an accident at some point. The only way to bypass this is if a vehicle is sold privately and has not had an insurance claim made against it. The second reason why it would be very difficult to export such cars and import them into Mexic
  21. They don't use leach fields here - wrong soil type and older construction methods didn't take the time to build them with the proper materials . You likely either have a tank (some exist with aerators) or a connection to a municipal or fracc. sewer line. Most "grey" water just finds its way to an arroyo nearby.
  22. What's wrong with the road between Ocotlan and La Barca??
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