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  1. Just remember that if using black pipe for gas that you should NOT bury it in concrete.  It needs to be used only where it can remain accessible and away from the elements (unless painted to protect from the elements).  NEVER EVER use galvanized pipe!!   If you need to go through a concrete wall, you must put the black pipe in a plastic sleeve.  The preferred material for gas lines these days is reinforced PEX type tubing.  I have been able to purchase this along with the special compression fittings from gas supply stores in Guadalajara.

  2. OK thanks Rick.  I had not heard that Toyota had actually done this and did some further research.  Back in 2015 Toyota announced that they were going to move Corolla production to a new plant announced for Guanajuato. There was a big stink about losing jobs to Mexico at the time of the announcement.   Corollas are still being built at the Cambridge "north" plant but it is possible these are only for the Canadian market (US supply from US plants??).  Toyota in the past few years retooled the "south" plant to produce their higher end products (currently the Lexus RS 350 and RX 450 Hybrids).  So for the time being TMMC (Toyota Motor Manufacturing Canada) seems to be in good shape.

    Last fall there were announcements that Toyota no longer planned to build Corollas in Mexico - possibly due to Trump's threat to penalize Toyota if it moved small car production to Mexico.  Instead the plan was to build additional Toyota Tacoma pickups and possibly a new SUV at the new plant - now scheduled to start production in the 1st half of 2021.  The Tacoma is currently built at plants in Baja California and San Antonio, TX.

    Last year Toyota announced a new "joint-venture" company with Mazda and formed a new manufacturing company called Mazda Toyota Manufacturing U.S.A (MTMUS).  The plan is to build a new Corolla at that plant which is planned with a production capacity of 300,000 vehicles per year. Recently they announced the location for the plant is going to be near Huntsville, Alabama with an investment of $1.6 B US.

    Goes to show you just how integrated and "borderless" the North American auto industry is.  Do you know where your car was "final assembled" and do you care whether the person putting the nuts and bolts together was a Canadian, American or Mexican?  We all have to have jobs to put food on our tables and take care of our families.

    In an "ideal" world the products and services that any country needs for it's people should all be made in that country using the natural resources available and that it should be self-sustainable.  But that "ideal" was never achievable due to economies of scale and thus the emergence of global trade.  That is why I feel Trump's tariff rant and bullying will likely eventually fail the US.  I agree the trade imbalance that the US has with certain other countries needs to be reduced somehow - but not with some of the foreign countries he has picked a fight with. 

  3. I don't know of a decent way to bypass Monterrey to the south of the city if going from Hwy. 57 over to Hwy. 40 and on to Reynosa/McAllen.  Depending on the time of day, I usually just follow the 40 through downtown Monterrey and out the east side.  It is a fast moving road with lots of curves and people drive on it like they are on a race track.  If you take it, watch carefully for signage as in some areas it is a bit confusing.  Great fun!!!!

  4. Earlier this summer I went from here up that way to the USA and basically followed 45 & 45D through Aguascalientes, Zacatecas, Fresnillo, Torreon, Chihuahua and crossed into New Mexico on the west side of Juarez/El Paso (Santa Teresa crossing).   Did an overnight stop in Torreon which is about half way.  Lots of hotel selections as it is a major city.  That route has very good roads all the way with lots of services however I found that there are a lot of tolls along the way - more than going up through Saltillo.  I have never taken the Ojinaga/Presidio crossing though so cannot comment on that.

  5. Interesting - I must be a senior citizen common criminal then.  How would you prove to Canada Border Services upon entry that you are a "non-resident" of Canada?  I don't know of a "Non-Residency card" you can carry and I sure don't want to have to carry a copy of my Income Tax returns, etc. with me when I travel.  As far as I know - residency/non-residency is only a concern to Revenue Canada for income tax purposes and not CBS.  Other "benefits" such as OAS/GIS and OHIP, etc. seem to be keyed to length of stay in country during a rolling 12 month period and not one's "residency status".

    As a Canadian citizen (and as far as I know still deemed by the Government of Canada as a "resident") entering Canada driving a Jalisco plated vehicle (many, many times) I have presented only my Canadian passport and asked how long I will be staying in Canada.  As recently as 2 weeks ago at Sarnia/Port Huron.  Only once in the past five years (during a rare occasion when sent to secondary) have I ever been asked for anything else - and that was to see the "Tarjeta de Circulation" for the vehicle I was driving.  Then I was informed that I could not keep the car in Canada for any longer than 6 months.  Maybe all the other times the border agents just didn't look at the plates on the vehicle???

    Seems there are a lot of "opinions" here but no reference to any specific Canadian law.  If anyone does I would be appreciative of a reference to it.

  6. Cross at Santa Teresita on the west side of Juarez.   Continue south on toll roads around east side of Chihuahua and past Torreon.  Follow on to 45D past Fresnillo, Zacatecas and through Aquascaliente.  Take 80D toward Guadalajara and stay on Macrolibramiento and take Chapala Highway exit.  That route is about as good as you can get.  Heavily travelled but a bit expensive with total tolls.  I just went up that route a couple of weeks ago and the roads are in fairly good shape.

  7. One of the other applicants is the town of Jamay on Hwy. 35 between Ocatalan and La Barca.  The town has made a very concerted effort to present the town as a "must see" tourist destination.  Their central plaza is simply one of the most beautiful I have seen anywhere.   Unlike Ajijic, the town of Jamay gets my vote.  I hope they get it.

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  8. For importation of household goods (as a non-commercial importer) into Mexico you would probably be better served using a Nuevo Laredo Broker.  I have found that it is very difficult to find a Laredo broker who wants to bother with private individuals.  This is who I have used recently to bring in a personal shipment of tools, equipment, car parts, etc..

    Flores Molino Agencia Aduanal S.C.

    Lerdo de Tejada #1006, Col. Centro

    Nuevo Laredo , Tamaulipas  C.P. 88000

    Contact: Angel Rojas y/o Lucila Lozano  Tel# (867) 713-6011  angel.rojas@floresmolina.com  (speaks fairly good English) 

    They do personal (non-commercial) shipments at the Columbia crossing.


    For drop shipments, they work with a freight forwarder in Laredo:

    Forwarding International Traffic Services

    821 Union Pacific Boulevard

    San Isidro Industrial Park

    Laredo, TX  78045

    Contact: Edith Cruz y/o Bertha Escamilla  Tel# (956) 729-1111  edithcruz@fitstx.com

  9. Doesn't sound like any of you know about the large motocross park area that is on the road between Mezcala and Casa Blanca (Hwy. 35) - about 1/2 way across.  Beautiful place, fairly high elevation with lots of pine trees. There are also a lot of mountain bike cyclists using trails (as Spencer notated) along the east side of the dam/reservoir above San Juan Tecomatlan.  There is a cyclist club from Guadalajara holding some sort of event in that area in March and I have seen a lot of riders grooming trails in the past few weeks.

    UTM Coordinates:  20.372  -103.049

  10. Well you sort of both are right.  Here is a quote fro the RIV (Registrar of Imported Vehicles) website www.riv.ca.

    "Transport Canada has contracted with Livingston International Inc. to establish and operate Canada’s national program of vehicle registration, inspection and certification known as the Registrar of Imported Vehicles. This program aims to ensure that vehicles originally manufactured for the U.S. market and subsequently imported into Canada meet Canadian road safety standards."

  11. You are talking two different things in your post.  Presenting a Canadian passport and driving a Mexican plated vehicle across the border into Canada is not "importing" the vehicle.  The only comments I ever heard from a Canadian Border Services Agent has been they wanted to see the "Tarjeta de Circulation" for the vehicle (I assume to demonstrate I was the owner of the vehicle) and then I was told I cannot keep it in Canada for any longer than six months.  I have NEVER been asked to show my Mexican "residency" card.  Different thing though heading southbound FROM Canada into the US.  I have been asked by a U.S. Border Protection Services Agent to show my Mexican Residency card.

  12. Just got the bills this week and have noticed a massive increase in our "commercial" bills for the power we use to pump water for our local water system east of Chapala.  Not sure of the percentage increase yet but it looks like it has almost doubled.  If so, we need to increase the water rates so your bill is going to go higher Ron.

  13. Dial the Montreal# shown above.  From any landline phone in Mexico dial 001-514-218-2929.  You will hear a recording saying "Operator, we accept the charges for this call" then it will go through to the next bunch of recordings and you can then make your selection for the routing of your inquiry.  The Canadian 800#s don't work from within Mexico.

  14. I had a transmission failure last summer that required a complete overhaul/rebuild.  I searched and searched both around Lakeside and checked out a couple of recommended locations in Guadalajara.  None of them I felt comfortable giving my business to.  The shops I looked at were dirty, filthy and very unprofessional looking.  I ended up driving ("limping") up to Texas to get it rebuilt by a major transmission chain up there (A+ Transmissions).  Comes with a 1 yr. warranty - not likely any shops here would offer such a thing!

  15. There are no exits between the Chapala Hwy. and Lopez Mateos.  To use it to get to IMSS 180 from Chapala you would have to take it from the Chapala Hwy. west and exit onto Lopez Mateo to head north towards Guadalajara and then take the Tlajomulco-Cajititlan exit east to get to the hospital.  Even though you would be back tracking a bit it would likely be faster than going through Cajititlan, et all.

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