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  1. The contractors are stringing the cable on both CFE poles and Telmex poles.
  2. I saw some guys installing fiber optic cable on the Telmex poles just east of Foccacia Restaurant near San Juan Tecomatlan this morning. I asked one of the workers who they are stringing cable for - his response was phonetically "y fibra". He said it was for internet and TV services. Not sure of the spelling of the company name. Anyone heard of this outfit and where to locate them?
  3. Find out from SIMAPA what the water temp is on the well that feeds your area. This is one of the parameters that is tested on a regular basis by Agua Jalisco on all municipal wells part of Standard NOM-127-SSA1-1994. As an example - the wells I take care of showed a reading of 30C when the last sampling was done in August 2018 (privately managed system east of Chapala near San Juan).
  4. Just a bit more info on this for the "techies" out there. The numbers in the F: Map Status parameter indicate what LNB and channel lineup your receiver is set to for your configuration. In my example above (586-4322), the second 4 digit number is referred to as the "V-code". In this example, 4322 indicates a dual quad LNB and the eastern advance channel lineup. If you switch to the new xKu quad LNB, you will need to get Shaw to change your V-code before you can get all the channels you used to. Really no benefit to doing this though because you still won't be able to get any signals off t
  5. guillermobill - you ask an excellent question - one which I have wondered for some time and have never been able to get a definitive answer to. This is what I "suspect" is going on from a technical perspective. The older dual frequency LNB's use specific DC voltages controlled by the receiver to select channels. There are 4 specific voltages used to select which of the two satellites and the polarization (vertical and horizontal) used to "tune" in the channel you want. The newer xKu LNB's use a different tuning scheme to select which satellite and polarization to tune in the channels acros
  6. Scotiabank (Canada) just sent a replacement card to my iShop mailbox in San Antonio sin cost by DHL. Only took 3 days over the Christmas season.
  7. I think the OP is asking about Tony's Restaurant - between Santa Cruz and San Nicolas. It is just past the SIMAPA pumping station (on the Chapala-Mezcala Carretera) on the lake side and directly across from Mexico Rustico. There is another new restaurant reopened in the old Eagle Restaurant building right on the Carretera in San Nicolas and Foccacia is further east just pas San Juan Tecomatlan.
  8. Make sure you install a drip edge at the edge of the roof so the water comes off cleanly and drops into the gutter. I have not seen this here in Home Depot or anywhere (yet). I have to assume that very few contractors think it rains here.
  9. Thanks for that. I'll take a look next time in Home Depot here.
  10. To prevent the silting problem I use a cloth that is used to prevent weeds from growing in patios. It is called "Weedblocker" - water can get through but not fine sand. I lay that on top of the gravel before backfilling the trench with soil. I have not seen it here (yet) so I bring it back with me when NOB. Available in Lowes, Home Depot, etc. NOB.
  11. Alejandro lives in Guadalajara but does a lot of work in the Chapala/Ajijic area.
  12. The proper solution is to trench down the side of your foundation and install a weeping tile system. This consists of a 4" perforated tile (with "weeper" holes) preferably wrapped with a filter cloth (sometimes called a "sock") and laid in a bed of clear crushed gravel. I have not seen any of the Lakeside ferreterias carrying this but it is available from a supplier in Guadalajara. The outside of the exposed foundation should be coated with a waterproof membrane such as either a paint-on tar or a plastic/rubberized membrane before back-filling to prevent water from getting into the foundati
  13. Symptoms included sharp yelps due to pain when trying to jump up on the couch, lack of interest in eating or drinking, sleeping a lot, short breaths (almost a shallow pant) and generally no vitality (normally very active - some Husky content). Ladron reported an enlarged spleen and liver which could be fatal if ruptured. Initial blood tests show elevated levels of immune deficiency. Advised to try and prevent the dog from jumping up/down and prescribed medicine to try and reduce infection. More comprehensive blood test results should be back by Friday to identify which species of tick this
  14. Just had our very sick puppy to Ladron for a diagnosis. He said he has seen about 6 cases so far of infections from a new strain of tick (to this area of Mexico). He thinks they are coming down from the US on imported horses. The propagation is likely due to the abnormally wet season we have had this year. Just an FYI to watch out for it.
  15. I was in yesterday (Nov. 1) and they said they will be closed today (Nov. 2).
  16. I was in the Home Depot in Tlaquepaque yesterday and they have stock of the Rustoleum etching primer (in spray cans) on the shelf. Failing that, bare metal surface preparation can also be done by first applying a diluted solution of phosphoric acid and then putting on a good epoxy primer over that before applying the top coats.
  17. Best method I have found is to use a high quality primer over the bare metal first before applying a good quality top coat. Make sure the bare metal is free of any oil/grease or other contaminants. Lightly sand or wire brush the paint off first. Home Depot sells the Rustoleum brand metal etching primer in spray cans here - but it isn't cheap! No disrespect intended but the local workers don't understand the use of primers and what they are for.
  18. Stick with buying only garafons that you know have been bottled by the majors (ie. PepsiCo or Coca-Cola). These are brands such as Santorini, Ciel, etc. Don't buy from local "mom & pop" bottlers because you have no idea where they get the water and what refining processes they use or even if they have any safety & ongoing testing quality control.
  19. Most "photo radar" tickets are for about 95 in an 80. Who knows if the cameras even work!!
  20. Yup. I hear ya Ferret. If it can't be a "win-win-win" then as a Canadian citizen and former resident I think the Canadian negotiating team needs to tell the US to "Bite me". It is time Canadian business figured out how to survive in this Global Trade environment without depending on the US market so heavily. During my working career I spent most of my time working for Canadian subs. of US Corporations. The attitudes and this type of bullying by US based decision makers is nothing new.
  21. Just remember that if using black pipe for gas that you should NOT bury it in concrete. It needs to be used only where it can remain accessible and away from the elements (unless painted to protect from the elements). NEVER EVER use galvanized pipe!! If you need to go through a concrete wall, you must put the black pipe in a plastic sleeve. The preferred material for gas lines these days is reinforced PEX type tubing. I have been able to purchase this along with the special compression fittings from gas supply stores in Guadalajara.
  22. OK thanks Rick. I had not heard that Toyota had actually done this and did some further research. Back in 2015 Toyota announced that they were going to move Corolla production to a new plant announced for Guanajuato. There was a big stink about losing jobs to Mexico at the time of the announcement. Corollas are still being built at the Cambridge "north" plant but it is possible these are only for the Canadian market (US supply from US plants??). Toyota in the past few years retooled the "south" plant to produce their higher end products (currently the Lexus RS 350 and RX 450 Hybrids). So
  23. Not that it matters - but I thought that many of the North American Corollas were built in Canada at the Cambridge, Ontario plant. The RAV4's at the relatively new Woodstock, Ontario plant (which I had the pleasure of touring a few years ago).
  24. I don't know of a decent way to bypass Monterrey to the south of the city if going from Hwy. 57 over to Hwy. 40 and on to Reynosa/McAllen. Depending on the time of day, I usually just follow the 40 through downtown Monterrey and out the east side. It is a fast moving road with lots of curves and people drive on it like they are on a race track. If you take it, watch carefully for signage as in some areas it is a bit confusing. Great fun!!!!
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