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  1. Check the following:

    1. Do you have power to the modem (power light on)?

    2. Is the modem connected to the phone line (RJ11 jack - smaller plug on back)?

    3. Is the line working (do you get a dial tone on the line with a standard telephone)?

    4. If the modem is good, do you get the DSL light coming on? If not, you need to call Telmex.

  2. I suffered with this for about 8 years when I was younger - the result of an injury. After trying many different treatments, I finally found something that worked - spinal decompression. This is a machine that you are strapped to that pulls your hips down and your shoulders up - thereby "stretching" the spine. The machine can be adjusted to different decompression forces and for different times (typically about a minute/stretch). It then releases the pull and rests for a period of time then cycles again. The treatment was administered for about 30 minutes once per week for about 6 sessions - pain gone never to return. I don't know if there is a place with one of these machines in the area but a doctor might be able to tell you. I used the Canadian Back Institute in Toronto at the time.

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