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  1. I have used both Oscar and Miguel. Oscar is more expensive and provides higher quality work in my opinion. Miguel has excellent English and is very easy to work with and offers a less expensive and lower quality service. Isn't it nice we have freedom of choice.
  2. Mezcala is one of the oldest settlements on Lake Chapala - somewhere near the age of San Juan Cosala.
  3. Check the following: 1. Do you have power to the modem (power light on)? 2. Is the modem connected to the phone line (RJ11 jack - smaller plug on back)? 3. Is the line working (do you get a dial tone on the line with a standard telephone)? 4. If the modem is good, do you get the DSL light coming on? If not, you need to call Telmex.
  4. I suffered with this for about 8 years when I was younger - the result of an injury. After trying many different treatments, I finally found something that worked - spinal decompression. This is a machine that you are strapped to that pulls your hips down and your shoulders up - thereby "stretching" the spine. The machine can be adjusted to different decompression forces and for different times (typically about a minute/stretch). It then releases the pull and rests for a period of time then cycles again. The treatment was administered for about 30 minutes once per week for about 6 session
  5. Gabapentina. There is a 300 mg./tablet dose under the name of BaPex or a 400 mg./tablet dose under the name of Gabapentina available at Farmacia Guadalajara.
  6. Just crossed into US at Pharr a few minutes ago and all is well. About six lanes open and roughly a ten minute wait.
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