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  1. CONAGUA sets the "extraction tax" annually and determines the rate that must be paid. CONAGUA also maintains the national registry of water wells and the concessions for extraction. The concessions are renewed every 10 years. There are well over 100 different classifications for water takers. The "Municipal" rate (which Chapala pays) is 11 centavos per cu. meter for 2016. The Municipality collects this extraction tax from metered consumers and then submits payments to CONAGUA on a quarterly basis. Private well systems are taxed at a higher rate. I believe fraccs. with their own wells ar
  2. It is not just U.S. citizens getting the W9 forms. I am a Canadian citizen with no property or direct investments in the U.S., no ties to the U.S., have never lived in the U.S. and both of my parents were Canadian citizens. I did however work for a U.S. based employer and had stock options in the company years ago but exercised then prior to my retirement. I recently received a W9 form from my Canadian bank - TD Canada Trust - with instructions to complete it and return it to the bank. I complied reporting $0 from U.S. sources but thought it was a very strange thing for me to receive. The
  3. Interest paid on investments is regarded by many countries as income and subject to income tax. The W9 form is sent out by the banks as a requirement of the IRS to find tax cheaters. Sounds like they have found you!!
  4. On my last bill (for Jan/Feb consumption) the "BASICO" rate (base rate for the first 150 kWhrs. over a 60 day billing period) was .793 pesos/kWhr. This is for a Uso Domestico (domestic use) and tariff class 01.
  5. I had the upholsterer in Chapala (on Gonzalez Gallo) put new fabric (Sunbrella) over a large patio umbrella and he did an excellent job - better than original. Not cheap though - cost about $2500.
  6. At Columbia the agent will give you a razor blade and ask you to remove it.
  7. I was reading the other thread about the intention of Canadian Border Services to provide tracking data to various government departments to "flag" potential fraud with some of Canada's social programs. The other thread headed off into a different direction with a discussion on health care. What I am interested in and frankly confused about is why living here in Mexico on a permanent basis would have any impact on OAS and GIS eligibility. If you are a Canadian citizen and lived in Canada all your life (until at least age 60) and then moved out of the country to spend your retirement years in
  8. Tread very carefully - this is not a good idea. You may get busted by Shaw for too many receivers on an account. They have all of your serial#s in their computer system. Per Shaw's policy (and your Service Agreement), you are only allowed a max. of 6 receivers per account. Even with their 8 port multi-switch on an antenna feed, that is a maximum of 3 DSR630s (2 ports each) and 2 DSR600's (1 port each). If their National "Courtesy" team in Montreal gets wind of you having receivers at more than one location on one dish - they will deactivate all of your receivers without your permission (p
  9. The new "north-west bypass" around San Luis Potosi is not yet completed. You can see it under construction through the mountains north of Hwy. 80 as you approach SLP from the west. Currently you have to go either through the city on Hwy. 80 over to Hwy. 57 or take the toll road around the south west side from the end of the 80D toll road (at Villa de Ariaga) over to Hwy. 57 just south of SLP. That road is pretty crappy and expensive so I personally prefer to go through the city on the elevated motorway.
  10. Regardless of which road you take south from Saltilo (54 to Zacatecas/Aguascalientes or 57 to Matehuala/San Luis Potosi/Lagos de Moreno), the free portion of 85 South is a very bad stretch of road between Nuevo Laredo and the top of the toll road heading on south to Monterrey (85D). Drive carefully through that as you will find the transport trucks weaving erratically all over the road trying to miss the potholes and sections of broken up pavement.
  11. I have a relatively new US built 5' x 10' enclosed single axle cargo trailer on a TIP which will not be in use at that time. It has a 3500# GVWR rating so can carry around 2000 lbs. of stuff. I need to know where it is going and for how long. I may want a security deposit up front for the replacement cost (around $4000 US) and we should arrange a letter of permission for you to use it through someone like Spencer. What are you going to tow with or would you prefer to hire me along with my SUV to do the move? I can go anywhere within the "tres amigos" (Canada/US/Mexico). PM me if intereste
  12. That's an interesting question. I drive a small diesel and have been pulled over twice by transitos for "excessive smoke". Once in Guadalajara and once here at Lakeside. I got off both times once they found out it was a diesel. In my home jurisdiction, Ontario, small diesels require a smog check once every two years before you can renew your plates. BUT - the test is only a visual and no tailpipe emissions analysis is done - so it is highly subjective. Analysis is only done on heavier commercial type vehicles, not passenger cars.
  13. Yes, I have used Hwy#1 going northbound as recently as last week. Very light traffic and you can make good time on it as it comes out right at the Colombia crossing. It is a typical 2 lane Mexican road with no shoulders so may not be to everyone's liking. Some spectacular scenery though and different than the 85 route. North of Anahuac you turn left on the feeder road that takes you into Colombia and for the first 5-6 kms. there is a stretch of road with a lot of potholes - probably water damage due to the recent rains. If you are careful you can avoid them. Also very isolated as is Hw
  14. In Monterrey I recently stayed at the City Express on 85 just north of the Saltilo-Monterrey cuota. Very clean and a little over $800 MX for a single - similar format to a Holiday Inn Express or Hampton Inn. Bonus - they just opened up a big new Carl's Jr. in the front parking lot of the hotel - one spot stop. Also, you can jump onto Hwy. 1 right across the street (if crossing at Columbia) or continue up 85 (if crossing at Laredo) for an early start for a run to the border in the morning.
  15. I am a Canadian citizen and frequently drive Canadian, US and Mexican plated vehicles into Texas - mostly other people's vehicles. Never had any issues nor have been asked for any paperwork on the vehicles, just my passport.
  16. Slight correction to the above post. The Canadian Consulate in Guadalajara passes out a slip of paper with the above two studios listed for those who ask for a place to have the photos taken. These two studios have produced photos that are accepted but it does NOT mean that these are the ONLY studios whose photos will be accepted from. The lady at reception indicated they had had some problems with photos that have been submitted that were taken at Foto Luz in Chapala.
  17. I've bought two cars here so far. The first was done by xe.com directly from my Canadian bank account at TD and direct deposit into the dealership's Mexican account. The second was done by xe.com directly between my Canadian and Mexican accounts (limit of $10,000 CDN per transfer) to build up the local cash on hand. Then when the funds were in the Mexican account - a cashier's cheque from my branch made out to the dealer. Easy to do.
  18. I usually stay at the Hampton Inn in Cd. Victoria. It is at the north end of the city near Liverpool and Home Depot.
  19. Seems kind of high for a water meter. On our private system east of Chapala we use 3/4" multi-port flow meters made by Dorot and buy them directly from Dorot in GDL for around $300 pesos each. We charge our members $7 pesos/cubic meter of water in our first tier.
  20. I find the smaller clinics are much easier to get assistance in as they are not as crowded as the main one in Chapala (Calle Flavio Romero). Getting set up on SP and getting in to see a doctor is only the first step in the process. You don't have to have a specific doctor, you can go to any one of the doctors that provide service in the SP clinics. The second step is to get set up (registered) at the hospital in Guadalajara. SP patients are directed to Hospital Civil Nuevo which is just on the east side of Independencia at C. Hospital. The hospital also issues a little white book once you
  21. I stayed recently at the Hotel La Posada which is a business class hotel that is very close to the 80/57 junction. It was clean with secure off street parking. Has an on-site restaurant that was fairly good if you don't want to go out. Easy access to get onto the 80 from there.
  22. That crossing opens at 6AM but the IMS guy at the office on the Mexican side sometimes sleeps in. Once had to wait until 7:30 for him to show up for work!!
  23. I tried to take that road through this past Sunday and it was closed for some sort of foot race/marathon. Had to take the service road running beside it the entire way from the junction with 57 all the way to the glorietta near the west Periferico junction. Looks like a great alternative though if you actually get to use it!!
  24. OK, I checked it out. The bypass around the north is being done in two phases. The first phase was the 31 km. portion to connect 57 to 49D which is the toll road to Zecatecas. It is completed and was opened by El Presidente in mid-July. The second phase has been started and it is a 26 km. connection from 49D continuing on west to connect to 80 east of Villa de Arriaga somewhere - I am assuming somewhere close to where the reconstructed and nice 80 libre becomes the twisty bit through the mountains. Once this is completed (probably in a couple of years)we will be able to avoid the southern cuot
  25. I stopped in SLP tonight and it looks to me like the new Libramiento around the top of the city may be open. At least there is a sign coming from the north that points to Guadalajara on 57. If so, this would save a bunch of time since it connects 57 north of the airport to 80 just east of Villa de Arriaga. Does anyone know if it is now open all the way across to 80??? I just bought a 2014 Guia Roji map book and it shows this bypass clearly.
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