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  1. If it is just going to be a few items, don't go to all the bother of going to the Consulate to get a Menaje de Casa. Aduana at the border crossing (if they even checking and looking through the trailer) will likely just wave you on through especially if it looks like they are just personal goods. If they get an idea that the items are being brought in for resale (ie. commercial purposes) that is when you are going to need a Menaje de Casa and MUST enlist the services of a broker at the border. Aduana won't care about your Menaje de Casa if you are not using a broker.
  2. I have a couple of MagicJack+ here that I no longer use as I cancelled my account. I could certainly sell them if someone is interested BUT I was under the impression that once they had been activated on a number that it was not possible to change the phone#. Is that true??
  3. Finally got this figured out and thought I would pass it along in case anybody else ever needs to know how to do it. In Jalisco, you need a "factura" from somebody to get a licence plate for anything - so you can't just walk in and buy a licence plate for a homemade trailer. The "factura" is the means by which SAT gets the IVA (sales tax) for the transaction (in this case the cost to guild the thing which is double taxation if you already paid IVA on the steel, etc.). To get one, you have to have a welder who has a registered business do up a "factura" for you. Then you take the paperwork
  4. Sending PAU to 2525 yielded a return message of: "Has decidido hacer una pausa. Cuando desees anularia, envia PAU OFF to 2525." In English this is roughly translated to "You've decided to take a break. When you want to cancel it, send PAU OFF to 2525." Does this shut off ALL receipts of text messages??
  5. Scotiabank ATM peso withdrawal yesterday yielded 13.8766 pesos to the CDN$ from Scotiabank Canada account including all transaction fees (buried). It will be interesting to see if Intercam (or anywhere else) is any better.
  6. I can't seem to find the link for this. I want to punch in a Jalisco plate# and see if the annual taxes have been paid and are up-to-date. Anybody know the web address to check this?
  7. Well I have also had nothing but good experiences with the Federal Police but they cannot be counted on to stop and help stranded motorists they come across. I have had issues with "banditos" wearing what appeared to be Federal Police uniforms so you still need to be careful on who you trust. Earlier this year I had a mechanical problem in a mountain pass while towing a small trailer that left me stranded partially blocking the road on a dangerous curve with lots of heavy truck traffic. This was while going over La Rumorosa between Tecate and Mexicali in Baja Norte. I requested roadside as
  8. I agree. There is a huge difference between internet based streaming TV applications and satellite TV. Like trying to compare apples and oranges - they are for two totally different purposes. Satellite TV is for people who do not have sufficient internet availability, reliability or bandwidth (like many of us here). It is also the best way to get and view live TV broadcasts and pushing the buttons on a remote to channel surf is just so much easier than "surfing" for news, specific sports broadcasts, etc. for many of us "old folks". Shaw Direct TV (with over 900,000 subscribers) will l
  9. The "major" Canadian, US and Mexican 3G and 4G networks are all using the same GSM protocols, frequencies and hardware so the newer phones are generally all compatible on most of the main networks. There are a few exceptions with some of the smaller networks that are available in urban areas though. Where you might also run into problems with phone hardware is in some rural areas where you can only access a 2G connection and you have an older phone (pre-2010) then you need to know whether you phone is either GSM (Rogers, AT&T, T-Mobile) or CDMA (Bell, Verizon). The answer you seek to yo
  10. I have. It was refunded the day after I called about it.
  11. The $9.50 of which you speak is an OPTIONAL charge. It is the insurance you can purchase to protect you in the event that somebody comes up behind you and steals the cash you just withdrew (up to a maximum of $5000 MX). You can select "No Thanks" at the correct prompt page if you do not want it.
  12. Am planning on building a small utility trailer for use moving stuff around. How does one obtain a legal plate for a home built here? Anybody ever done it?
  13. Yes you can. The Mexican insurance policy you get, make sure you have the liability coverage for travel in the US. You also will need to monitor how long you have it in Texas. There is a limitation on how long you can keep it there before it has to be brought back into Mexico. Depending on the make and model as well as safety certification it may not be eligible for importation into the US on a permanent basis.
  14. The carne en su jugo place mentioned above is actually called Karne Garibaldi and is the mother location of the chain you now find in or near most of the large malls in Guadalajara. Very fast service (Guiness Book of Records) and an excellent lunch spot. One of my personal favorites when in that area of the city
  15. If you are a permanent Resident and have a low valued foreign registered vehicle (under $3000) you are financially ahead of the game to just keep driving it with expired plates and liability insurance only. Do not drive it on federal highways, into Guadalajara or other major centers such as over to PV. Then on the extremely unlikely event that you do get stopped and threatening with confiscation, be prepared to hand over the keys and thank the nice police officer for helping you to get rid of your problem! Don't sweat the small stuff.
  16. Life expectancy is 20 years.
  17. It is more than just a rain cover. I recently had to replace a LNB because insects got into the exposed feed horn and decided to build a house in there. Reception degraded to the point where the LNB would no longer function.
  18. Monica,

    I am going from Ontario to Chapala on August 10th if you cannot find someone coming sooner.

    1. monica40


      Thank you..we found someone.

  19. After investigating it, I was unable to come up with a way to rent the trailer and still be secured financially should it be damaged, lost or stolen. The insurance policies here in Mexico are just not adequate protection and I would have had to ask for a deposit for the full replacement cost (about $3,000 US) up front before renting. The best solution I came up with was just to do a move for friends only using my own SUV/trailer and hope that they will cover my out-of-pocket expenses. I recently moved a friend back here from the Baja but due to an unexpected mechanical breakdown I lost over
  20. Recent experience this past week with roadside assistance. Qualitas through Bellon. Broke down on Hwy. 2 crossing the Altar Desert - twice!! First time took Qualitas about 3.5 hrs. to get a tow truck to me and had to get Andre involved to find out what was going on and why the delays. Second time near Soyotlan and they were responsive and to me in 90 minutes. I'n not pleased with the choice of auto mechanic I was dropped of with to make repairs but that is not the fault of Qualitas.
  21. Yes, you need to sand and prime the metal before repainting it or it won't last very long. One of the best "off-the-shelf" spray can primers is available here at Home Depot and is a Rustoleum product called "Self Etching Primer" in light grey. Works very well. For larger jobs, treat bare metal with a diluted solution of phosphoric acid before applying a good metal primer is also a very effective way to prepare a metal surface before applying top coats.
  22. Don't know if you have tried him but the most reliable plumber working east of Chapala that I have had do work for the A.C. is Arturo Sanchez in Santa Cruz. Cell phone# is (33) 3661-2193 and he speaks English.
  23. Yes, I have tried to cross at Pharr at 6AM but had to wait until 7:30 AM for the INM guy to show up!!!
  24. Yes, at Columbia. Left one day and cancelled permit. When on to San Antonio to do some shopping, Came back the next day and got a new one.
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