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  1. 10 hours ago, ibarra said:

    How were you notified regarding time and location of your vaccination?  Were you given any documentation that you received the first vaccination?

    The initial contact was from the Dellegado of our small village.  Via way of one of the gardeners who takes care of the grounds maintenance, most of the 60+ residents (regardless of Nationality) were contacted and asked to come to the Plaza for registration.  Then once the vaccines were ready, we were given a time slot for our community to come and receive our shots.  A large covered area at the Mezcala community centre is set up.  As you enter you are given a number.  Wait timeyesterday was about 20-30 minutes.  When called you went to a long table for checking of BP, temp, oxigenation and a quick blood test if diabetic.  Then wait to be called for the prick and you have to sit in another large room for 30 minutes.  If no problems, you are sent to another table to get the vaccination certificate and told that you will be called in 20-40 days for the booster shot.  Fast, well organized and friendly (and free).

  2. A group of us 60+ residents of the Municipality of Poncitlan (east of Chapala) received our first jabs this afternoon in Mezcala,  Next shot is to be given to us in 20-40 days.  The vaccine used was the Sinovac (Chinese) vaccine which Mexico is administering for all of the rural areas where the Pfizer vaccine is impractical.   There were about 200 people that were vaccinated and it was a remarkably well run and efficient process.  Thanks to the Jalisco health unit. Oh... so far no side effects.

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  3. I have searched for it before to use for chlorination injection for our community water wells.  In our case it was available from the supplier who delivers product to the Municipal Water Dept.  Check with your local SIMAPA office.  It is a difficult product to handle due to the concentration level and had to be delivered from industrial chemical distributors in Guadalajara.  None of the local pool suppliers I talked to at the time wanted to mess with this stuff. 

  4. 18 hours ago, TelsZ4 said:

    There are no charges for using a Scotiabank card in the machine. The Mexicans are upset about the Canadian government stopping flights between Mexico and Canada so they are changing the $5 fee..if you call your bank they will refund you the fee.

    That's not what I was told by the Customer Service Center.  Can you cite where you heard or read this or are you just speculating??

  5. ***FOR CANADIANS*****
    I saw some additional service fees on my bank statement so called Scotiabank in Canada to find out what is going on. It appears Scotiabank Canada is changing its service fees effective March 1, 2021. If you have a Scotiabank Canada bank account and use the Scotiabank Caribbean or Mexico ATM networks, you may have to pay a $5 per transaction service charge moving forward - depending on which type of account you have. It was free in the past for Basic Plus or Preferred Checking accounts but will be no longer. Scotia Inverlat will now be considered a "non-Scotia" bank in the eyes of its Canadian parent. You will need to upgrade to their Ultimate checking account to escape the withdrawal service fee charge. I can find not notifications of this upcoming change on their web site.

  6. I believe it is Communal as the numerous lawsuits are filed with the Agrarian court.  The local administration over the land area is assumed by a "Mesa Directiva" and the voting at their meetings is done by "Comuneros" who are typically the eldest son of the families that have lived in the area for some time.  No women or foreigners allowed to be "Comuneros".  The local Municipality (Poncitlan in this case) does not collect Municipal taxes from the residents and as a result there is very little spent on infrastructure.

  7. It is actually spelt "Chirimoyo" and is a distressed community due to an ongoing land dispute (approx. 20 yrs.) with the Mesa Directiva of the local Village called Tlachichilco.  Good place to rent but could be problematic for purchasing property since many of the "foreigner" owned titles have been set aside on the properties in that area.  The adjacent town of San Juan Tecomatlan has been regularized but Tlachichilco has refused to move forward so far.  The locals refer to their community as "indigenous" even though there are almost no people currently living there that can trace their family history as descendants of any indigenous forbearers. 

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  8. I did a roofing project last year at my house to replacing an old tile roof over the terrazzo.  Very similar design to the pic above.   I used 4' x 8' x 8mm. Cempanel and screwed it directly onto the steel 1' x 2" purlins that the old tile roof was wired to with countersinking self tapping screws. On  my roof the purlins were on a 30 cm. spacing.

    Bottom line, it didn't work out too well.  The Cempanel seems to have a lot of expansion/contraction due to the changes in temperature.  Eventually it developed cracks.  The fix was to mount the panels with an approx. 1/4" gap and insert a foam bead into the opening.  Then caulk with a highly flexible urethane sealer such as Sikaflex.  Then apply a white impermabilizante  of high quality such as the Fester 12 yr. stuff (not cheap) that has fibers in it for strength, allows for maximum stretch and reflects the sunlight to keep the heat down.  Seems to be good so far but I am only about a year into it.  If I were doing another roof, I would use a thicker Cempanel - there are both 10 mm. and 12 mm. options available.

  9. It may be very difficult to do.  Usually, the original fabricator of the trailer has to give you a factura and then you take that to the Recaudadora to TRY and get them to issue a license plate for it.  Hitch comes when you have no serial# on the trailer to give them.  I did this once for a trailer I built and had a lot of difficulty.  This is why so many trailer plates get stolen. You could always just use it without a plate or registration (like many locals do out in the countryside) but stay off Federal Highways.  I have been stopped with mine on several occasions in Federal Police roadblocks and had the paperwork checked.  Jalisco is a tough one.  Maybe you can buy an illegal State of Mexico plate??

  10. In March I ordered some fairly expensive instrumentation electronics (about $20,000 pesos in value) from a company in California that had their products for sale on Amazon.  I set my delivery address to iShop in SAT where I have a box#.   I thought I was going to be OK for delivery because of the Amazon logistics.  What I found out after shipping that they sent the order by USPS - no other options offered unless I could use my own courier account - which I don't have.  I was able to track the shipment to the border then it entered a black hole.  No further tracking info or updates.  After about 2 months waiting (the end of the delivery window) I contacted the Vendor via Amazon and my order was cancelled and the money refunded.  I encouraged the Vendor to arrange for Amazon logistics to handle their international shipments in the future but it seems this only is provided to Vendors who use Amazon's warehouses to inventory their products.  This specific Vendor only uses Amazon listings to generate sales but ship from their own warehouse.  I did continue to try and find out what happened to the shipment and about a further month later (in late June), iShop received a note from the Chapala post office that my parcel was there and that I had to go to the Post Office and pay the SAT tax and handling fees to claim my parcel.  The amount was about $5,000 pesos (arounf 24%) which I paid to get my box but there was no supporting paperwork or invoices - NADA.  Never again - this just is proof to me that Correos de Mexico and SAT are disconnected and not integrated for foreign mail/parcel handling.

  11. I concur - try to avoid the use of Correos de Mexico for any packages delivered from Vendors NOB.  Biggest culprit seems to be items shipping from Vendors using US Mail (USPS).  Tracking is excellent until the hand-off to Correos de Mexico at the border.  There does not appear to be any integrated clearance service with SAT so the delays become horrendous and the products seem to go missing too frequently.  Amazon MX/US/CDN seems to be the best solution currently if you can find what you are after and the product is fulfilled by Amazon's excellent logistics service.  I have also has some good success with eBay IF the order can be shipped by Fedex or UPS but those couriers are more expensive than Amazon is with their International shipping.  I have never had an incidence of either Fedex or UPS handing off to Correos de Mexico because they operate their own Mexican networks.  Things appear to be changing as I noticed a recent eBay order coming in via UPS resulted in an email from UPS during the border crossing and the option to pay the IVA/brokerage fee on-line with a credit card.  Paid it promptly and no significant delays and delivered 2 days later by UPS Mexico.  Unfortunately, neither DHL or Estefeta are options available from most NOB vendors. My personal experience with Mercadolibre Mexico for domestic purchases/shipping has not been good so I avoid using them if I can.

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  12. Strange delivery yesterday.  I tried to call Z-Gas for a bulk delivery - both numbers I have including the web site say service disconnected.  So I called the last driver's card I had.  Two guys came (they have been here before driving a Z-Gas truck).  They were wearing Z-Gas uniforms but driving a Vela Gas truck and the receipt they gave me was for Gas Los Altos.  Price was $9.60 per ltr.  What gives???

  13. If ordering from USA - make sure you use a courier service such as DHL or Fedex (or Amazon Logistics if an Amazon purchase).  Never ever have something shipped by USPS - it will hit the black hole of death called "Correos de Mexico" once it crosses the border and you will likely never see your purchase.

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  14. I used them for a first time a few weeks ago and probably won't again.  First problem arose when trying to use a credit card or debit card that is not on a Mexican bank.  The system requests additional security ie. the scan of an IFE card or equivalent.  As a Permanente Resident, I have no such card and the system is not set up to deal with non-Mexican citizens it seems.  Had to go to Oxxo to make my payment - which is OK - but they still also charged my credit card after they told me it was not accepted?????  Fortunately they reversed the charge so not a big deal.  Then their Vendor shipped it by PaquetExpress and it arrived in Guadalajara from Mexico City in 2 days - then sat in some warehouse in Guadalajara for 10 days before making it to IShop in SAT.  Repeated attempts to try and find out what the holdup was never yielded any results.   In my opinion, MercadoLibre has a long way to go to catch up to Amazon Mexico.

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