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  1. I use a Company called INFRA for CO2 cylinders for MIG welding but that is an Industrial grade product so not the level of purity you may want for your Soda maker. They also show on their web site the supply of medical grade cylinders so you may want to chat with them about what they recommend. Nearest office is in El Salto the same road that the Honda plant is on). El Salto Tabachines 1-A Lunes a Viernes de 8:30 a 17:30 y Sábados de 9:00 a 14:00 San José del Castillo El Salto, El Salto CP: 45680 (33) 36 88 19 56
  2. Vista del Lago - the community above the Chapala Golf Course near San Nicholas Ibarra ast of Chapala.
  3. It is up and working fine here east of VDL. Initial comments are that my neighbor loves it!! Finally decent internet. Giving up on Telmex.
  4. My neighbor just got it. No word yet on how it is working. I will follow up.
  5. You will need to go to Guadalajara for a specialist. Mechanics here can pull it out and take it in for you if you want.
  6. Why build? Just buy a used CanAm Spyder. They are great for disabled folks. Also would be resellable much easier once you no longer can use it. I have a friend who is paralyzed from the waste down and bought one of the very first ones off the production line. He modified it for hand controls and has motored all around the Great Lakes with it. The CanAm brass was so impressed with his story they invited him to HQ in Quebec for a press day a few years back.
  7. Maybe he is draining urine from his brain??
  8. Filled tank today with Z-Gas. $12.61 per litro.
  9. If you get the sample taken before noon, you will likely get the results in the wee hours of the morning next day, in my most recent case about 21 hrs. turnaround. Sample taken at 10:30 AM on a Monday, received the results by email at 5:30AM next morning. Results may vary though. 2 documents, one in Spanish, the other in English.
  10. Level 2 of the parking garage. Cost is $1500 pesos, operating hours I think are 24 x7 but check first before going. Yes I have used them twice. Be aware you need to watch your timing though. They only send the samples out once/day to the lab and this they do at noon. They use their corporate lab in Puebla so make sure you are in the 72 hr. window. A bit of contradiction in the requirements. CDC says 72 hrs. before your flight, Canada Border Services says within 72 hrs. of arrival time into Canada. So your layover times for connecting flights need to be considered - possibly.
  11. I recently had a Mexican will done by Notario #2. He said they do need to be probated but he suggested that it is easier if the same notario handles it as the one who notarized the will in the first place. If the person has no Mexican assets, a Mexican will is not needed.
  12. Appliance only. Total cost, all in (Puerto de Hierro Norte stay, doctors, anesthesiologist), $157,000, about $10K CDN.
  13. Many ways to do this but my preferred and perceived safest route is as follows: Take Interstate 2 west from McAllen and exit onto the 396 spur south and cross at the Puente International Anzalduas bridge. Onto Hwy 40 toward Monterrey, continue onto the 40D cuota. Take the Hwy. 100 bypass around the north side of Monterrey and onto 40D cuota toward Saltillo. Follow around the north and west of Saltillo onto Hwy. 54 south toward Zacatecas. When approaching Zacatecas, take the 45D bypass around the east side of the city and continue on to Aguascalientes and find your way though the city on anyone of 3 ring roads and come out the south side heading toward Leon. Take the 80D exit across to San Juan de los Lagos onto continue on the cuota toward Guadalajara. As you approach Zapotlanejo (on the east side of the city), stay straight ahead and it becomes the Macrolibramiento Sur. Exit onto the Chapala Hwy. 23 and go up to the first Retorno, take it and head south to Chapala.
  14. I had a hip replacement 6 weeks ago through Quality Care and Puerto de Hierro Norte. The appliance my surgeon recommended was a type manufactured by Stryker in Kalamazoo, MI. The one I was told the surgeon used is their polypropylene joint system. Cost was $65,000 pesos.
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