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  1. I have had a couple of boxes of screws confiscated from my carry-on by security prior to an AeroMexico flight out of Mexico City. Agent told me no "hardware" items allowed in carry-on baggage.
  2. My wife had a misfortunate health issue last week and was admitted to this new hospital to spend a few days recuperating after experiencing a life threatening emergency condition. The facility is very nice - at least the part that is completed so far. The doctors seemed to be very good, the nursing staff - not very good yet. The prices seemed to me to be extremely high - probably gringo rates. The charge for a room is $3,480 per day!! Last time we were in Puerta de Hierro it was $2,000 but this was a couple of years ago. I don't think many lower income people will be using this facility. I would be interested to know if anyone else has had any similar experiences so far.
  3. The Fester store beside Wal-Mart has a black asphalt coating which is elastomeric and with fibers in it. Good for foundation walls and crack sealing of rook flashing, etc. it is called Fester Microlastic and available in 4 ltr. Or 20 ltr. Pails. About $1500 pesos for the pails.
  4. No, the problem seems to be something unique to outlook and Hotmail email. It is very slow responding some times for such tasks within the program such as looking up an address from the address book (within live.com) or deleting an email message once read, etc. I do not seem to have any issues with other internet related tasks such as viewing the web boards or using Google to search from IE. I do use a VPN (Nord VPN) so am wondering if that might have something to do with it?
  5. Yes, I am having a lot of difficulty today as well - I use outlook.com.
  6. Just remember, you have to be a little bit careful if you are mixing the types of LNB's you are using (on different dishes) on the same account. The new triple LNB uses a different software setup for its channel selection scheme (referred to as the "V-code") than the older twin LNB setups like most of us have here in the south. It is a bit difficult to explain to the Shaw techs why you need to have different V-codes on different receivers - but it is possible. You can tell what your receiver's V-code is set to by looking at the first 4 digits of the "Map Status" in the configuration menu.
  7. My neighbour just tiled the inside of his. Used a swimming pool type grout. Should be a lot easier to clean.
  8. Thanks for the lead. Their website is www.iFibramx.com. They show a local office in Ocotlan. Some really nice packages on their website. May be a solution for those of us in Chapala and east along the Carretera to Mezcala. iFibra Reforma No. 216 Col. Centro, Ocotlan Tel: 392-925-0718
  9. The contractors are stringing the cable on both CFE poles and Telmex poles.
  10. I saw some guys installing fiber optic cable on the Telmex poles just east of Foccacia Restaurant near San Juan Tecomatlan this morning. I asked one of the workers who they are stringing cable for - his response was phonetically "y fibra". He said it was for internet and TV services. Not sure of the spelling of the company name. Anyone heard of this outfit and where to locate them?
  11. Find out from SIMAPA what the water temp is on the well that feeds your area. This is one of the parameters that is tested on a regular basis by Agua Jalisco on all municipal wells part of Standard NOM-127-SSA1-1994. As an example - the wells I take care of showed a reading of 30C when the last sampling was done in August 2018 (privately managed system east of Chapala near San Juan).
  12. Just a bit more info on this for the "techies" out there. The numbers in the F: Map Status parameter indicate what LNB and channel lineup your receiver is set to for your configuration. In my example above (586-4322), the second 4 digit number is referred to as the "V-code". In this example, 4322 indicates a dual quad LNB and the eastern advance channel lineup. If you switch to the new xKu quad LNB, you will need to get Shaw to change your V-code before you can get all the channels you used to. Really no benefit to doing this though because you still won't be able to get any signals off the Anik G1 (the third satellite) this far south.
  13. guillermobill - you ask an excellent question - one which I have wondered for some time and have never been able to get a definitive answer to. This is what I "suspect" is going on from a technical perspective. The older dual frequency LNB's use specific DC voltages controlled by the receiver to select channels. There are 4 specific voltages used to select which of the two satellites and the polarization (vertical and horizontal) used to "tune" in the channel you want. The newer xKu LNB's use a different tuning scheme to select which satellite and polarization to tune in the channels across the 3 satellites. The receiver's software controls this magic and must be set up by Shaw to the type of LNB you have. I "suspect" this is a parameter called the "Map Status" table identified in the receiver's configuration menu (Menu, Settings, Status, System Status, Parameter F). I use aftermarket dual LNB's on two separate dishes with a 4x4 multi-switch (mux) and am configured with Map Status: 586-4322. Once when I was back at my home system in Ontario I looked at the installation there. I had the standard 65E with the newer triple LNB and also experienced the same thing you mention - missing channels. So the moral of my story is be careful - the new LNB's from Shaw don't seem to be a direct swap out without some involvement of Shaw to reconfigure your receiver(s). I can see no reason for us here in the south to do the dish upgrade. Receivers yes, dish/LNB no.
  14. Scotiabank (Canada) just sent a replacement card to my iShop mailbox in San Antonio sin cost by DHL. Only took 3 days over the Christmas season.
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