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  1. Did you ask the proud charmer what they found? Was it a broken pipe, a misaligned joint, ground movement, and underground spring???
  2. I did a roofing project last year at my house to replacing an old tile roof over the terrazzo. Very similar design to the pic above. I used 4' x 8' x 8mm. Cempanel and screwed it directly onto the steel 1' x 2" purlins that the old tile roof was wired to with countersinking self tapping screws. On my roof the purlins were on a 30 cm. spacing. Bottom line, it didn't work out too well. The Cempanel seems to have a lot of expansion/contraction due to the changes in temperature. Eventually it developed cracks. The fix was to mount the panels with an approx. 1/4" gap and insert a foam b
  3. It may be very difficult to do. Usually, the original fabricator of the trailer has to give you a factura and then you take that to the Recaudadora to TRY and get them to issue a license plate for it. Hitch comes when you have no serial# on the trailer to give them. I did this once for a trailer I built and had a lot of difficulty. This is why so many trailer plates get stolen. You could always just use it without a plate or registration (like many locals do out in the countryside) but stay off Federal Highways. I have been stopped with mine on several occasions in Federal Police roadbloc
  4. In March I ordered some fairly expensive instrumentation electronics (about $20,000 pesos in value) from a company in California that had their products for sale on Amazon. I set my delivery address to iShop in SAT where I have a box#. I thought I was going to be OK for delivery because of the Amazon logistics. What I found out after shipping that they sent the order by USPS - no other options offered unless I could use my own courier account - which I don't have. I was able to track the shipment to the border then it entered a black hole. No further tracking info or updates. After abou
  5. I concur - try to avoid the use of Correos de Mexico for any packages delivered from Vendors NOB. Biggest culprit seems to be items shipping from Vendors using US Mail (USPS). Tracking is excellent until the hand-off to Correos de Mexico at the border. There does not appear to be any integrated clearance service with SAT so the delays become horrendous and the products seem to go missing too frequently. Amazon MX/US/CDN seems to be the best solution currently if you can find what you are after and the product is fulfilled by Amazon's excellent logistics service. I have also has some good
  6. It has moved further east into the larger 2 story building called "Home Decor".
  7. Strange delivery yesterday. I tried to call Z-Gas for a bulk delivery - both numbers I have including the web site say service disconnected. So I called the last driver's card I had. Two guys came (they have been here before driving a Z-Gas truck). They were wearing Z-Gas uniforms but driving a Vela Gas truck and the receipt they gave me was for Gas Los Altos. Price was $9.60 per ltr. What gives???
  8. If ordering from USA - make sure you use a courier service such as DHL or Fedex (or Amazon Logistics if an Amazon purchase). Never ever have something shipped by USPS - it will hit the black hole of death called "Correos de Mexico" once it crosses the border and you will likely never see your purchase.
  9. Have not yet found a "Good" electrician Lakeside yet. My assumption is that all of more skilled or educated tradespeople migrate to better paying jobs in the city.
  10. I used them for a first time a few weeks ago and probably won't again. First problem arose when trying to use a credit card or debit card that is not on a Mexican bank. The system requests additional security ie. the scan of an IFE card or equivalent. As a Permanente Resident, I have no such card and the system is not set up to deal with non-Mexican citizens it seems. Had to go to Oxxo to make my payment - which is OK - but they still also charged my credit card after they told me it was not accepted????? Fortunately they reversed the charge so not a big deal. Then their Vendor shipped i
  11. OP probably is referring to 5-1/4" floppies. Still lots for sale on Mercado Libre, Amazon, etc.
  12. Maybe a bug got inside it?
  13. The roof sealants that are sold here vary greatly in quality and price. I am of the opinion you get what you pay for. The cheaper ones don't last very long and you need to continually recoat your roof. The best I have found is the 12 yr. Fester but at over $2000 pesos per 19 ltr. pail not cheap. I redid my roof with it about 7 years ago and it still looks great and no leaks. The white sealants reflect more sunlight and can make your house feel cooler in the hotter months.
  14. I have had a problem getting hot water to the kitchen sink. Problem is it is a long run of plumbing from where the hot water heater (propane - tank type) at the opposite end of the house. After researching solar hot water heaters, tankless instant heaters both gas and electric, etc.- I opted for an under sink "mini-tank" electric heater. Amazon Mexico have a nice one in-stock for immediate shipment from the warehouse in Guadalajara - the Bosch ES4 4 gallon heater. It uses 1440 watts (120 V) and has a 98% efficiency rating. Cost was $4,515 pesos with free shipping. Easy to mount and c
  15. We are not running out of water - just polluting it and moving it from its natural location (out of the water table) to other locations around the world. Think of the Earths eco-system as a closed loop system.
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