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  1. Check with Hugo Real at Real Servicio 78 on Pepe Guizar #84. (376) 765-2709. He had a guy do redo one of my passenger windows and did a great job.
  2. Pfizer only in Guadalajara at one of the two vaccination sites - Auditorio Benito Juarez and University of Guadalajara CUCEI.
  3. PCR test is best obtained at the airport - Level 2 of the parking garage. $1,600 pesos. Make sure you go a couple of days before your scheduled flight departure time.
  4. Had a hip replaced last week - surgeon was Gr. Gabriel Martinez at Quality Care, operation at Puerta de Hierro Norte (Andares Mall area). All in, $157,000 MX including doctors, implant and hospital fees.
  5. Yes I have a remote monitoring system I have designed and installed on our wells near San Juan Tecomatlan, east of Chapala. I don't know of any others in the area so I had to do it from scratch. I monitor pumping efficiencies and flow rates from the wells by measuring the 3 phase power consumption, flow through the main meter and run time at each well with RS-485 EKM Omnimeters and send the data via the Digi Xbee 900 mHz Digi-mesh network to my home computer. No internet connections near the wells so I used the 802.15 protocol for a dedicated network and have a couple of water meters set up to count pulses. For automated pump control, we used the 27 mHz mid-range pump controllers from Remote Control Technologies since it is very robust. All solar powered and UPS backed up so I can see what is going on during power failures. Been in operation since 2011. You are welcome to come and visit for a demo if you like sometime.
  6. As stated above. Went to University of Guadalajara campus at Revolution y Olympia yesterday for second dose of Pfizer. Easy, peasy. In and out in 20 minutes - no questions asked about where we live. Just had to show our reservation QR code.
  7. Nope. Probably your float valve/switch in the tinaco needs to be replaced.
  8. Assuming you are interested in bacterias/biologicals (such as e-coli, etc.), any of the local labs that you go to for blood tests can do this for you. If you are after a full spectrum including metals, you need to go to Guadalajara - there are several labs there that do them. All of the municipal wells are tested on a scheduled basis to the standard NOM-127-SSA1-1994 used by Conagua here in Mexico.
  9. Yes you can cut the water off if it is a private system owned and operated/maintained by the fracc. Just need to make it inconvenient for them by supplying a spigot they can use a bucket to get water from, hopefully too far from their house that they cannot reach it with a water hose. Very effective collection tool with deadbeats.
  10. I now use a company for on-line order & delivery - Cyberpuerta.com. Excellent selection and very fast shipping. I have recently purchased a new HP desktop printer and batteries for an alarm system.
  11. Expect the cost of pipas to rise dramatically shortly if they have not already done so. Conagua has just hit commercial water takers on the Chapala aquifer with a 300% increase in extraction tariffs - from $3.25 pesos per cu. mtr. up to around $9.4 pesos per cu. mtr. If you get your water from an illegal (unregistered well) or hose dipped into the lake, you are lucky. Don't know what the levies on the Municipal wells (ie. SIMAPA) have increased by.
  12. I believe Mexico is only administering the Pfizer vaccine in major urban centers where they have the refrigeration capability to administer it.
  13. The initial contact was from the Dellegado of our small village. Via way of one of the gardeners who takes care of the grounds maintenance, most of the 60+ residents (regardless of Nationality) were contacted and asked to come to the Plaza for registration. Then once the vaccines were ready, we were given a time slot for our community to come and receive our shots. A large covered area at the Mezcala community centre is set up. As you enter you are given a number. Wait timeyesterday was about 20-30 minutes. When called you went to a long table for checking of BP, temp, oxigenation and a quick blood test if diabetic. Then wait to be called for the prick and you have to sit in another large room for 30 minutes. If no problems, you are sent to another table to get the vaccination certificate and told that you will be called in 20-40 days for the booster shot. Fast, well organized and friendly (and free).
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