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  1. Ate there Sunday past with some friends and have done so for several years. I like the salads so I guess they wash veggies. Never any problems. I live across from dairy lot in San Antonio and get cranky if I don't have my daily Pajarete straight from the cow. Talk about stuff flying around. I also drink the water.
  2. As I understand, Angie found more steady employment, housing and other needed things. New owners may have been vague to respect her privacy. She was an asset but obviously needed to find her own way. Must allow one to chose own path, eh?
  3. To prefice my remarks, I want to approve of new MODERATOR Stance. Probably means I'll get kick off but doubt I'll be back anyway. OPTIONS FOR RENTAL DEPOSIT RETURN: 1) Accept terms of lease and live with outcome. 2) Be a pendejo and not accept 'cultural' differences. Concerning 1), my experiences have been mostly positive. A few uncalled for deductions, but....remaining deposit returned in timely manner. However, 2) turned out to be winner in recent situation. Frequent trips/emails to realtor, postings at previous residence alerting current tenants to behavior of owner, etc. seem to have gotten attention. Since rental contract is worth less than paper one disposes of in bathroom, more aggressive actions seem to have trickled down. SUGGESTIONS: 1) know your landlord. Thought I did as I put up with his butchered attempt at English during his bi-weekly visits to deliver lawn mower. Obviously didn't help. 2) before signing contract, do walk through with owner/agent. Take some pictures. Have them available when final walk through is done. In my last case, agent flew through house with no comments even though I questioned her. When I left, owner was parked around the corner and refused to acknowledge my presence even though I stopped beside his parked car to say 'adios.' Left me wondering... 3) include an Addendum spelling out timely return of deposit. If house has landline, expect couple of months for final bill to arrive. Otherwise, if gas topped up, etc., should be little delay. 4) in my case, I plan to include 3rd party signator. Especially appropriate if one is leaving country. My 3rd party will be local charity person. For me it will be Anglican church as I will donate deposit to them. They have good causes and a mechanism to follow up on to see donations are justifiably used. As state above, I would rather a good cause profit from deposit rather than unscrupulous landlord. This also should give owner/agent notice that a 3rd party is involved and whose interest is involved in timely return of deposit. Such can take burden off one for being pendejo and all efforts involved in acting as such. If you can't survive without deposit return, perhaps you shouldn't be renting anyway. Be prepared to amortize deposit over months of rental and accept it as cost of living wherever. Ergo, duth endeth my spouting off. Next week orphans and others will benefit from my travails.
  4. My neighbor has 2 golf carts for rent. 331 012 9850. also have friend, Duane, with one in great condition to sell. 333 843 4585. He may not answer immediately as Curling is on.
  5. My experiences echo positives above. Brought my 90 yr. old father down. In US he was on oxygen and laying around on recliner with nothing to look forward to except frequent visits to 'specialist' of the day. And there were at least 5. CaChinggg!!! We arrived at 2000 feet higher altitude . He got off plane and only some weeks later asked me about visit to 'specialist.' No oxygen needed and had life to look forward to instead of previous life's schedule mandated by Dr.visits. He even fell in love with cardiologist and we BOTH looked forward to visiting her in Guad. 2 1/2 good years for each of us. Then I was diagnosed with Hodgkin's lymphoma. Same as my 30 something nephew in US the year before. He had outstand med insurance. Me, not. His employer was most understanding and allowed weekly day off for him to go to Dr for treatment and frequent tests. And it took an entire day of commuting, waiting, etc.This went on for a year. CaChing!!!!!! Nephew's ordeal continued for one year. US is on it's own treatment time table. MX is on European system. I had half as many chemos as him and NO follow up radiation. I had 3 blood tests. He had to have surgery to place a portal in chest to allow for weekly blood letting. My out of pocket was about US$25,000. He spent almost twice as much even though he had outstanding insurance. Not counting weekly commute and day off work. Doubt his 'care givers' even knew his name let alone chatted him up and mopped brow during treatment. Nurse visited me at home every 2 weeks to administer chemo and massage my brow. A year after remission, I still get emails, texts from nurse and Dr inquiring. I now have more coverage in US but comparing his experience and mine.....I'd much rather fall in love in MX than be subjected to US style cash register CaChinging.
  6. Will start new thread to elaborate on success of being pendejo. Tune in manana
  7. Well put. Some attribute to Mussolini but much older. Must have been when he was kissing up like he did to Catholic Church. More representative quote of his was " We have buried the putrid corpse of liberty!" What can be expected from rabid socialist turned to rabid fascist? Kind of back on topic... my Chichimec is better than my Nahuatl but Aztecs said "the enemy is but weeds to be moved." With that in mind and referencing Nomames about renters' rights vs. landlord, last week passing Chapala market I saw a banner spanning 2 balconies. "Fulano (entire name spelled out) has no right to occupy this space....etc." Included phone # to call. Unfortunately when I returned 2 days later to take picture, banner was replaced by For Rent sign. Guess it worked. BTW. IRS could care less about $ earned in MX by non-US citizen. HOWEVER, MX equivalent has jurisdiction and since landlord is not Pena Nieto's relative, lover. whatever...and looking to cover their 'you know what,' some pressure seems to be trickling down. So Zeb, stayed tuned. I've shown a proposed Addendum to some rental agents and they fainted. Or can just sign contract, pay deposit and make no more payments. Let owner come after you. In MX they call such 'paracaidistas (parachutists).' Not my recommendation but works for a lot of poor who have been illegaly forced off their land and into cities. Expect to have more on resolution of my situation in coming week. Anticipating a charitable contribution as stated above.
  8. On April 22, 1992, a series of explosions in the sewer system (caused by leaking gas pipeline) in downtown Guadalajara destroyed 8 kilometres (5.0 mi) of streets. By independent accounting 200+ people were killed, nearly 500 injured and 15,000 were left homeless. The estimated monetary damage between $300 million and $1 billion. The center of Tlaquepaque was evacuated. I was there shortly afterward and there was a tearing down of old places to expand streets. Never witnessed 60% destruction of city. BTW, 4 Pemex people implicated but never convicted. What else is new? In mid 80's I helped establish Sister City Program with Leon, Gto. Yes, it's changed a lot. Now more pedestrian friendly closed streets. In places some of character has changed to be replaced by more local/tourist friendly environment. A better trade off, IMHO, than unplanned mass destruction alluded to by some. On downside, street in front of a friend's house has been changed to one way the other way. Now must circle a few blocks to get there.
  9. Have heard about organic Avocado oil production facility in CG. Anyone know about it?
  10. On Telcel dial #264 and get a bewildering, rapid fire Spanish series of choices. I think it's #2 but was dazed. This allows you to list 3 numbers you frequently call. No charge for 5 minute call to MX, US or Canada. Can't remember if that's daily, weekly or millenial. Hard to get details as so many words so fast. Will have to call back and listen better. Have your 3 numbers ready to input. However it works as a 'friend' has been calling me frequently from Cocula. To dial US 800 = 880; 888 = 881; 877 = 882; 866 - 883. I've been around for 6+ years and am still a 'newbie' unlike other with a year here and more than 1300 posts. Agree with moderators.
  11. Me again...... FYI, initial response from PROFECO. My future actions depend on reply from rental agant. Or not. In words Emiliano Zapata..."IT'S BETTER TO DIE STANDING UP THAN LIVE ON YOUR KNEES." En contacto Procuraduría Federal del Consumidor Subprocuraduría de Servicios Dirección General de Quejas y Conciliación Dirección de Conciliación y Programas Especiales “2015, Año del Generalísimo José María Morelos y Pavón” A.... J.... F, Thank you for your e-mail. The Consumer Protection Agency, PROFECO, is part of the administrative branch of the Federal Government of Mexico. The Department of Conciliation Services for Foreign Residents provides assistance towards trying to conciliate controversies for foreign or Mexican citizens living abroad that acquire any product or service from a Mexican supplier. Because of the administrative nature of this Agency, Profeco cannot dictate mandatory resolutions to resolve controversies presented before us; we assist the parties within a mediation/conciliation procedure; based on the terms of the contract that consumer supplies us. According to Art. 73 of the Federal Consumer Protection Law: Acts related to real property shall only be subject to this Law when the suppliers are developers, constructors, promoters and other persons that take part in rendering advisory services and sale of housing to the public to be used as dwelling places, or when the consumer has been granted the right to use the real property through the timesharing system, within the meaning of Articles 64 and 65 of this Law. In case that your claim is about a consumption relationship, we inform you that The Consumer Protection Agency, PROFECO, is part of the administrative branch of the Federal Government of Mexico. The Department of Conciliation Services for Foreign Residents provides assistance towards trying to conciliate controversies for foreign or Mexican citizens living abroad that acquire any product or service from a Mexican supplier. ARTICLE 7. Any supplier is bound to inform and respect the prices, fees, warranties, amounts, qualities, measurements, interests, charges, terms and conditions, time periods, dates, modalities, reservations, and other conditions which such supplier has offered, assumed, or agreed upon with the consumer regarding the delivery of a good or the rendering of a service, and under no circumstance can these goods or services be denied to any person; therefore any charge involved in the transaction must be established in your contract, taxes included. To be able to analyze your paperwork, it is required to submit the following information: 1. Complete complaint form. Description of claim should be in English translated into Spanish. 2. Copy of the ID of the persons who signed the contract (Passport or Driver’s License). 3. Copy of the full contract (all clauses and / or recitals) 4. Copy of the evidence of payment of the total amounts paid, such as credit card statements, issued by the bank. 5. Copy of the document showing the non-fulfillment by the supplier Documents to Profeco should be send by mail to: Procuraduría Federal del Consumidor Dirección General de Quejas y Conciliación Av. Jose Vasconcélos no. 208, 6º piso Col. Condesa. Del. Cuauhtémoc C.P. 06140, México, D.F. (Mexico City) Or to this mean in an e-mail (ONE) below 5MB and PDF format, otherwise, please use the mailing services. It is important to take in mind that in accordance with the Mexican legislation, all promotions and acts must be written in Spanish, and when it is written in another language must have the Spanish translation. Therefore and in order to continue with your claim, we need you to send us a translation of your formal complaint –see attached- (just the letter where you make a brief description of your claim), this in accordance with article 2 of the Administrative Federal Procedure Law (Ley Federal de Procedimiento Administrativo), and 271 of the Federal Code of Civil Procedure (Código Federal de Procedimientos Civiles). All personal and confidential information collected by Profeco, will be considered as non-disclosed and protected by our Federal Laws and our services are free of charge. Thank you LAURA MEJIA L. Department of Conciliation Services for Foreign Residents De: xxxxxxxx Enviado el: jueves, 26 de febrero de 2015 01:30 p.m. Para: Conciliacion a Extranjeros Asunto: return of rental deposit While visiting Mexico, I was diagnosed with cancer. I rented a house during treatment. For the last 10 months the landlord and rental agent have ignored my inquiries. The landlord directly deposited my checks into off shore account as payment was in US dollars. My question is 'does PROFECO get involved in such matters? Gracias por su atencion xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx Sophos Secure “La información de este correo así como la contenida en los documentos que se adjuntan, puede ser objeto de solicitudes de acceso a la información”. Sophos Secure
  12. Nomames...love your apodo! Wish I had thought of it. Too appropriate for blogs in general. Guess I should take it to heart, no? About other's heads up "you are in a country which conflicts w/our values (all cultures are not the same in general)." Wow! Profound!! Insightful!!! Correct!!!! Before retiring I earned a comfortable living negotiating international contracts from Turkey to Ivory Coast to South America. Never paid bribes, kickbacks, etc. even though the opportunity was offered. Never had non-performance on contracts. Did so in several of the local languages. Cultural awareness is quite beneficial in negotiating not to mention daily living. Personally, I enjoy cultural diversity and the opportunities for learning and broadening one's world view. If I didn't understand and believe this, I would have chartered a flight to attend recent CPAC 'show.' Alas, I didn't go. Weather was better here...not to mention conversation. As this thread has veered away from my original intent, I will do as the soon to be ex (I hope!) MX Attorney General Jesus Murillo Karam (last name indicates he's an Islamic terrorist, right?) said "Ya Me Canso." You can ask your gardener how to translate this. But I don't intend to bend over and take it as some suggest I do. That's their choice, not mine. Ciao baby.
  13. Guess there's something inside me that is "screaming to get out." Sorry all are having to bear witness, but to each his own, eh? As far as skipping last month's rent...hard to do when they show up on first of month requiring payment. And come back and back... A little turn about "fair play" seems appropriate in my case. Besides, as I mentioned above, I would rather donate deposit to a cause more worthy than a money launderer.
  14. Yes, Bennie2, nothing new. Does that mean one should stand aside and not "think for yourselves & let others enjoy the privilege to do so?" No comment necessary on "totalitarian screaming to get out." Also, not my intention to deter folks from coming to MX. I was almost kidnapped during a business trip to DF a few years ago. And survived Peru and Central America during very tumultuos times. I keep coming back. Did a little thinking on my own (go figure...) and it occured to me that perhaps some legal mind/s could come up with an addendum to stock rental agreements now used. A prospective renter could ask to have it signed in addition to regular one (which like most laws have no implementation clauses built in). MX law does have Arbitration statutes in place (a la PROSECO, for example). But both parties must sign to agree for resolution. Basic idea of addendum would be to put landlord (and renter...) on notice that each must abide by law to honor contract in a timely manner. If landlord refuses, that would be a BIG RED FLAG about his future intentions, no? Plenty of rentals around so I choose to screen landlord as a filter... A little late for my present issue, but there I go thinking on my own again. And having MY OWN OPINION. To each, no?
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