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  1. My, three row, normal, Chrysler mini-van has a hitch on the back for towing so the ground clearance is a bit more shallow. The only problem I've had is backing out of driveways and the hitch hitting the street, which occurs here in Mexico and in the USA as well. I've never had a problem with tope or speed bump clearance even when the van is fully loaded. Hope this helps. Steve
  2. I'm looking for a fairly heavy duty weed wacker (whipper). Can you send info on the one you would sell?
  3. Wife and I just got back from We had a two great meals, more than we could eat, perfect service, endless drinks, and parking right out front for under 168 pesos. We'll be back again. This is not a place for everybody and we probably would have overlooked this chain of about 25 locations, most in Guadalajara, but our dentist recommened it and two of his favorite entrees. If you're a serious foodie this place won't do. But we feel it's a great change of pace, fun, and we enjoyed seeing so many younger locals there. As a side... we counted seven staff with the kitchen help and all were hard wor
  4. In years past when I was only good for 90 days and would overstay routinely, sometimes the airlines would overlook it but when they didn't I always "lost it" and it took five minutes of paperwork and a lot of stamping at the airport and I was on my way. Today, the airlines demand it, so get your boarding pass or whatever thingy and then go to the immigration window and advise them of your "lost" tourist" card, suffer through a lot of "stamping" then enjoy your flight out of Mexico. Passport required of course.
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