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  1. Has anyone flown Aeromar to PV? Looks like good direct flight. How were they?
  2. I have been sent by Shaw a new LNB. It is in Canada & difficult for me to get down. Would this new LNB give me better reception? I thought it was to work with the new satellite.
  3. I am Canadian RP looking to get a Visa to Russia without going back to Canada. Any luck getting one at the Embassy in Mexico? Cost???
  4. I have my own account from NS. Can. Just on the phone with Shaw to remove a special order channel. The op was hard sell that I should change my package. I looked on the new line up he offered for my old favourite channels & they were different numbers. I am concerned that these new numbers might be Sat 3 channels & if I switch I would not be able to receive them. I am staying on my original programming even though I might get a better deal on the new packages. Any thoughts????
  5. Have you actually made contact with them. I use a VPN & chat - they knew I was outside Canada. How ?????? A bit embarrassing - said I was on vacation. They said they could not make changes until I was back in N.S. Another time my change went right through no problem. I guess it depends on the operator you get.
  6. Looking for a nice roast. Any suggestions?
  7. I do not need it for Mexico - I have my Mexican Lic. It is required by law in Great Britain. At times the rental company will rent to you without it but if you are stopped or in an accident you are in big do do. I know how to get it in USA - I was looking for expertise in Mexico
  8. I agree. However, Great Britain requires an IDP to go along with my Mex Lic. Hertz will not rent without seeing it. I ran into the same problem in Italy. Many Euro countries are following suit.
  9. Does anyone have experience with applying for an International Drivers Permit for their Mexican Licence. I have the AMA site in Mex City. They do not give the cost. Other IDP's can be for 2 or 3 years. This one appears to be only good for 1 year. Any hints/ info appreciated
  10. Pedro Moreno as it turns east on the Malecon. The huge pothole had been fixed 2 months ago but is now just as worse as ever. Swallows up our little Fit. Thank you
  11. I have 227 kuna available ($35.00 usd) . Yours for $30.00 -
  12. windstar

    Turkey Day

    Manix will not be doing buffet for Monday
  13. I am leaving soon for Reynosa. Checking Google maps I see a new highway going west & north of SLP. Looks like it would save lots of kms. Any suggestions on this route. Also I see a 4 lane highway going to through the south of Monterrey instead of the truck route. How is that one. Thanks for any info.
  14. We love a good prime rib. We will appreciate reviews from anyone has had the prime rib - quality, size of portion etc.
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