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  1. Interesting. I tried YouTube TV when it first came out and offered a free month or something like that. At least at that time the only browser they would let you use was Google Chrome (on Mac). They required you have location services enabled in the browser and so just a VPN was not enough. I found a way through developer tools to "spoof" you location and that worked. It was a real hassle though and figured it might not work forever and wasn't worth the hassle and so canceled the subscription.
  2. I bought a gas dryer from Home Depot in Guad. 10 or so years ago. Asked the salesman multiple times if it was set up for propane and he said it was. It worked fine for about 6 months and then died. When they came out to fix they said it was because it was set up for natural gas and so wasn't covered on warranty and wasn't set up properly. I had installed it, so couldn't really argue, but I had asked. Cost about $100 US to fix.
  3. Thanks for the input everyone. In the end we decided to got the quota way: 15D, 15D, 37D. Nice easy drive with no issues.
  4. We've decided not to go that way. Thanks for everyones input!
  5. Same here. I've had TotalPlay for 7 or 8 months now and had my first outage about 2 weeks ago. It was in the evening, but they came the next day. It turned out that my fiber line was cut somehow and they had to replace the whole line. The one thing that I don't like is how they string their fiber. Down the middle of the street, through big trees, etc.
  6. Has anyone drove highway 200 from Tecoman to Zihuatanejo recently? I would like some recent information on the safety and road condition. Thanks!
  7. Don't know anything about Unefon, but AT&T coverage isn't great around Lakeside. Many dead spots.
  8. We stayed in Zitacuaro last week and went to Cerro Pelon on Thursday. It is about a 30 min. drive from Zitacuaro. We drove to a small village where they had horses. My wife and I each had a horse with a guide that led the horse. There was also a 3rd guide that walked up with us and helped. It it quite a steep trail with lots of rocks and dust and took a full hour to go up on the horses. We then had to hike up about 300 meters to where a lot of butterflies were. This was very straight up, but the guides helped us up all the way. We then sat there in the forest with butterflies all around and overhead. It was a very unique experience and there were NO other people there. We stayed up there about an hour just laying back on the steep hill and looking up at the butterflies and them also flying down around us. When we went back down to the horses the guides said the horses needed to rest some more, so we spent another there. It was a very nice clearing very peaceful. Going down on the horses was actually harder than going up! They had originally told us it would be 1,000 pesos for the two horses, but we gave them 1,500 because they were so helpful. The next day we drove over to El Rosario just for the drive as it is a very beautiful drive and it takes about an hour. The place was packed! There are two parking lots. One is fairly near the main entrance and it was full with no available parking spaces. The other parking lot had space, but it adds quite a bit more to just get to the main entrance. We didn't stay. We stayed in a very nice hotel in Zitacuaro, Casa Iturbe: https://www.booking.com/hotel/mx/casa-iturbe-zitacuaro.en-gb.html?aid=304142;label=gen173nr-1FCAEoggI46AdIM1gEaKABiAEBmAEJuAEHyAEM2AEB6AEB-AELiAIBqAIDuAKYjvWQBsACAdICJGNhMTM3OWRlLWI2M2EtNDYxMS1hMjVjLWU3ZmY3NzM1ZWUzMdgCBuACAQ;sid=01173d12583f6b78df2d74fc664cd52c The area around the hotel isn't that nice, just and old business district, but inside it is an oasis. One of the nicest hotels we've stayed at in Mexico. Zitacuaro is much bigger than we expected, but at least it does have nice hotels and some nice restaurants. The hotel that we stayed at in Angangueo cost about the same, but there is not comparison and as others have said, froze our but of there. Hotel Casa Iturbe is highly recommended for a jump off point to either Cerro Pelon or El Rosario.
  9. Used it many times for MercadoLibre purchases. I've also used it a couple of times for purchases on other websites that offered payment with MercadoPago. I have a Mexican credit card connected to my account.
  10. I asked Pancho about a week or so ago what the building was and he said that he didn't know. If Pancho doesn't know it must be a big secret!
  11. Just to add a bit more, you will get a guide at Rosario, so you don't need to rely on a tour. It is a reserve and they don't allow people to wander around on their own and the locals depend on being guides for income. You can get a horse up, but they only go about 2/3rds of the way and so you still have a pretty good hike. We hiked all the way last time, but it is quite an uphill hike, so will probably take a horse this time. Even the last 1/3rd is still a good hike. There are other reserves, but from my research this is supposed to be the easiest. I believe the altitude is about 9,000 ft, so there as that factor as well as the solid uphill climb for an hour to hour and 1/2 for the full hike. Hopefully it will be just about 1/2 hour on the horses. So anyway, you do need to have some endurance to make it up.
  12. We were in Morelia for a week during Day of the Dead time and then decided to go to the Rosario butterfly reserve which is fairly close. We stayed in Angangueo which is probably the closest town to the reserve. There were some butterflies then, but it was a little early. Late Feb. early March is the best time, so we are going back on the 23rd of this month. We are going to stay in Zitacuaro this time. Angangueo is a nice little Pueblo Magico, but there aren't a lot of hotel or restaurant options there. We stayed at Hotel La Margarita. It was OK, but there are more hotel options in Zitacuaro and so we are going to try it this time. It is a bit further from Rosario, but you don't really need to get there before noon as the butterflies don't start flying until it warms up. I believe that many the tours actually stay in Morelia, so that would be an option too. You'd just need to get up early to drive over to Rosario.
  13. The traffic going West has been backed up all the way to Mirasol or San Diego since at least 10 this morning. Going East it isn't so bad. The only safe way to get into Walmart coming from the East is to turn into the first La Floresta entrance and then turn back to Walmart. It's only about a block extra and much easier to turn in there than anywhere else.
  14. You could check https://www.kavak.com/. Kavak is the Mexico equivalent to Carvana. You can see what is available in Guad. and across Mexico through them. We went to their dealership in Guad a while back. Didn't end up buying from them, but they have a lot of cars to look at which can help give you a better idea of what you are looking for, prices, etc.
  15. I've used Wise.com quite a bit and never had any problems or issues.
  16. I've had TotalPlay for well over 6 months with no outages or problems at all. I'm in Riberas below Mirasol. I have the 100 mbs package and reliably get 100 down and 10 up. For the first 6 months they gave me 200 mbs as an intro, but now that I'm down to the 100 it works just as well and just as fast for most things. I canceled my iLox 150 mbs package that I had for well over a year a month after I got TotalPlay. Ilox says they give you a speed, and if you do speedtest it says you have that, but try downloading or uploading a large file and the speed drops way off. We had many outages with iLox and I know friends that have iLox and have had outages since I installed TotalPlay. So for me there is no comparison. For me the 100 mbs TotalPlay package is much better speed wise than the 150 mbs iLox package was. I often have to download and upload large files (say 30 gb) and it is at least 10 times faster on TotalPlay.
  17. I'm referring to a laptop here of course. If it si an iPhone or iPad you can switch to whatever language you want. I did see a 13" Macbook Air at Walmart today that was originally 22,000 pesos and they have it on sale for 11,000. It is an older model though and probably has a Spanish keyboard.
  18. If you want an English keyboard you probably won't be able to get that through Walmart mx and can only get a Spanish keyboard. On apple.com.mx you can specify an English keyboard.
  19. The new site is great! So much info! Some will always resist change even when it is for the better.
  20. Remaining schedule for Tlajomulco has been posted. https://www.jalisco.gob.mx/es/gobierno/comunicados/vacunacion-en-jalisco Fecha Letra Martes 11 de mayo A, B, C, D y E MiƩrcoles 12 de mayo F, G, H, I, J, K y L Jueves 13 de mayo M, N, O, P y Q Viernes 14 de mayo R, S, T, U, V, W, C, Y y Z
  21. Where did you get this information? My wife and I went to Tlajomulco yesterday. In and out in 1 hour and super organized as others have said. They told us to please tell people and will take people from anywhere in surrounding area. The previous day they didn't have as many come as was expected so they had vaccine left over which they have to destroy. We left at 11am and was home by 2 pm, so if you want this vaccine you still have time today if you get going soon. And you won't be stealing!
  22. I second Transferwise. They just changed their name simply to Wise.com.
  23. VPN no longer works for CapOne 360. Worked for me in the past, but not now.
  24. We received our stimulus check via Mexico Post last week and "the letter" the next day. Receiving the check is the first step, but then you have to figure out where and how to deposit it. I have a CapOne 360 account and the bank app, but they do not allow mobile deposits outside of the US. We finally worked out a way to deposit, but it wasn't easy! Good luck in receiving your check.
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