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  1. Remaining schedule for Tlajomulco has been posted. https://www.jalisco.gob.mx/es/gobierno/comunicados/vacunacion-en-jalisco Fecha Letra Martes 11 de mayo A, B, C, D y E Miércoles 12 de mayo F, G, H, I, J, K y L Jueves 13 de mayo M, N, O, P y Q Viernes 14 de mayo R, S, T, U, V, W, C, Y y Z
  2. Where did you get this information? My wife and I went to Tlajomulco yesterday. In and out in 1 hour and super organized as others have said. They told us to please tell people and will take people from anywhere in surrounding area. The previous day they didn't have as many come as was expected so they had vaccine left over which they have to destroy. We left at 11am and was home by 2 pm, so if you want this vaccine you still have time today if you get going soon. And you won't be stealing!
  3. I second Transferwise. They just changed their name simply to Wise.com.
  4. VPN no longer works for CapOne 360. Worked for me in the past, but not now.
  5. We received our stimulus check via Mexico Post last week and "the letter" the next day. Receiving the check is the first step, but then you have to figure out where and how to deposit it. I have a CapOne 360 account and the bank app, but they do not allow mobile deposits outside of the US. We finally worked out a way to deposit, but it wasn't easy! Good luck in receiving your check.
  6. You will not find many size 13US. Another place to check is Outlet Mall on the way into Guad. through Joco that turns into Lopez Mateo.
  7. Still out in Riberas! Came on very briefly once or twice for a very short time, but then out again.
  8. If you need the latest Microsoft Office programs then with Office 365 (I think they just renamed it Microsoft 365) you get 1 terabyte of true cloud storage with OneDrive. You can access it from multiple devices (laptop, desktop, iPhone, etc.) It costs $100 a year or $10 a month, but you pay almost that much just for that much cloud storage with Dropbox or Google drive. So if you need the Office 365 programs anyway it is a good deal.
  9. Added a new "Resources" section where there will be some useful resource information. The site has had over 700 visits in the first 2 days. Please stay informed and do your part. We are all in this together!
  10. Thank you for all of the positive responses. There were over 300 visitors yesterday. The site will be updated regularly while this is an active issue.
  11. Thank you for the great suggestion! Put a sidebar on the home page with latest guidelines. May be able to work a better solution, but that was the quickest way to get it there. Any suggestions are welcome.
  12. There is a new website at the link below that is intended to be a handy resource to help people in the local area to stay informed about the Coronavirus. It was put together very quickly, is somewhat of an experiment, but hopefully will help everyone to find information in one handy place. https://lagodechapala.com/
  13. I live in Riberas a few blocks below Mirasol and was a prepay. Ilox called me last Friday and said they could install Saturday between 11 and 1. They called Saturday a little before 1 and said the installer had vehicle problems and so rescheduled for Monday. The technician came on Monday and did the install. After installation the modem would not connect to the system and after a number of calls the technician said they would need to investigate further and someone would call me the next day. I emailed noc@mail.ilox.mx later the next day (Tue) after no call and they replied back within 10 min. and said they were still verifying the problem. On Wed. morning they did call and asked me to email them a photo of the sticker on the bottom of the modem which I did. Thursday morning they called again and said to try connecting. I was online! Since then I have been getting a fairly consistent 90mbs down and 20mbs up both wired and wireless. That wireless speed is in the same room as the modem. Moving to another room which has to go through 2 walls drops to about 30mbs. I put a fairly old Apple airPort access point in that other room and connected wired to the Ilox modem, and connecting to it I still get 90mbs down and 20 up. I tried a very old Lynksys access point that I have and it will only do 20mbs down and up is the same. So I think it is so old that is its max capacity. All in all I am very happy with the service now that I'm connected. Yes, it took a long time and things haven't always been clear, but dealing with ILox tech support has been great! Can you email Telmex? Nope! Will Telmex ever call you back? Never did me! All you can do is call the 800 number, go through the same steps to prove that your modem is plugged in and not getting a Telmex signal and/or dead, and then wait usually for 3 days. I don't know what the issue was, but they did follow through and were responsive. I was able to upload many gigs of data to my cloud storage in a short amount of time. I had been putting this off for a very long time because at .5mbs it would take forever and with big uploads like that it would pretty much lock everything else out and any other browsing or anything would pretty much be at a standstill. Time will tell of course and so I'm not canceling my Telmex quite yet, but if you are waiting to be connected I suggest that you try to stay patient. I was getting a bit impatient too, but glad I didn't cancel my contract!
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