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  1. I don't service computers, but I have helped several people recover their websites since Rick's passing. PM me if you need help with a website that he built and you no longer know how to access it.
  2. I just drove by there and noticed a new big Parker sign at a new place. I just caught it out of the side of my eye as I passed and didnĀ“t think too much of it at the time, but I think they may have moved again. It was very closed to the previous new place and on the same side of the road. Big sign so I don't think you will miss it if you go looking. I was just at the "old new" place 2 weeks ago, so they must have just moved.
  3. Ours finally came back on about 3 this afternoon.
  4. Walmart will issue a credit card to Permanente residents. Bancomer (and I assume other Mexican banks) will too. Just make sure you pay it off every month as interest is very high.
  5. Yes, they are still working in our area of Riberas. If you have a bunch of 2 meter deep holes along your street, "they are coming"! They were installing poles in those holes along Los Angelas today. We still have some holes on Av. Del Pilar and other streets close by. I think they will be filled and I don't think we will have electricity while they are filling them. But who knows? They dug those holes weeks ago and did some work around us, but all of a sudden it stopped. I think it stopped when the hurricane hit and they probably had to redirect manpower up there in the Mazatlan area. They are back now!
  6. Or they may sell you whatever you want on someone else's account. About 4 years ago a TV purchase showed up on my Telmex account. Took about 4 months to get that cleared off.
  7. From big coils in the back corner streetof Mirasol.
  8. And look how they are "installing" it. Hopefully that isn't permanent! But it is currently hung that way all through Mirasol.
  9. I didn't see the inside either. The outside looks kind of like the bottom one in the pics above and about 1/2 inch in diameter. There were big coils on the ground in the back part of Mirasol. I picked up a section and it is very light weight and as CG says, not like what TeleCable installed before. The way that they have been hanging it in Mirasol looks very temporary.
  10. I noticed yesterday in Mirasol that they were stringing some kind of new cable on the electric poles. Very thick and looks almost like 1/2 inch black plastic pipe, but solid with some kind of cable in the middle. Doesn't look like anything that I've seen hanging before. But today I saw them working on it and running out of Mirasol and on down Calle San Luis. There was an Izzi truck there and I asked the guy and he said it was new cable for Telecable/Izzi. Anyone seen this in other places? Don't know what a fibre optic cable looks like, but any chance that is it?
  11. This is not completely accurate. It isn't really a "gated community" that is the problem, it is having underground utilities like many gated communities have. If your house is serviced by CFE electric poles then iLox will be able to service you. If your house is serviced by underground utilities and you have no CFE electric poles then they can only service you with a dedicated underground conduit. If you live in a gated community that has above ground CFE electric poles then there is no problem. This was all covered at the LCS meeting. They also mentioned that there were other options besides underground and that one frac was getting access by running the conduit along dividing walls so that the didn't have to go underground. Some fracs have CFE electric poles so they are OK.
  12. Very cool! I subscribed, but don't see any OpenCircle vids yet. Let us know when you get the first ones there. Will you be putting the current ones up each week as well?
  13. Wouldn't be evil unless you step on one that is inside of your shoe. That would be evil!
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